Safety requirements for confectionery production.

Vimogi bezpeki to confectionery vibrobitvtv
Caramel and toffee production

1.1. The cooling drum should have a hopper, which eliminates overflow capacity machines caramel or toffee mass during a performance car. Gears cooling machines must be demountable lattice fence with two elektroblokirovkamy located diagonally protection.

1.2. Working plate cooling table for caramel mass should be surrounded on three sides by tall sides at least 0.05 m.
On the side of the table from which caramel mass is fed to the next processing board is not installed.

1.3. Rotary plate cooling table should be vidbalansovana and equipped with a device that prevents unauthorized tipping over.

1.4. When cooled caramel on a narrow conveyor belt edges protruding metal roofs have to be rolled up.

1.5. Moving the caramel mass in the course of treatment should be mechanized.

1.6. Vytyahalna car should be equipped with folding fencing, electrically interlocked.

1.7. In front of the machine rolls, the carpentry of the monopolis and the machinist of the machinists must be installed in the garden, blocked with the electric drive of the machine, and with the help of the rollers.

1.8. Machine Knives for cutting mass layer of toffee fencing should be closed, interlocked with the electric car.

1.9. Cone pulleys top forming machines should be equipped with semicircular fencing shields.

1.10. Chains cutting and stamping machines have to be on top and the sides closed enclosure, interlocked with electric cars.

1.11. Bagatoyarusnі zakritі okholodnі konveєri povinnі buti otnavimi_ attachment for low voltage lighting - 12 B.

1.12. Drazhuvalni boilers should have a smooth surface that eliminates the possibility of injury, and pedal off, providing a full stop movement boiler.

1.13. Rollers dzhhutovytyahalnoyi machines must be shut protections of transparent impact resistant material.

1.14. From the side of the drive, the pkkochuvalnalnaya machine is guilty of covering up tightly with southerly guards tightly, and from the side of the protilyazhnogo side - near gardening gardens.

1.15. Before promynalnoyi roller machine must have an angle to the rotary table safety visor so that the gap between the disk and the peak was sufficient for passage of caramel mass.

1.16. Plot unloading toffee mass of digesters should be fenced so that access to the mass attendants were excluded.

2. candy production

2.1. At no-stop lances of tombing of tsukerok, a booty zagalny start-up attachments are guilty for vidlivno ї lіnії and installation vistoyuvannya. The buttons "STOP" are confessed directly to the work of the remote control building and to the view of the lottery from the Vista installation.

2.2. Knives cutting machines for seam and harnesses candy mass should be closed enclosure, electrically interlocked with the cutting device. Circular blades must have accessories for their mechanical stripping and greasing food fats.

2.3. In tsukerkovidlyvniy machine in place before installing trays tidal fence should head sprocket chain conveyor or set the safety frame.

2.4. Covered screw machine pomadozbyvalnoyi be blocked from electric to exclude the possibility of cleaning the feeder during rotation.

2.5. The receiving hopper candy mass must have a device that prevents splashing her.

2.6. Plot pumping lipstick on pomadozbyvalnoyi machine to temperuyuchoyi audible alarm should be required when blowing.

2.7. Feeding lipstick with pomadozbyvalnoyi to temperuvalnoyi machines and further casting to be mechanized.

2.8. An apparatus for preparing starch must be closed with solid casing equipped with observation windows and the installation of aspiration cyclone trap starch.

2.9. Before Tea drinks should be set samorozklad. Feeding glaze in bath Tea drinks and sweets removal should be mechanized.

2.10. Glazoruvalny unit and the assembly line of the finished product production must be sounded with the light signaling.

3. Chocolate production

3.1. Vertical hydraulic press machine for squeezing cocoa butter must be equipped with safety bars (doors) that denies access to bowls.

3. Hydraulic press for squeezing cocoa butter must be equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve adjusted to the maximum allowable pressure pressing.
In masloprovodi from the pump to the press to be installed two manometers: working and control.

3.3. Loading slot makuhodrobarok and grinding machines must have fencing to prevent access to the service personnel crushing rolls.

3.3.4. Unloading boxes for cocoa mass in vosmyvalkovyh grinding machines should be locked with bars elektroblokuvannyam drive rolls.

3.5. Vibration and vibrotransportery shokoladoformuvalnyh machines must have Covered with observation windows.

3.6. Pin mills for the production of cocoa powder should be equipped with a cooling system to prevent the possibility of spontaneous combustion cocoa powder.

3.7. Gear bahatovalkovyh mills should be equipped with fencing as elevating lattice (rods) interlocked with the drive.

4. Production of flour confectionery

4.1. Equipment for milling ammonium carbonate, capacity for storage and packaging of ammonium tables must be local and pyloulovlyuyuchyy suction device.

4.2. Зберігання та фасування вуглекислого амонію повинні здійснювасьсь в спеціально виділеному приміщенні, обладнаному припливно-витяжною вентицією з механічним збуджуванням.

4.3. Covered batch mixing machine with tipping dizheyu must be equipped with locking, which turns the shaft of the electric mixing blades at opening Covered.

4.4. Covered batch kneading machines should be equipped with locks or balances, which exclude unauthorized drop caps when loading and unloading raw materials and sampling.

4.5. Feeding raw material for downloading kneading machines in the prescription department should be mechanized.

4.6. Kneading, vibrating machines should be equipped with a cover that covers the vibrating elements of the machine.

4.7. Rollers tistovaltsyuvalnoyi machine, laminator on both sides must be equipped with safety devices to prevent falling into the hands of Rollers shaft.

4.8. Head dies stamping machines must have a fence, interlocked with the electric shtampuyuchoho device.

4.9. Krivoshipnye mechanisms stamping machines must be enclosed.

4.10. The stamping of the stamp is allowed only when the electric motor is driven by a stamping machine. The stamp at tsiomu is guilty at the top of the upper dead, and the crosshead of the crosshead is necessary for the wooden bars.

4.11. The sides of the conveyor to return stencil must have a height of at least 0.15 m. In place of acceptance stencils to be a device that prevents falling stencil. At the end of the conveyor to be installed catcher stencils.

4.1 mechanism for opening Covered forms of semi-automatic wafer oven should be constructed so as to prevent spontaneous tearing Covered.

4.13. Workplace at wafer furnace should be held dushuvannya air.

4.14. Cutting device for cutting machines and semi-finished biscuit wafer layers must be closed fence, interlocked electrically.

4.15. Kneading machines with pidkochuvanymy dizhamy must be equipped with devices that securely fixed bowl on a rotating platform machines.

4.16. Kneading machines with pidkochuvanymy dizhamy must be equipped with locking down devices for automatic stop mixing drive body to drive and lifting Covered platform at not-quite tight closing tub enclosures.

4.17. These types of machines are perishable on the day of the vivant floor of the park and the rug of the powerful organs of the north and the north of the east side of the graveyard. For cars with hand-made keruvans, the installation of spare parts is not obligatory.

4.18. The design of the rotary forming machine should allow for quick and easy replacement, forming the rotor. Replacing rotors must be performed lifting mechanisms.

4.19. Loading the machine for semi smears wafer layer must be mechanized. Bunker namazuvalnoyi cars must have safety bars, which are semi-detached from the triggering device. The shaft that transmits rotation to the canvas must be in a cylindrical casing.

4.20. Windows for wafer stacking layers in the cabinet cooling must have safety frame, semi-detached from the triggering device.

4.21. Dizhopidyomoperekydach should be provided with a device for securing safe bowl, limit switches extreme positions, shtiftom which cut off or refuse overload limit switches, brake to stop the lifting platform. Lifting gear dizhopidy- omoperekydacha must be interlocked with the locking mechanism of fixing the bowl. Platform for consolidation and raising the bowl to have protection, interlocked with the drive.

4.2 Operating dizhopidyomoperekydacha in excess zpratsyuvannya screws on 20% is allowed. Dizho-pidyomoperekydach should at least once a year subjected to technical inspection and testing while working with an overload on 25%.

5. Candy-marmalade production

5.1. Knife cutting machines pastila or marmalade seam must be closed enclosure, electrically interlocked with the cutting device.
5. Conveyor with forms for proofing tin of marmalade should be equipped with Wash unit.

5.3. Lifting-tipper device rozviznoyi tanks must be fenced, equipped with circuit breakers for the extreme positions of platform, device for securing containers on site and cut pin the star of the drive shaft.

5.4. Covered shake machines periodichnoyi action must be a counterweight and electric lock.

5.5. Receiving hopper of molding machines for candy and marshmallow on stream mechanized lines must be closed lid.

5.6. Shoe obpudryuvannya marshmallows and candy should be in a sealed housing equipped with aspiration equipment with cleaning the air. Vibrators for obpudryuvannya must have individual starting devices.

5.7. Tunnels and drying pastes should have the aspiration device to clear the air of powdered sugar.

5.8. The receiving hopper cars for pouring apple marmalade must have a tight lid with a viewing window.

6. Production of halva

6.1. Sheretuvalnoyi hopper cars must be equipped with safety bars.

6. Steam Dutch oven must be equipped with valves in accordance with the rules of construction and safe operation of vessels working under pressure.

6.3. Over the loading door roasting machine should be installed exhaust device.

6.4. Bolts for fixing stones disk mill (farmer) must be equipped with a lock nut and zashplintovani.

6.5. Mixing machine with pidkochuvanymy dizhamy must be equipped devices (locks) that reinforce dizhu.

6.6. Pidiyomno bowl-tipper device must be fenced, equipped with a device to secure the bowl to the ground, circuit breakers for the extreme positions and cut pin pad on the pulley shaft drive propeller.

6.7. Devices, machines churning caramel mass of soap root extract must be equipped with a fixed cap or lid interlocked with the electric mixer.

6.8. Soap root extract should be stored in a tank with the lid closed.

7. The automated production line halva

7.1. Intermediate capacity for sesame (before cleaning) must be equipped with level gauges.

7. Cleansing sesame machine must be equipped with exhaust devices.

7.3. Inlet steam line to the dryer and tank mixing caramel mass of soap root decoction should be fitted with gauging devices according to p.8.10 h. 1 hereof.

7.4. Vibrating screen for final cleaning before grinding sesame seeds should be equipped with magnetic devices to trap metal impurities.

7.5. Dvostupnevyy mill for grinding sesame seeds and intermediate technical capacity for the masses should be equipped with water cooling line and pressure gauge on the line supply of cold water.

7.6. Bunker-sugar to the drive must be equipped with level gauges and magnetic device to trap metal impurities.

7.7. Brewing pot for boiling caramel mass should be equipped with pneumatic valves for loading and unloading product.

7.8. Tank mixing caramel mass of soap root decoction should be equipped with safety devices to prevent opening Covered.

7.9. Sliding doors fencing forming and packaging machines to be interlocked with the electric drive.

8. Washing containers

8.1. Washing department inventory, barrels and other containers should be placed in a separate room equipped with ventilation system.

8. The floors in the rooms for washing and steaming container barrels must be waterproof, with a bias toward the ramp 0.02. Number sewer traps for the complete removal of wash water should be determined by calculation. Flooring perform as required p.6.1.39 ch.1 hereof.

8.3. For outdoor obmyvky barrels of raw materials should be established mechanical washing with centralized feeding water. The temperature should not exceed 60 ° C.

8.4. Washing barrels should be mechanized.

8.5. When steaming barrels of steam with overpressure over 0,05 MPa (0,5 kgf / cm) is allowed. In nutrient steam pipes must be installed reduction and safety valves, pressure regulated 0,05 1 ^ 1Pa (0,5 kgf / cm), and gauge where the red line on the dial or the special index to be marked maximum allowable vapor pressure.
Pressure gauges must be installed on the visible steam.

8.6. Paruvuvati barrels are necessary for the additional guts of the sleeves of the vise grip, whistles from the thermal gums, and the tips are metal. Kriplennya kіntsіv sleeves in msіtsyah z'єdnan guilty vikonuvatis for extra help metal homutіv. Stretching the sleeves on the fittings, letting a smooth surface, do not allow the dowel of the sleeves to the sleeves.

8.7. Tip sleeve to prevent clogging in the steaming flanks must have longitudinal ribs and outer diameter of the sleeve should be less than the diameter of the hole barrels, which entered tip.

8.8. There is a wooden hammer (kiyanka) in the workplace The first hour of the rally of a side for the notion of a bet is worth a lot of leather 3-5 chillin rods and barrels.
Not allowed to stand in front of the bottom of the barrel, which proparyuyetsya.

8.9. When steaming tanks should be secured local escaping vapor directly from the tank. Distribution of steam in the shop is not allowed.

8.10. Barrels sauce or syrup heated to unload only after opening the bottom of the barrel or drilling holes in it to release steam.

8.11. Metal banks have rozkuporyuvatys special knife device.

8.1 in areas where recycling is done sulfitirovannyh pulps and purees, you must have soda solution for washing hands, and an effective ventilation system. Zaberaty be air with a delicate area.

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