The sanitary-microbiological control of production

HACCP in the minds of a pandemic


Law of Ukraine No. 771 “On the basic principle of vimogi to safety and the quality of kharchovih products”

Law of Ukraine No. 2042 “Sovereign control over additional legislation on garch products, feeds, by-products of gemstones, healthy and prosperous creatures”

Vimogs are more likely to be funded, concurrently and consecutively post-exclusively procedures, based on the principles of a system of managing non-custodial products (NSSR), approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy of Ukraine 590 01.10.2012 XNUMX

The procedure for determining the periodicity of the planned visits to the sovereign control of the individual operators of the market (needs) of the legislation on food, nutrition, health and well-being is required to be healthy and healthy. Riziku vid її provision, cured by decree

CMU No. 896 wid 31.10.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX

The order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No. 446 of 08.08.2019

About the confirmation of the formation of the act, folded up after the results of the sovereign control approach at the form audit of permanent procedures based on the principles of HACCP (having sealed the order on September 13.09.2019, XNUMX)

The order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No. 447 of 08.08.2019 on the confirmation of the formation of the act, summarized by the results of the planned (unscheduled) approach of the sovereign control (inspectorate) of the thoroughly maintenance by the operators of the market for healthy food and drink.

Non-secure factorи

Travel is hard and uncomfortable.


Bacteria and toxins: (Clostridia, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus),

Virusi: (hepatitis A, rotavirus rotavirus, coronavirus),

Virusinon-infectious agent, which may be less likely to have more than one living clitin. Virusi is hostile to all types of organisms, vid roslin and creatures before bacteria and archaea (virusi bacteria call sound bacteriophages). Vіrusand there is a sign of skryz, de ит life, і, ymovіrno, stink іsnuyut in the moment of the appearance of the first living klitin. It is similar to foggy fog, the stink of stench does not overshadow the old vicarious trellises, and the native mother tongue is possible to vivchati tilka methods of molecular phylogenetics. Існу г three main hypotheses similar to vіrіsіv: regressive hypothesis, hypothesis klitinogo pohoJenny and hypothesis of co-revolution.

Okrema virusna chastinka, vidoma yak virion, stockpiled with nucleic acid, covered with a bicarbonate membrane - capsid. Capsids are stored in the same large subunits; they are called capsomeres. Capsid, as a rule, є lіpofіlnim, tobto maє visoku sporіdnenіst to klіtіnnyh іlіpіdnyh membranes, tsim feel better penetration vіrus to klіtini. Also, the surface of the portal can have a “virology”, ring the words, know the specificity of the receptors for them on the surface of the message.

Virusi can also be a mother’s lipid shell on the side of a capsid (supercapsid), approved from the membrane of klitini-khazyina. The capsid is stored in a library, encoded by the external genome, and its form is based on the classification of viruses for the morphological sign.

parasites: (Trichinela, Anizakis, etc.), Prіoni.

Фізичні : Sklo, metal, nigti, hair, special speech

Хімічні: Zabrudnene dovkilla (dioxin, important metals, radionuclides), pesticides, excesses of liquids,

Analysis of unsafe factors

Analysis of non-safety factors, including the inclusion of a significant number of non-safety factors and controls.

The All-Union Health Protection Organization (WHO) recognized the coronavirus sparrow Covid-19, which is due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is a serious health risk.

11 birch 2020 Roku VOOZ ofіtsіyno voted the pandemic of the coronavirusna u svіtі.

In case of analysis of non-safety factors, insurance is significant: the significance of the non-safety factor is the function of

Appear that potential negative energy for your health.

For the assessment of prejudice, there is a need to know more, including information about the current situation.

Virus call to pass:

- without interruption, through contact with the authorities of the organization of people who are infected (for example, with droplets, coughing up abo chhannya);

- bit by bit, through contact with obstructed virus surfaces

Analysis of unsafe factors

Streaming transmission information is possible, so that you can see up to 72 years (3 days) on solid surfaces in the deposits of the material.

Virus mittєvo ginє at a temperature of pradad 56 degrees, ruined by chlorine, formaldehyde, ethyl alcohol abo efiru, if you tolerate frost tolerance.

Revisiting program change of mind with coravid19

The main tools for monitoring such a non-secure factor, such as SARS-CoV-2 в:

- a review of the Program, change your mind about the HACCP system, which is good for health personnel;

- a review of the Program-change your mind systems of the HACCP with cleanliness on top, procedures for cleaning virobiches,

additional, side-by-side primіschen and those on top;

- a review of the Program-change your mind systems of the HACCP to the specifics and control of the postochalnik;

- a revision of the Program-change your mind systems of the HACCP to control technological processes.

Health to staff

The frequency of mitting and disinfection of hands

Obovyazkovo miti hands:

- robots in front of the ears;

- Pislya cough, chhannya abo sneezing;

- before preparation, but ready to live;

- writing processing, but preparing the syro їzhі;

- Pislya clean up;

- Pislya koristuvannya toilet;

- Pislya vzhivannya izh, pitya abo kurіnnya;

- writing contact with a penny;

It’s possible for disinfection of hands to be completed on an extra charge until hands are mitigated, but they won’t be able to clean hands.

Allow for disinfection nikoli not guilty vikoristovuvatisya zam_st mitty hands.

Victoror mitten:

- to secure often a little glove and a mitten hand between a long glove and noble people;

- mittens need to be given a good weekend, not tied to grubby products, such as crocked / curved doors, empty containers for smitty, reaped with small amounts;

- you can bring a nose glove up to an accumulated bacterium on the surface of your hands, that’s why it’s very helpful to know your hands when knowing a mitten.

Speech Features:

zmіniti (posiliti) vimogi schodo

phone number in

viral areas.

Telephone disinfukuvati obov'yazkovym order.

It is recommended to wipe clean with a servetka soaked in alcohol and drive in 40% to 60%.

Temperature screening

Retalnyy control I will become healthy'ya spіvrobіtnikіv

To ensure that the thermometer is carried out (to the cob of the robot, for example), the results of the thermometer are read on the official document

Order the procedure for diy at the consecration of the manifestation of the ailing priest

- izolyuvati sickly specialist and that contact contact;

- povіdomiti kerivnika group HACCP;

- prodіsіnfіkvati primіshchennya odyag;

- at the vipad it is necessary to carry out the procedure for the preparation of the grub product.

Clean top

Give Dodatkov’s disinfection on top of the ridges, then take revenge on chlorine or 70% alcohol for 2–3 years old.

Dezobrobka all door handles, cranes. Periodicity - leather 2 years old.

Disinfection dishes

- soak items in a hot water arc (77 ° C for 30 seconds),


- vikoristovuvati commercially desinfyuyuchy zasib pretrimuyuschy instructor virobnika,


- vikoristovuvati dishwasher car, as can dezinffuvati (say you found a hot installation)


Necessarily defer the rules for third-party services, secrecy

Minimizvati vidvuduvannya warehouses, virobnichih primіshchen with third-party persons / postochalki

Do not take kharchovі products without an elegant packaging.

Control of technological processes

The following is a unique way of living the Syrian ABO, and often of sizing the products of the created goods.

In addition, it’s necessary to live up to more visits for the purpose of reunion

Dodatkovі come in

Try the distance The physical (social) distance is also the same as the role of the covid-19, the staff and the staff are obliged to ensure that you can remember to do so.

At times, we’ve got the need for the necessary distance between our friends, you need to take a look at the same time, as well as the robot’s work

For all praxivniks: uniquely squeezed hands at hustle; unikati dotiku of the mouth, nose and eyes;

At times, show symptoms of seizure, get rid of the house and go about the seizure of the core group of the HACCP.

Validation of the document for the plan of the USSR with urahuvannyam covid19

Validation of the documentation of the HACCP plan is to be carried out the first time after the completion of practical tests before practical implementation. I’ll give you a valuation of health with a designated singing frequency for evaluating the latest documentation of the most advanced technological processes.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out the valuation plan of the HACCP of any part, including in the case of trials of new information that is completely unspecific factors characteristic of the technological process of a raw grub product.

Validation of the HACCP plan - deletion of evidence that all elements of the HACCP plan are correct and secure the security of the products.

A review of the ussr system with urahuvannyam covid19

  1. Vrakhovuchi sensitivity to a high temperature, you need to look at the apparent CCP and the general order of visibility of CCP for such a technological process of thermal processing
  2. For the necessary visibility of the DK to the KKT when preparing the strains without thermal processing and the availability of ready-made strains
  3. For any need, take a look at the procedure and click on the button or, if necessary, from the list of products
  4. Conduct pre-doc to staff on pre-doc procedures and visit COVID19


Varto pam'yatati, scho all come in, reserved by monitoring such an unsuccessful factor, like virus sars-cov-2, have the proper order of documents documented

SOCREMA: may be but such a document, what to do about checking for additional visits by way of monitoring such a non-trivial factor, like SARS-CoV-2:

- Protocol narads of the HACCP group;

- protocols valіdatsії;

- protocol monitoring KKT;

- additional training for staff and postalnik;

- Prove that you’ve completed a supplementary visit to the staff.

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