The sanitary-microbiological control of production

COVID-19 and bezpeka kharchovih products

COVID-19 and the backbone of grubby products: Kerivnitstvo for grubbovyh products


 There is an unprecedented threat from the pandemic COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the Vidomy Yak COVID-19). Bagato is in the country to enjoy the joy of the All-Union Organizing Health Protection Office (WHO), which is due to the absence of physical disabilities. . For devy people, the robot at home, the robot and the online discus and online activities in the Internet have become one of the best practices. Proteins, scholars of the kharchovo industry do not have the opportunity to practice at home and goiters to sell at their own sound working hours. A healthy health and safety package for all products and deliveries of products and services are most important for living in the minds of a continuous pandemic. Providing care to the Russian people with a grubby lance є find the func- tional function, before any guilty plea make a contribution to all participants in the grub lanceug. All the same, it’s almost necessary for a good driver to be safe and affordable products. Kharchov’s industry is guilty of the system of managing the security of grubby products (CFS), based on the principles of analysis of critical control (ANKK) for managing the safety of products and gourmet products. SUBHP harchovoї promislovostі pіdkrіplenі neobhіdnimi Programs that SSMSC vklyuchayut nalezhnі gіgієnіchnі practice of purification that sanіtarіyu, zonuvannya obrobnih Area control postachalnikіv, zberіgannya, rozpodіl that transportuvannya, gіgієnu staff that pridatnіst until Robots - OAO All osnovnі of minds that come in, neobhіdnі for pіdtrimki gіgієnіchnogo will seredovischa obrobki їжі. The Code of Foreign Principles of Kharchovo Hygiene1 є a supreme basis for the implementation of key hygienic control on the skin, such as the lancet of sampling, the prescription and the disposal of the grunt products for the purpose of acquiring the infected grunt products. As a result, in the Kharchov company there was a team of the Subchemical and Chemical Safety and Security Administration of the National Anthropological Commission, members of these teams of guilty buti are included in our discussion discs and have a look at the new products for the safety of the hard-won products. As a rule, in the company of the German dumb team of the Sub-Industrial and Industrial Organization, and / or the ANKK, I’ll need to name one person to look at the opportunity to buy groceries through an additional visit. Chia is designated a person who is guilty of hiding behind the joy to the organs of the bezpechi of grubby products. In addition to the fact that I’m in good luck, I’m very impatient to protect myself before I go to the store to find out how to get infected with COVID-2, because I want to transmit the virus, and I also have to pay for the product.

By the method of the old principles є visibility of the most important visits with the method of understanding the value of the grub lance and the provision of adequate and non-baked food for the residents.

 Potential transfer to COVID-19 through izhu

 It’s even worse, people can buy COVID-19 products with grubbing and grubbing packages. COVID-19 є respiratory distress, перв first шля х д й ого передач передач передач передач передач передач д передач через transmission through human contact and direct contact with drooping droplets, which can be seen if the human cough is infected, or even chkh.

 On today’s day, there is no evidence of the fact that there are no viruses, no reason to respite the illness, it will be transmitted through the public packaging. Koronavіrusi can not grow in izh; for the multiplication of the organism of creature and humanity.

 Remaining the recommendation of VOOZ3 is that, in particular, with accurate data, the COVID-19 is transmitted through close contact through dangling droplets (when coughing is better) and people are more likely to become infected, 4-10 more people can become infected. COVID-19 coughing є abo chkha ’, apparently streaming, like playing with us, mouth of any kind of people. In addition, fragments of dichromous mottles are important for getting used to, they stink to land on objects and surfaces, so they can smell infected people. It seems that you can become infected by stomping on an obstructed surface, an object whose hands are infected with people, and then stomping on a hairless company, nose and eyes. All this can happen, for example, with a torkanny door handle, or even a squeeze with your hands, and then a little bit of dots to convict.

 Recently, we assessed the availability of COVID-19 virus on the upper surfaces and improved the availability of up to 72 years for plastic and stainless steel, up to 4 years for the previous laboratory. vologі і temperature) і їх slіd carefully treat the real medium.

 For food industry in the region, it is necessary to come in a special hygiene and to ensure the correctness of the quality of food products, based on the principles of food production 2 for the purpose of improving the packaging of food infections on the surface Specialists for the protection of the owner (OZZ), such as masks and mittens, can be effective for changing the distribution of viruses and ailments in the grudge industry, if only for thinking of the correct victorian. In addition, in the technical industry, it is recommended to physically distance, such as hygiene and sanitary conditions, as well as often that effectively mitt of hands and sanitation at the skin stage of processing, preparation and post-processing. Come in and clean up the staff from the extended COVID-19 middle of the workforce, take healthy work force, and also prevent the infection of contaminated products from the workforce and without middle contact from the work force.

 Wanting the genetic material COVID -19 (RNA), it’s seen that there is a fence for feces, there are 10 healthy people, XNUMX days old and fecal-oral transmission. Hand-washing with a toilet, please make an important practice, especially when working with a toilet.

 Priests of the Kharchovo Industry: knowledge of symptoms COVID-19

 In this article, the main producers of food industry include a sample of products, people, and I’m always running around in the framework of their own robots. The stink also includes staff that can touch the contact surface or at the top of the house to de-enter the credit card. Thus, the term can be stolen up to managers, cleaners, contractors, service providers and delivery inspectors.

 VOOZ is recommended to people who are uninjured, to become homeless. 12 Personnel, a certain prince in the grub sector, are guilty of nobility about the symptoms of COVID-19. Operators of business enterprises need to write letters for the staff for more information about the symptoms and the inclusion of a working process. The most important foodstuffs є it is possible for the staff to recognize symptoms early, to know the proper medical assistance and the test and the minimum risk of infection.

 To expand on symptoms include COVID-1913:

  • Lyhomanka (temporal temperature - 37,5 degrees above zero for Celsius)
  • cough - maybe be a kind of cough, do not dry
  • bad guy
  • the importance of dyhannya
  • vtoma

 Precedents of the Kharchovo industry: the extension of COVID-19 to the working environment

 The staff, who are familiar with food products, is guilty of a number of cases with written instructions and preparation for the extra COVID-19. Sound the procedure of giving access to a robot, which must be stowed with grubby appliances as a part of their sub-plant, guilty of protecting the infected people with food products. Specialists, you can feel bad for yourself, but have the symptoms of COVID-19, don’t have a look at the robots and they’ll inform you about those who get bored before medical practice. All in all, it’s important that you fragment at a few times the chipping process. I need to know that I’m able to enter the virus before I can smell it, but I can reach the top through the cough by hand. In addition, in certain incidents of information, people may not have symptoms, but at the stage they will manifest and may not show the old signs, but if they are ill, they may be easy to remember. Acts of infecting individuals more than once an hour without symptoms have manifested themselves as infectious and widespread. Harchov pіdpriєmstvom will need to reserve a high security without staff and personnel management, so that you’ll be more timid without a twig.

 Necessary programs of gurantee warranties, right owners, infected with COVID-19 (individuals with symptoms and asymptomatic noses), and those contacts (individuals, may have contact with them). Personnel із we trash to self-esteem, or even be vague symptoms of COVID-19, not guilty of pratsuvati. It is imperative to establish a procedure to allow staff to talk about the twig by telephone (or by electronic mail), abi pranikivniki at the early stages of COVID-19 could deny access to information and shyly turn on the middle way.

 Come on the shelves of grubby products at home and with groceries and gadgets that you need to find the best standards to quietly establish the SMS.

 On-site overhead personnel supervision, including off-site:

• proper hand hygiene - mitting water with a cute stretch of yaknaimensh for 20 seconds (one by one with the recommendations of the WHO);

• often vikoristannya alcoholic disinfection;

• the hygiene of dying is laid down (covering the mouth of the nose with coughing and chewing; utilization of hearts and mitts of hands);

• often cleaning / disinfection of working surfaces and dotik points, such as door handles;

• unique contact with individuals with signs of respiratory depression, such as a cough and chhannya.

 Preachers of the Kharchovo Industry: a disposable mitt

 The priests of the kharchovo industry can vikoristovuvati mittens, ala õx often need to be minced, and also needlessly to mitigate the hands of the middle of the mitten and with a know mitten. Mittens are almost always necessary, not a hitch, but for example, the door is curved / curved, I’m handing it to the smith. Priests of the kharchovo industry owing to the nobility, who needs a mitt, can hide the large number of bacteria on the surface of their hands, that’s why it’s very important to know how to mitigate your hands when you know the mitt, so that you can get out of fake difficult products. The priests of the kharchovo industry are guilty of a unique dotik to the company and its eyes for one hour nosnnya mitten.

 Disposable mittens are not followed by vikoristovuvati in the brightness of the hands in the minds of robots with grubby products. Virus COVID-19 can be spent on disposable gloves as it is, like hands on hands. Having taken a disposable mitt, you can bring it to the hands of the victim. Nosinnya disposable mittens can be cleared for a little bezpeki and bring down to a lower frequency mitty hands to staff lower than the required rivnya.

 Mittya of hands is a quick fix bar from infections, not wearing disposable mittens. Kharchov enterprises are guilty of ensuring the provision of proper sanitary attaches to the retailer of the hands of the workers. It is very nice that the warmth of the flowing water is enough for mitty hands. Dezinfіkuchі zoobi for hands can be victorious as a pre-dad, if not the stench of not guilty replace mittya hands.

 The priests of the kharchovo industry: the physical distance in the working environment

 Physical distance є it is important to improve the versatility of COVID-19. There is no reason for contacting people who are potentially infected with healthy individuals. All hardships of guilty people are subject to permits of orders of a physical distance, all the way through. Behind the invitations of the VOOZ, 13, take one meter (3 feet) of distance between the specialists. There, de tse folding in the minds of virobnitsva grubbykh products, robotic guilty people come and take a look, so that you can live for zhystu pracivnikіv. Butts of a practical pre-selection of requests for a physical distance in the minds of processing grubby products є offensive: • working robots to offend the sides of technological lines, so that people didn’t pretend one by one; • to protect the staff of the OZZ, such as masks for face, hair sieve, disposable gloves, clean combos and neobzke shyly blown up. Victoria OZZ є we have a sound at the majority of foodstuffs that are ready to eat, they’re ready to live and cooked products. If the staff is possessed by possessions in the OZZ, it is possible to change the position between the men and women; • zbіlshiti vіdstan'zh mіzh working hours, which may require lower shvidkostі lіnіy virobnitsva; • delimit the number of one-hour transfers to personnel in the preparation zone; • Organize staff for work groups and teams for changing between groups.

 Preachers of the Kharchovo industry: catching up on COVID-19 at working hours

 Obov'yazkovі programs, which should lie at the heart of the functionality of the BCHP of the kharchovy pribdpriyamstva, include a little kerіvnitstva schodo management to the staff in the room with the products of the grubbers. Prior to this, the instruction will be included on how to engage staff and how to turn on the work of writing. Personnel are guilty of vikoristovuvati and pretrimuvatsya of these kerivnitsv and yakomoga earlier povidomlyat about the seizure, abi to save the transmission of COVID-19 to the volunteers. Personnel management practices (for example, appraisal of seizure and exclusion of praise of practitioners) to reduce the competency of those who are ill with symptoms of COVID-19 for working hours. 

 Prote, for such vipadkіv it is necessary to scatter the plan dіy. Bіlsh іmіmіrno, scho pracіvnik povіdomit about twigs on the phone. The staff is guilty of acknowledging that they can’t be at work with the symptoms of COVID-19, but they need to talk about them by phone.

 The staff, who are uninspiring, are not guilty of appearing to be a robot; they are guilty of being turned into hickey. However, as a rule, the practitioner was captured on the job with the typical symptoms of COVID-19, his next change of view was given by the people who were last. As a rule, it’s possible to know the room for the area behind closed doors, for example, to office personnel. Yakshcho can vidkriti vikno, to see for ventilation. It is almost necessary to protect the shvidke from moving an ailing patient with primary products.

 Pratsivnik, who is not well, is guilty of continuing to impose national incidents on the subject of free rides / training on COVID-19. Leave a voucher for medical counseling, but go to the home, I am guilty of unique contacts with our forefathers. Win is guilty of uniquely reaching out to people, on top of that subject, I recommend that you take your mouth and nose with a one-time servetka for an hour, cough anyway, put the servetka in the package, but I’m sick of it, and then wikidate it’s a little cry. Yakshcho in a new dumb German servetok, guilty of coughing and chhati in a liky zgin. Yakshko yomo need to go to the toilet pid hour ochkuvannya for medical help, the guilty person is guilty of browning in the toilet, as such є.

 All surfaces are in contact with you, in fi nding information, the guards are cleaned, including all surfaces and objects with signs of poor phone visibility / remote signals, and there’s a large door contact area. For cleansing of vikoristovuvati alcohols desinfiuyuchichi sobi / surface desinfikuyuichi woes. Clearly prove that you need to disinfect on the basis of alcohol (ethanol, propane-2-ol, propane-1-ol), significantly reduce the infection of viruses in obolontsy, by infection of COVID-19 virus, in concentrations of 7080%. The widespread disinfection is caused by active Ingredients based on the fourth quarter of the ammonia and chlorine, as well as the lack of authority. All the volunteers are obliged to repeatedly beat their hands with a cute one and with a water stretch of 20 seconds after being contacted with any particular symptoms of coronary infection.

 As a rule, the official was convinced of the presence of COVID-19, the necessary contact for all contact details of the infected customer, and they could also make calls for minimizing the risk of widening. You can see the VZOZ identification for contact with an infected COVID-19 individual here.21 Put contact with a good manufacturer, you can turn on a beacon, contact him a little physically (tobto through a dotik); be-a kind of pracіvnik, who was found in the range of 1 meter with a clear view; a budyak person, a yak saw be-yakі vidіlennya tila without vіdpovіdnyh OZZ (for example, butt, mitten, jumpsuit, overseas clothing); pracіvnikіv dіpіlno і with confirmation of a hi-fi working team chi groups, that be-a-kind pracіvnika, a kind of living with pіdtverzhenimy hi-fi in one housekeeping.

 VOOZ recommends that contacts be quarantined with a length of 14 days at the hour of the remaining contact with an emergency connection. I’ll take it to my friends, my family, I’m in contact with you, and I’m infected with my friend, then I’m supposed to stay home for 14 days, I’ll have to keep in touch with him for a second time, and I’m also able to keep in touch with you. 

 As a rule, they’re able to capture the extension of the 14-day term іzolyatsіі і to show a positive result on COVID-19, they’ll have to put up a clear order and follow them with the latest order.22

 Personnel who are not in touch with the first half-hour contact are guilty of having to go through the rest of the security visits and the safety of the robot. Organizing a small team with a small group is helpful if there is a shortage of working strength when there is a slowdown in the group about catching symptoms of COVID-19. Closing the working position is not recommended.

 Potentially reserve the policy of turning the staff to the robot, having become infected and having come to know COVID-19. VOOZ recommends that you give a quick call with the words, as well as the symptoms to recognize that the negative results are two negative results of the PCR test by stretching as much as possible. Yakshcho testuvannya is immaterial, VOOZ recommends that the call is issued to the customer in 14 days after 23 days after the symptom is recognized. XNUMX

 Preachers of the Kharchovo industry: transport and delivery of the Kharchov industry and the product

 If you are in need of gigantic and sanitary access, you must be comfortable with kindergarten facilities, be careful not to let them go, please note that there is no need to go out of business. Vіrus can spend at the office of the company less than Todi, if they need to be infected, people are infected, but they should be brought in with infected products.

 Water and in-house personnel, such as good delivery, delivery to local products with grubby products, non-obfuscation of their own transport needs within one hour of delivery. The water is guarded by alcohol-free disinfected suction for hands, the disinfected suction is filled with alcohol and papier towels. Vodіnny vikoristovuvati hassle for disinfection of hands, first transfer documents to the staff about delivery of food with grubs. You need to bury with disposable containers and packaging for unique cleaning. There are containers for a baggage-friendly holiday, and you’ll need to follow the protocol that is required and the sanatorium.

 Water, yaki delivery to home with grub products, guilty nobility about the most suitable products, contact with the contact transmission COVID-19. Vіrus is possible pіdhopiti, almost exclusively water sticking obstructed surface, but squeeze the hand of infected people with obstructed hands. On top, if you are infected with the virus, include the surfaces of the most frequent dotics, such as the steering wheel, door handles, and mobile attachments. The very fact that hands at the last with the most distant distance is most important, and the sanitation of the contact surface is very important for the unique infection.

The guilt of the nobility is about the physical distance before the reception and transfer of goods to customers, as well as about the need to trim up the high steps of a special hygiene and wear clean, dry cloth. Water is also responsible for the need to ensure that the transport containers are cleaned and often disinfected, the products are stolen from the obstruction and are taken away from some of the other goods, which can be contaminated from the source.

 Points of sale of products harchuvannya

 Pid hour pandemії COVID-sector 19 rozdrіbnoї torgіvlі nutritive products of stikaєtsya naybіlshimi problems dotrimannі nayvischih gіgієnіchnih standartіv, zahistі personnel od riziku Infected pіdtrimtsі fіzichnogo distantsіyuvannya at robotі of great kіlkіstyu klієntіv, zalishayuchis vіdkritimi that zabezpechuyuchi schodenne nalezhne postachannya produktіv.

 Most of the things that shop owners need to do are to infect the grub products, keep the standards low, at the very least, to comply with the special rules, especially to reduce the risk of transmission, and to keep them clean. So come in, as often as you meet hands, victorious for disinfection of hands, victorious overseas clothes, put on a big dyhan, reduce the size of the widespread catch. Robot guilty of nagoloshuvati the importance of the frequent hands mitts and the pre-cleaning of the best hygienic practices, as well as the frequent cleanings and disinfection on top of which they regularly hang around. Pracivniks of khrchivyh enterprises should know about the symptoms of COVID-19 and informational robotics to be covered by medical advice at times when you see symptoms of this illness.

 The interpretation of physical distance in sales for the sale of food products is extremely important for the change of transfer and capture. Practical, come in, so that you can stagnate your sales, including offensive:

• Regular purchases, so that you can go to the store, so that you can get out;

• Do not enter the sign of the sign with the prankers until the purchasers do not enter the store, as if they’re the one who’s got to know the least symptoms of COVID-19; 

• Management of the program with the recommendations of the physical distance as all, so the store;

• Safe disinfection of hand sprays, disinfection sprays and disposable paper towels at the entrance to the store;

• Markuvanny pidlogi all-in-one store for a lighter price more than one of the physical distance, especially in the most refreshed viddlah, such as the service and taco service counter; 

• Regular visits for purchasers are almost completely delighted with the need for physical distance and regular cleansing of the hands; 

• Installation of bar'єrіv from the office on the ticket office and counters in the barrenness of the pre-datal rivie to clean staff;

  • Preferred contactless payments;
  • Oskilka residents often bring their own handbags for shopping, recommendations on how to clean them in front of the leather goods at the grocery store in the shops (shops, outlets, supermarkets). Minimize the transfer of COVID-19 by way of identifying the points of frequent dotics in the sales offices and ensuring regular cleaning and disinfection. Put points of frequent dotiku - all the bargains for shopping, door handles and waggons for shopping by buyers. Come in, some lively life, include:
  • Nadanny servetok (abo іshih sanіtarnih zasobіv) to buyers for cleansing handles vіzkіv that koshikіv for purchases; anyway handing over to personnel disinfection handles vіzkіv pіslya skin vikoristannya;
  • Mittya is often sanitarna processing of such items, as ladles, tongs and spices for seasoning;
  • For the possibility of trimmati doors for minimizing contacts.

 Vіdkritі stalls of products in grubchuvannya in trading primіshchennyah

 If you want to do business with them, I’m sure that I’m able to get infected with COVID-19 through the product descriptions of the products, but at the moment there are some more scientific proofs that I can transmit products to COVID-19. It is important to comply with the rules of the rules of navigation and food products, such as salad bar, sweet and cold bread. Please wait a minute for recommending fruit and vegetables to your friends before living. Yak purchasers, so the guilty staff, please wait indefinitely to comply with the applicable rules of the special rules for the availability of food products.

 With the method of starting with the cold stores of the grubby products, as well as transmitting COVID-19 through the surface contact, the sellers of grubby products need to:

  • Touch the frequent mitts and sanitary treatments of all contact surfaces of the products and utensils;
  • Vimagati vid pracіvnikіv kharchovogo servants often wash hands, і at times koristuvannya mitts, зh zmіni to і pislya otgotuvannya izhi;
  • Vimagati vid pracіvnikіv kharchovogo servants often tidy up that sanіtuvati counters, on yayu give dishes that єmnostі for seasonings;
  • To protect the appearance of disinfection for hand to shoppers on a hat before leaving the place with grub products, we will understand it;
  • Seeing the power of a closed show, but the sale of unbanned bakery virobi on the shelves of self-service. Bread and bakery products on the self-service check-in counters in convenience stores in plastic / plastic packaging. In many cases, the condition of the bakery and the bakery at the stores, the next store at the store, and put in packages with tweezers for an hour of servicing purchases.

 Practitioners of the Kharchovo industry: ideal for staff

 Working in the main central services of servicing, such as processing and retailing of grub products, obedience to good food and many practical alternatives for refusing household goods. Necessarily touch the highest standards in order to protect your health, meeting your hands and the rules of the dichalic etiquette. Operational Standards д Remain for Personnel Guilty Turn on Offensive:

  • Підтримка Физзії відстані not less than 1 meter between the surrounding area and the most important ones, including those in the number of seats;
  • Rozdlennya hour robots staff and breaks for a quick one-hour presence of bagatokh prazіvnikіv in the room;
  • Maximum obmezhdennya unimportant physical contact;
  • Increase the visibility of the visible staff to the hands and hands of the physical distance;
  • The cleaning and disinfection procedures are available, primitives, contact surfaces / points for frequent dots, on-site appliances / nippers / tables, appliances / self-service displays / door handles. VOOZ I’m selling respectfully for the situation that will be a bogeyman’s serpent, as if I could vdlinut at the time of the hour kerivnitsvo. In the time of any factors, VOOZ vidazh away from the current information. In the latest video, the date of this hourly core document will end in 2 rocky days and dates.


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