Raw materials and semi-finished products

Apple and fruit and berry puree, sulphated apple or fruit and berry puree, if it is not further cooked (in the production of pastille, marshmallow, certain types of jelly marmalade) or if the cooking mode does not provide complete removal of sulfuric acid, previously desulfite.

Raw pastry making. (CK)

Friday, December 02 2016 10: 41
Sugars The chemical composition of sugar are carbohydrate group. Carbohydrates are organic compounds that are separated from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with the general formula CnH2nOn. Carbohydrates are divided into two main groups: polysaccharides (polyose) and monosaccharides (monosaccharides). Monosaccharides - a simple sugar, and carbonyl containing one more hydroxyl groups. By the nature of the carbonyl group ...

Glucose, fructose, sugar and invert sugar. (CK)

Thursday, December 01 2016 17: 30
Sugar beet like and share the largest cane crystals on five dimensions (see Table. 13). In the USSR, GOST 21-40 sugar is divided into top and I sort. By organoleptic sugar of both varieties is uniform crystals with distinct edges, has a sweet taste, without foreign smell ...

Honey, molasses. Storage. (CK).

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Natural honey There are natural and artificial honey. Natural honey - a product of processing of flower nectar the bees in the body. The nectar of various plants gives the honey a different color. For lighter honeys include linden, acacia, maple and others. By dark -.. Buckwheat, cornflower, etc. Each type of honey has its own flavor. There are ...

Waffle batter (semi-finished)

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Waffle batter is prepared similarly to test for pancakes, but for greater porosity in the injected formulation disintegrating and more intense dough whisk. How long to keep the dough is impossible, as formed during the whipping foam fragile. Prior to baking the dough is stored at a low temperature. Prepare the dough in small batches. Application in certain formulations for sugar waffles, ...
Fruits and berries are widely used in the confectionery industry due to their delicate flavor, delicate, pleasant aroma and high nutritional value.
To berries are the fruit with juicy flesh, usually growing on shrubs or perennials. There are three sub-berries: false berries consist of the swollen receptacle, surrounded with the outer surface of the seeds: strawberries, strawberry, and others; complex collection of berries are fused together separate small fruitlets: raspberry, blackberry, raspberry and others; this ...
Wheat flour is obtained by grinding wheat with pre-treatment and separation membranes.

Starch. (Confectioner's Guide)

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Produce dextrins from starch, molasses, glucose and other products widely used in the confectionery industry. Starch is a carbohydrate, its chemical formula (S6N10O5) n Content of starch in various raw materials is shown in Table. 49. The starch obtained from potatoes, corn, and considerably less of the wheat and rice. Starch is the most easily extracted from potatoes and ...

Cocoa beans. (CK)

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Cocoa beans Feature Commodity fermented cocoa beans are called exempt from fruit pulp and seeds of dried cocoa tree (Theobroma Sasa L.). Cocoa beans are the main raw material for the manufacture of chocolate and cocoa powder. Cacao tree cultivated in warmer (media, plus annual temperature 22 - 26 °) and humid climate. Areas ...

Nuts and oilseeds. (CK)

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Nuts - the fruits, consisting of woody shell - the shell and the enclosed kernel. Nuts (orehoplodnye) divided into: real orehoplodnye - hazelnuts, hazelnut; Kostyanko-orehoplodnye -. almond, walnut, beech, pine nuts, pistachio, American walnut, coconut, etc. In addition, nuts are used as peanuts and apricot kernel ....

Fats. (CK)

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In the confectionery industry mainly used natural vegetable fats, artificially hardened (hydrogenated) vegetable fats and oils such as butter emulsion.

Milk and dairy products. Eggs and egg products. (CK)

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In the confectionery industry are widely used milk and dairy products: milk powder and condensed milk, cream, butter.

Food acids. Flavours. (SK)

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Acids are added in the manufacture of certain confectionery products to give them a taste of the inherent fruit and berries. For this purpose, use wine (tartaric), citric, lactic and malic acid. All these acids except lactic, crystalline. Trading lactic acid is a solution of a lactic acid concentration of 40-70%. As used in the confectionery industry crystalline acid ...
Pectin Pectin is a part of fruits, berries, vegetables, leaves, stems, roots and other plant parts. Fruit and berry raw material used in the confectionery industry, contains pectin, which determines the basic technological properties of the raw material (the ability to studneobrazovaniyu) and the quality of finished products (zasaharivaniya resistance and wet). Besides pectin used in native form, ie. ...
Foam Characteristics foam-like substance is a system in which air or some other gas is the dispersed phase and the liquid-dispersion medium. Such systems are called foams, wherein the amount of the dispersed phase volume is sufficiently large gas bubbles and are separated from one another by thin films of liquid. Liquids, consisting of only one chemical ...

Auxiliary materials (confectioner's Guide)

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Food colorings in confectionery industry for coloring products (candies, chocolates, jelly beans, marmalade-Pastila products, some flour confectionery) used dyes harmless nutritionally. Confectionery industry mainly uses synthetic (artificial) dyes - amaranth, indigo carmine, naphthol yellow. Because natural dyes are used (in limited quantities) and carmine safflower. Some other friendly natural dyes (chlorophyll, ...
In the confectionery industry for certain types of products and semi-finished products with a strong foam-like structure, such as marshmallows, marshmallow, soufflé-type candies, sugar cream, nougat and other mass produced aeration in the presence of blowing agents - foaming agents.
Wheat flour. Milling industry produces five varieties of wheat flour: semolina, top, I, II grade and wholemeal.
Fats are widely distributed in nature. By their chemical nature, fats are mixtures of glycerol esters (triglycerides); glycerol fatty acids are esterified.

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