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Jam, jelly, jams

Jam is cooked with various fresh fruits and berries, using fresh, neperestyhli, carefully selected specimens.
Value sugar by weight of fruit and berries can vary from 1: 1 to 2: 1, depending on their acidity. The correct ratio of these components makes it possible to cook good jam on the palate, with plenty of syrup and stable during storage.
Heat jam cooking process consists of two stages - preparing boiling syrup and fruit or berries in the prepared syrup. The latter operation can be single use, while the total number syrup and repeated when fruits or berries fill only part of the syrup, leaving the rest (half, third) to add in the next Varin.
Multiple cooking is used in cases where you need to cook the jam, which has excellent appearance, with transparent syrup and whole, nerozvarenymy fruit or berries and even when using large fruits (apricots, apples, peaches).
In some cases, jam preparing multiple easiest ways of cooking, boil the fruit in syrup weak (0,5 1 kg of sugar per liter of water) and leave at night, poured syrup added to it 0,5-0,75 kg / l sugar, boil for minutes and 15 pour it cooked fruit Are eve berries. Then give varennir stand still 5-6 hours, then cook until done.
So it cook a little longer. After boiling syrup jam remove from heat, and after 10 minutes again put on fire. This is repeated 5-6 again, until the process of cooking.
In all cases when cooked jams, syrups prepared first. Classical pot for cooking syrup - copper basin, but can be used for this or enamelled aluminum bowl or pan. Before cooking must sift sugar, then covered it in a vessel and pour water in a specified ratio. Cook syrup sugar until dissolved, then remove bowl from heat, put fruit in syrup or fruit again put on fire and allow to boil. This vessel is slightly shaken to berries (fruit) dipped in syrup. During dovaryuvannya need to remove the foam and gently shake the jar of jam.
One of the most important points is to determine the readiness of jam, because it affects the quality and capacity for storage. If a drop of syrup on a saucer keeps its shape and does not spread, it can be considered ready to jam. In addition, the finished jam berries (fruit) did not float to the surface and evenly distributed in syrup and mostly become transparent.
To cool the jam is poured into a porcelain or ceramic dishes and then translated into the prepared container and carefully close. Store in a cool dry place.
Jelly is made from the juice of fruits and berries, which contain significant amounts of pectin - chemical compounds in the presence of sugar and acid forming jelly. Many contain pectin all kinds of blackberry and currants, gooseberries napivstyhlyy, napivstyhli apples, cranberries, blackberries, quince.
Jelly is prepared from fruit (berries) of one type or a mixture of them. By the fruits and berries with a high content of pectin added fruit or berries, where such substances bit, but who nevertheless have a high taste (raspberry, strawberry, cherry).
James cook with one or more types of fruit, choosing their taste. Jams prepared with addition of sugar, with some fruit can be boiled or mashed, as part of a whole.
Strawberry jam.
Disguised, washed with deleted peduncles and sepals of strawberry thrown in the prepared syrup, vessels shaken to strawberries fully submerged in the syrup, put on fire and give the syrup a good boil, then remove the foam and through 2-3 minutes again give a boil, repeat these operation 2-3 times, and then removing the foam, cook a little longer jam over low heat. Ready jam define transparency for strawberries (they should be amber) and the uniformity of their distribution in syrup.
* In 1 kg of strawberries, sugar - 1 kg, water - 150 hours
Jam of raspberries or blackberries.
The berries are sorted, removing immature and deformed, and peduncle, sepals and impurities. Berries, raspberry beetle larvae affected, vyderzhuyut 1,5-2 2% h solution of salt. The larvae float on the surface, the solution is drained and washed raspberries clean, cold water.
Pour prepared fruit syrup, shake jar to make them completely submerged in the syrup, put on fire and give a boil. Then remove from heat to 2-3 minutes, opti ^ ing set and give a boil and repeat hook 2-3 times. Then jam cook a little longer on low heat, gently shaking the pot, and remove the foam. Ready define transparency and uniform distribution of berries in syrup.
* In 1 kg raspberries, sugar - 1 kg, water - 100 hours
Jam with blueberries or cherries.
Remove the stem, and the cherry pits that fill with cold water so that it covered them, give the broth boil and cook syrup. Prepared blueberries (cherries) poured hot syrup and as such leave for 3-4 hours. Then jam cook until tender.
Jam of cherries can cook and seeds, but in this case the fruit pre-prick.
In 1 kg of cherries or blueberries, sugar -1,5 kg water or broth from bones - 150 hours
Jam of plums or apricots. In plums remove the stalk, fruits and lowered to prick 10 minutes in hot water temperature 85 ° C, then cooled.
Apricot cooked whole (in this case, their prick) or halves. Prepared fruit dipped in 3-5 minutes in hot water temperature 85-90 ° C, then cooled Peel.
Prepared plums or apricots pour hot syrup and leave to 3-4 hours after cho¬ho cook until tender. Jam with whole fruit, usually boiled in four steps. The time between cooking proofing should be 8 hours for plums and apricots for 12 hours.
* In 1 kg plums, sugar - 2 kg, water - 400 g; 1 kg for apricots, sugar - 1,5 kg, water - 400 hours
Gooseberry jam.
Gooseberry jam to take small, unripe. Before cooking vyderzhuyut berries in cold water for 6-8 hours. If you use large berries, then every sharp knife make an incision and remove the grain, then gooseberries for softening pulp soaked overnight in cold, frequently changing the water.
Prepared berries pour hot syrup and boil until cooked jam. To give it flavor to berries add lemon zest or vanilla.
* In 1 kg gooseberries, sugar - 1,5 kg, water - 150 hours
Jam made from apples or pears.
Apples (pears) for jam are not too ripe. Antonovka apples Aport before cooking and put on 5-6 minutes in a saturated solution of baking soda, then washed with water.
Selected for making jam apples (pears) obchyschayut, core removed, cut into slices and put on 8-12 minutes in boiling water, then removed and cooled in water.
To purified and sliced ​​apples (pears) were darkened, their heat treatment to be put in 1 2 h% solution of sodium chloride.
Prepared apples (pears) dipped in hot syrup and cook until tender.
* In 1 kg of apples, sugar - 1 kg, water - 150 g; 1 kg for pears, sugar - 1 kg, water. - 100 hours
Jam tangerines.
Tangerines jam to first put not less than 5 minutes in hot water (80-90 ° C), then cooled in running water for 60 minutes. Chilled tangerines slightly notch and divide in half, dipped them in hot syrup and cook at low boil until cooked jam.
In 1 kg tangerines, sugar -1,5 kg, water - 150 hours
Jam with oranges.
Oranges (8 pcs.) And lemons (2 pcs.) Cut along with the peel in half, then cut pivkruzhechkamy. Oranges cut on a board laid on a dish, so you can use the juice which was allocated for it. The seeds are removed. The cut citrus weighed to determine their mass, and then soaked in 1 days in cold water, which are in 3 times more than the fruit. Boil them within 20 minutes in the same water that soaked and put back to 1 days in a cool place. Then add the juice from 4 lemons, weigh a lot, add the same amount of sugar and cook over 30 minutes. Ready jam poured into prepared jars. Initially it will be liquid, but after cooling will become gelatinous appearance.
Jam of watermelon peels. In tovstoshkuroho removed watermelon red pulp, peel and cut into slices and obchyschayut. Then they are washed and boiled several times changing the water until they are tender. Then peel is removed from the water, covered in thick syrup (drop of syrup, poured into water shall not rozply-appliance only) and boil. Because the process of cooking crust absorb sugar from the syrup, the next day it should digest the required thickness and re-fill it peel.
* In 1 kg purified watermelon peels, sugar - 1,5 kg, glucose - 200 g, water - 750 hours
Jam with melon.
Green or dark obchyschayut melon, remove soft heart, and the rest cut into small slices, oshparyuyut of acidic water (g 200 3% vinegar on 200 g of water) and translate into cold water. Then immediately back in the sieve and allow to drain water. Prepare syrup with vanilla, put it in slices of melon and cook until they are transparent. Another shift in the warm jam jars, cover with parchment paper and tied with string.
* In 1 kg prepared melons, sugar - 1 kg, water - in 200, 1 juice of lemon, vanilla.
Jam with walnuts.
Juice from green walnuts boiled in the second half of June. Choose a good, healthy cube. Stalk removed and nuts pierce in several places with a fork and pierce holes formed cloves. Then they pour clean cold water and so for vyderzhuyut 10 days, changing the water twice a day. In the 10-day walnuts boiled in hot water for 15 minutes, then in 1 day they are soaked in cold water, then taken out and dried. Cook the syrup, adding the vanilla and cinnamon and pour it warm nuts. The next day they removed from sy¬ropu and boil until thick syrup. This is repeated third and fourth day. When the syrup thickens well, he put the nuts and cook over 10 minutes. Then make jam in jars, cover with parchment paper and tie.
* In 1 kg of nuts, sugar - 500 g, cinnamon, vanilla.
Jelly from apples.
Apples are washed, remove the stalk and cut into slices not obchyschayuchy and without removing the core. The cut apple pour water so that it covered them, and cook over 20 minutes, then squeeze the juice and cook it without sugar over 15-20 minutes, then pour the sugar and continue to cook, stirring frequently. In the process of cooking remove the foam that forms on the surface. Ready jelly identify with, a drop of juice on a saucer in a cold place freezes. Hot jelly is poured into jars and, after cooling the surface of the jelly into each bike is put circle of parchment paper, soaked in alcohol. Jelly Store in a cool dry place.
* Apple juice - 1 l sugar - 700 hours
Fruits are washed, sorted, remove stem, seeds, seed chamber. Half knead raw fruits, sugar fall asleep and leave for 2-3 hours. Then cook over low heat, until the mixture starts to zahusaty added goals vegetables and continue to cook, stirring. Gem considered ready when a drop of it, moved to a cool place on a saucer, freezes. Warm fill jam jars, cool and the surface in each bank put a circle of parchment paper, soaked in alcohol.
* Fruits - 1 kg, sugar - 600- 800 hours
Jam with black currant.
For jams are ripe currants with large berries, if the fruit is not very big and unripe, they are before using trawl, remove dried "bangs" and oshparyuyut boiling water, cover with a cloth and leave so on 5-6 minutes, then the water is drained and berries spilling in the boiling syrup. Jam to boil .proby "weak balls" occasionally shaking the jar and collecting scum.
* In 1 kg of black currant, sugar - 2 kg, water - 1l.
Jam with red currants.
In the bowl for cooking jam diluted in water and sugar over medium heat, stirring, allow to boil the syrup (sugar has completely dissolved). In the finished syrup pour washed in cold water without stalks and red currant vitochok, jar slightly shaken to berries dipped in syrup, and endure in a cool place for 8-10 hours. Then jam again put on fire, boil in two stages, brought to readiness, cooled and decomposed by the banks.
* In 1 kg of red currants; sugar - 1,7 kg, water - 750 hours
Jam of yellow plums.
Greenish plums plucked, washed, prick in several places and put in an enamel or porcelain vessel. Cook sugar syrup to the "weak balls," pour it prepared plums, cover with a cloth and leave for 1 day. The next day, the syrup is poured into a vessel for cooking, bring to a boil, pour it again and again plums on the left so 1 day. On the third day of plums syrup gently stirred in the vessel for cooking, put on fire and bring to readiness.
* In 1 kg of yellow plums, sugar - 2 kg, water - 1l.
Jam of rowan.
The collected after the first frost rowan sorted out, removing the stalk and leaves, wash in cold water and back in the sieve. When the berries dry off, they scatter on the table and rocking slightly crushing, then placed in an enamel or porcelain vessel oshparyuyut boiling water and leave for so 10-15 minutes, then back in the sieve. Cook sugar syrup to sample "weak ball", poured it prepared rowan and cook until tender, occasionally removing the foam.
* The rowan 1 kg, sugar - 1,7 kg, water - 750 hours
Jam of rowan and nuts.
Cook the usual jam of rowan and at the end of cooking add the coarsely split walnut kernels.
* In 1 kg rowan: sugar 1,7 kg, water - 600 g walnut kernels - 350 hours
Jam Chinese apples.
Chinese apples cooked whole. Before cooking them shorten the stem (optional), dried sepals are removed and washed. Prepared apples oshparyuyut boiling water and leave for so 8-10 minutes. Zlyvshy hot water, rinse with cold water apples and prick in several places. In preparing the vessel for cooking syrup, brought to the test "weak ball", rapid shaking pelvis spread them all over the syrup and remove from heat to 3-5 hours. Then, putting on low heat, bring to a boil, remove from heat back to 1-2 hours, then cook a little longer until tender.
* The Chinese 1 kg of apples, sugar - 1,5 kg, water - 1l.
Cranberry jam.
Disguised berries are washed several times changing the water back in the sieve and the water is drained, oshparyuyut boiling water, which then uses tion for making syrup in prepared syrup breakdown "weak ball" pour the prepared cranberries and begin to cook first
For jams are ripe currants with large berries, if the fruit is not very big and unripe, they are before using trawl, remove dried "bangs" and oshparyuyut boiling water, cover with a cloth and leave so on 5-6 minutes, then the water is drained and berries spilling in the boiling syrup. Jam to boil .proby "weak balls" occasionally shaking the jar and collecting scum.
* In 1 kg of black currant, sugar - 2 kg, water - 1l.
Cranberry jam with apples.
Disguised and washed cranberries oshparyuyut boiling water, back in the sieve and rub. Wash and fired from. core the apples cut into large slices. In the finished syrup samples "weak ball" put rubbed cranberry sauce and apple slices and cook over medium heat for 50-55 minutes, stirring.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, apples Antonovka - 1 kg, sugar -2.4 kg, water - 1,25 l.
Quince jam.
Quince washed, obchyschayut, peel poured five cups of cold water, put on fire, bring to a boil, strain and strained broth cooked sliced ​​quince with no core. Zvaryvshy it until tender, carefully poured the broth and strain through a sieve. In the strained broth cooked sugar syrup, bringing it to the test "weak ball." In the boiling syrup gently shift cooked quince, and when it boils, pour dilute acid, remove the foam and cook a little longer to the desired sample jam over low heat. Jam with quince should be transparent.
* In 1 kg quince, sugar -1.5 kg, water - 750 g Citric acid - 2 hours
Lingonberry jam.
Disguised cranberries washed and back in the sieve to water glass. Then they poured into an enamel or earthenware pot, pour boiling water on 2-3 minutes and again rejected. In preparing the vessel for vainnya sugar syrup, adding it to the test "weak ball," he pour scalded berries, shake jar so they evenly distributed in the syrup and cook at a time until done.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, sugar - 1,5 kg, water - 750 hours
Jam made with cranberries and apples.
Berries prepare the same as in the previous case. Apples are washed, obchyschayut, remove core, cut into small wedges and put together with berries in syrup prepared. Cook over medium heat for bdyn reception until tender.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, apples 500 g sugar -1,5 kg, water - 750 hours
Lingonberry jam with cinnamon and cloves.
Prepared as in previous cases, berries are poured into a vessel for cooking, covered with sugar, add three cups of water, put cinnamon cloves ta, put on low heat and, stirring constantly, cook until tender.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, sugar - 1,5 kg, water - 750 g cinnamon powder - 2 g cloves -4 pieces.
Dogwood jam.
Fruits are sorted out, over-rejecting and removing of jam selected for the stalk. Putting fruit in enamel or porcelain vessel oshparyuyut them and covering cloth, so to leave 10-15 minutes. Then the water is drained, dogwood placed in pre-cooked sugar syrup and bring it to a boil. A light shaking vessel driven foam in one place and collect it. After the first boiling jam remove from heat to 6-7 hours and then put on fire and bring to readiness.
* In 1 kg dogwood, sugar -1,5 kg, water - 750 hours
Jam with peaches.
Selected oshparyuyut peaches, drained the water from obchyschayut fruit peel and pour cold water with dissolved in it with citric acid (to peaches not darkened). After removing fruit with acidified water them again oshparyuyut boiling water and tightly in cloth 5-6 minutes, then put them in the prepared syrup, brought to the test "weak ball", allow to boil and remove from heat to 4-5 hours. After that, cook until done. Small peaches cooked whole, and large after obchyschannya cut and remove seeds.
* In 1 kg of peaches, sugar - 1,2 kg, water - 600 g Citric acid - 4 hours
To make jam is used mostly apples, plums and apricots. Berries are better to cook with the addition of apples, because only the most fruit jam will be scarce, but Apple will provide it a jelly-like consistency. Prepared for cooking jam put the fruits and berries in a saucepan, pour water and cook until soft, then rubbed through a sieve and add sugar sauce is formed. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly so as not burnt. Ready jam determined by drop. Ready jam remove from heat her when it bit proholotse, translate into prepared jars, cover them with parchment paper and tied tightly. Store in a cool, dry place.
In 1 kg of fruit puree, sugar - 1 kg.
Supplies of black currant.
The berries are sorted on the screens, and when it is not, do it manually. Large berries cast and used for other purposes. Sorted fruit washed in several waters and back in the sieve. When the water drain, currants put in wooden or stainless steel bowl and knead thoroughly wooden pestle. Enamelware is not suitable for this because of the pressing pestle can bounce enamel and tinned with damaged shroud okyslyuvatymetsya. In the absence of appropriate dishes and wooden plunger fruit mince. As previously formed puree poured peresiyanyy fine granulated sugar and mix thoroughly, after which the container tightly knotted cloth, and through 3-4 hours again stirred. Mixing continued until almost completely dissolved grains of sugar. If this does not bring to an end, undissolved sugar settles on the bottom, and currant sauce begins to wander.
Brought to readiness currant kindle store in glass jars, pre-washed, scalded and dried, cover it with parchment paper and tied tightly. Store in a cool dry place.
* In 1 kg currants, sugar - 2 kg.
Supplies of rhubarb.
The stalks of the rhubarb are cleaned in the bottom of the lower part - the green part and the green top, they are known, and put them on the small pieces of the bit of approx.
2-3 cm. Spolosnuvshy them in cold water, put in a pot for cooking, covered with sugar and put on fire, shaking continuously until the juice. Rhubarb cook to the desired sample to jam, stirring all the time, then poured into an enamel or earthenware vessel and, stirring occasionally, cool. Chilled store densely laid out in glass jars, tied them up and store in a cool place. Used for sweet pies.
In 1 kg rhubarb, sugar -1,5 kg.
Called candied fruit or sliced ​​peel some fruits cooked in sugar syrup. they are used in dough for decorating cakes, pies and desserts.
For cooking, use candied lemon peel, mandarins and oranges, peel watermelons and melons, fruits (apples, pears, quince), mountain ash, pumpkin.
Before cooking Candied citrus peel it cut into small slices that look like wide noodles and pour cold water. After one day replace the water and leave it for another day zest. This makes it possible to get rid of soaking peel characteristic bitterness. Soaked peel back in a sieve, shake slightly obsushuyut, put in a vessel for cooking, pour the prepared sugar syrup, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. A day cooked zest, bring to sample both the jam, and then remove from the heat at night. Then candied cook until the sample "thick thread."
Welded candied poured into a sieve or colander Negus and allow to drain the syrup over 2-2,5 hours. Prepared in this way, candied fruit laid out on metal sheets, covered with a clean paper and put in a warm place to dry. A little dried candied roll in fine sugar, strongly shaking the jar, which poured sugar. Well obvalyani lace candied in sugar in sieve and weeded out the extra sugar. Candied fruits packed in glass jars, tightly wrapped with parchment paper, tied and put in a dry cool place.
Candied fruit and fresh berries cooked just as with the peel, but do not soak them.
Jelly with raspberry.
To make jelly, jam and how best to use fruits and berries with a high content of pectin, such as gooseberries, apples, quince and figs. When the gel is prepared from juices, it is recommended to attach these juices of fruits and berries. By malokysloyi materials added citric acid, which promotes coagulation juices
Jelly cook small amounts at the rate of not more than 10 cups sugar to preserve the natural color of fruits and berries. Cook jelly should be in vysokostinniy vessel.
By squeezed juice of raspberry juice added gooseberries, pour the sugar and cook until the sample "thick thread". Gooseberry juice can replace or cranberry juice of red currants. On the other berries and fruits cooked jelly as well as with raspberries.
Juice boiled to the original volume, which he had before adding sugar. Define it with a chip. Spill Clean obstruhuyut knife oshparyuyut boiling water and its depth measured initially squeezed juice in a pan and then boiled with sugar.
Ready jelly is poured into hot jars, removing the foam. Wrapped in a damp cloth or a well-warmed jars placed in a cool room. When completely cool down jelly, jars or cups can stick with paper. Keep jelly should be in a cool place.
* In 1 kg raspberry, gooseberry juice - 500 g sugar -1,6 kg citric acid - 4 hours
Figs with plums.
Stigli slivuyu spit, grub on drushlyak, see them kistochku, put in a kastrulyu, just close і tushkuyuyut to m'yakostі, pіsly chogo wipe krіz sieve. In the preparation of mashed potatoes, add tsukor, kindly peremіchyut i uvaryuyut, peremіshuyuchi without a hitch, not scamped. Cooked mashed zagusaє i good vіdstaє od bottom pot, Yogo rozlivayut ball priblizno 1 cm dish on abo ploskі tarіlki, stavlyat on 2-3 dnі in duzhe warm abo Location on 10-15 year at a temperature of pіch 40-50 ° C. Pіdssohlu figs narіzayut on smugovki zvrshishshki 2 see i leather from them - on a kilo of parts, rolled in another tsukrі-pіsku і put in banks, peresypuyu small kіlkіstyu tsukru. Banks zakleyuyut stupid piter abo pokryvayut cellophane and twine twine. Zberigayut at the colder primishchenny.
* In 1 kg plum puree, sugar - 800 hours
Figs with mountain ash.
Big ripe rowan berries without stalks are washed in warm water and back in the sieve, and then placed in rows in a pan, cover tightly with a lid and stew in the oven or in the oven at 180-200 ° C until soft. Then shift the berries in a bowl, pour hot water so that it only covered them, and cook until fully tender. The finished mass rub through a thick sieve or a sieve. Berry puree mixed with sugar and continue to operate the same way as in the case of cooking figs plums.
You can also cook figs with apples and apricots.
* In 1 kg Ash Tore: sugar - 1 kg.
Limon y tsukrі.
Benign intact lemons thoroughly washed in warm water to clean a wooden board cut them into thin slices (usually served with tea) and remove the seeds. Cut lemon rekomenduyetsya stainless steel knife. Ready lemon slices placed in a clean, dry half-liter jars, sprinkling each row sugar. Sugar also poured on the bottom and top banks concluded lemons. Banks with lemons tightly wrapped moist parchment paper, tied with string and put on 5-6 days in a warm place. With the banks syrup throw them upside down, so to leave 1 days, and then again put in a normal position. The operation is repeated until sugar is not converted completely in syrup. Banks endure the cold.
You can also cook and orange circles, but in this case to take 1 5 kg of citrus cup sugar.
In 1 kg of lemons, sugar -1,6 kg.
Brusnitsі mochenі.
Cranberries, if they are not ripe, put in a warm place for 2-3 days for ripening and then sorted, washed in cold water and back in the sieve. Wash the berries are placed in a glass or earthenware jars, and when a lot of them, you can use a small oak or beech barrel. The syrup is boiled to dissolve sugar and boiling first, then it cool and pour them berries. Filled jars wrapped with parchment paper, tied with string (wooden barrel close the lid) and placed for storage in a cool place.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, sugar - 300 g, water - 750 g peel - 0,5 lemon.
Soaked cranberries and apples.
Disguised washed cranberries and put in prepared dishes, alternating with well-washed Chinese apples, and pour the cooled syrup prepared well. Next are the same as in the case of cooking soaked cranberries. Chinese apples can be replaced Antonivka. For flavoring used lemon zest or cinnamon and cloves. These herbs boiled syrup, which is then filtered.
* In 1 kg of cranberries, apples or Chinese Antonivka - 500 g, water - 1,25 kg, sugar - 600 hours

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