Semi-finished goods

Waffle batter (semi-finished)

Waffle batter is prepared similarly to test for pancakes, but for greater porosity in the injected formulation disintegrating and more intense dough whisk. How long to keep the dough is impossible, as formed during the whipping foam fragile. Prior to baking the dough is stored at a low temperature. Prepare the dough in small batches.

Application in some recipes for wafers sugar, vegetable oil, egg yolk reduces the humidity of the dough. Adding sugar retains the crispy properties of waffles at higher humidity. This is explained by the fact that the sugar in the wafer sheets gives them glassiness, due to which brittleness is preserved at an increased moisture content.

Egg yolks contribute to a better separation of wafer sheets from the molds and reduce the number of “swelling” during baking. In the manufacture of wafers in the food industry instead of egg products using food phosphatides and fat, the presence of which allows you to well separate the sheets from the waffle irons.

Food phosphatides are produced from oil-held seeds, as a rule, from soybean or sunflower; they are emulsifiers, t. C. allow to form a non-stratifying mixture (emulsion) from two immiscible liquids (fat and water). The same role is played by lecithin in egg products, casein in milk. Egg yolks without sacrificing quality can be replaced with a whole egg or melange.

Dough sheet wafers Flour 1200, 122 egg yolks, drinking soda 6, 6 salt, water 1800.

Out 1000.

Flour 1221, 204 melange, drinking soda 6, 6 salt, water 1800.

Out 1000.

The yolks, drinking soda, salt and 20% of normal water are mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Add the remaining amount of water at a temperature not higher than 18 ° C, 50% flour and stir 6-8 min, then gradually introduce the rest of the flour and knead the dough until cooked for 15 min. The finished dough is filtered through a sieve with 2 cells mm. The dough should be well mixed, without lumps. In the baking process, the remaining dough is periodically whipped with a whisk to avoid a precipitate. Humidity of the finished dough 65%, with less humidity can get lingering dough, making waffles bake badly; with excessive moisture, swelling increases and baking time is prolonged. The dough temperature should be 15-20'C, at higher temperatures the dough becomes very viscous due to the greater swelling of gluten proteins.

Dough sheet sugar wafers Flour 774, sugar or powdered sugar 293, vanilla powder 8, 650 water, eggs (yolks) 120, 1,7 drinking soda, butter 86. Out 1000.

Yolks, drinking soda, salt, water (50% of normal) was stirred until smooth no more than 30-40 seconds, then add the powdered sugar or granulated sugar and stir a few minutes until it dissolves. Add the remaining amount of water and 50% of flour and stir 3-5 minutes, then add the remaining flour, vanilla powder and butter, warmed to 35- 374C. The oil poured into the race jet so that it is spread across the surface of the dough. Then the dough whisk still 8-10 minutes.

Knead the dough with the flour is added gradually to a more even distribution of it to the test. At simultaneous loading the entire meal because of the uneven distribution of flour and liquid forms dense, overcast dough.

Wafer sheets prepared with sugar remain crunchy properties at humidity 9%, a wafer sheet prepared without sugar crunch lose moisture already at 6,5%.

Wafer sheets (semi-finished product). Wafer sheets are baked in a wafer having two electric heaters connected by a hinge. Electric heaters are inserted into massive metal plates, heating is performed by contact. On the surface of the lower heater pour the dough and close the upper heater. The dough is heated from two sides. To speed up baking and make the products look beautiful, the surface of the heaters is provided with a relief pattern.

The waffle iron is heated to 170'C and the dough is poured onto the bottom plate in small doses along the edges and in the middle. Under compression, the plate spreads over the entire surface. Time baking wafer sheets 2-3 min. A large amount of moisture is removed from the dough during baking. Especially intense water evaporates at the beginning of baking. Water rapidly turns into steam, and pores are formed in the wafer sheets. The decomposition of soda with the release of carbon dioxide also contributes to loosening the dough.

In the process of baking, the excess dough flows through the edges of the form in the form of an unbaked dough - stack. Before opening the edges of the waffle iron clean with a knife. Wafer edema after soaking scorched particles is soaked, wiped through a wiper and used for kneading with a new wafer portion. You can grind swelling in dried form.

Removing moisture from the batter during baking is fast due to the small thickness. Gelatinized dough at manufacturing starch flour gradually dries up and becomes yellow due dextrinization starch. Dough prepared with the sugar wafer obtained light brown due to caramelisation of sugars. Egg yolk gives the waffles resilience and connectivity, making it easy to remove them from the forms after baking.

After baking, the sheets stand, i.e. cool, better - single sheets on the nets. With a large number of wafers baked at the same time, the sheets stand in the stoics. This can lead to the curvature and cracking of individual sheets. Depending on the duration and conditions of maturation, as well as on the moisture of baked sheets, the process of absorption or release of moisture occurs, which causes a change in the size of wafer sheets and their deformation.

Wafer sheets are used for the decoration of cakes, pies and making sweet dishes. In the manufacture of piece goods wafer sheets, cooked without sugar, glue on some pieces, sandwiching praline, fruit and berry, fondant and fat fillings.

You can use several types of fillings. After sandwiching filled wafer sheets are placed under the press on 2-3 hours and cut into a piece of the product. Sometimes a layer of glazed chocolate wafer before cutting and after cutting to the product.

The baked sheets of dough prepared with sugar, hot can roll into the tube by means of rods as at 35-75вWith wafer sheets are plastic.

Fill the tube with cream and ice cream, jams, praline. You can tube and horns fill salads and snacks.

Quality requirements: wafer sheets should be the same size, without cracks, bubbles and stains; the color yellow for wafer sheets without sugar and light brown for wafer sheets with sugar; consistency is fragile; humidity 2,5%.

The following are disadvantages that may arise during the test, and manufacture of finished products, their causes and remedies.

Disadvantages Causes Solutions
The dough is dough clumps dense overcast

Poor meal that serves

strain the batter
The dough is hard to separate from the waffle iron During the kneading all the flour was poured at the same time.

Add flour in small portions.

The surface of the wafer has no clear pattern in favor of filling wafer edge Store dough at a low heat, add eggs
Sheets warped Tightened dough, little emulsifiers Clean mold
Color is uneven.

Waffle molds not cleaned lubricated insufficiently cooled layers

Cool the layers with the filling

Part sheet stuck or not propechena. Uneven heating waffle irons

Fix electric heaters

Wafer sheets are not porous Low baking temperature, long baking Increase baking temperature

Duct wafer rolls

Wafers sugar 200. Filling: 500 Zephyr cream or whipped cream with vanilla sugar, 500, or Charlotte chocolate and cream 440 cream. Output 100 pcs. 70

After baking in hot condition, the wafer sheets are rolled up into a straw. The finished tubes are filled from the pastry bag with marshmallow cream or whipped cream or chocolate cream.

Waffle cakes. All cakes are wafer sheets sandwiched with various fillings. The surface of the cakes is finished with the same filling, crumb, chocolate icing or chocolate.

Wafer sheets can be sandwiched with fillings on special spreading machines, or you can do it manually with a knife.

Cake "Surprise"

Wafer sheets 180, 820 fatty stuffing. Out 1000.

For the filling: sweet fat 327, 490 powdered sugar, vanilla powder 4, 32 cocoa powder.

Wafer sheets (5-7), baked from dough sheet waffles without sugar (230-290 mm), filling fat sandwiches, top and side products cover the same filling, coated confectionery scallop trim figure and wafer crumbs. With some help doing stencil pattern.

To prepare the filling capacity b Beating machines put half provided by the formulation of the confectionery fat and stir until the disappearance of lumps. Then, still interfere added 25% powdered sugar standards and by continuing whipping, gradually add cocoa powder, confectionery fat remaining in molten form, sugar and vanilla powder. Was stirred until a homogeneous consistency within lush 10-15 min.

Wafer crumbs prepared by grinding the cake cutting and connecting them with waffle flour and cocoa powder. Waffle meal taken in 2 times less than the crumbs; on 100 10 g crumbs add g cocoa powder. The finished chips rubbed through a sieve with 3 mm. Waffle flour is obtained from scrap wafer sheets on the grinding machine razmolochnoy.

Cake "Peanuts"

Wafer sheets 160, Praline 750, 50 cocoa butter, roasted nuts 40. Out 1000. For praline: 375 nuts, sugar 450. Out 750.

To prepare the filling almond or other nuts are roasted after purification during 130- 150 ° C until golden brown, is poured into the container, and sugar was added, without removing from the heat and stir vigorously until Veselkov, n ka sugar dissolves. The mass was poured onto an oiled marble table top or tray and after cooling and hardening crushed into the car and rubbed on the rolling of. Pralines can be made from sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and other maslosoderzhashih nuclei.

A cake was prepared in the same way as - "Surprise" only filling sandwiches prepared from pralines, stirred in a heated state with cocoa butter (temperature 35 * C).

Cake chocolate vafelpy

Wafer sheets 130, 180 chocolate glaze, praline 560, 30 cocoa butter, chocolate 100. Out 1000.

Cake is prepared and sandwich the same as cake "Peanut". The jagged edges of the waffles are cut with a knife. The surface and edges of the cake are glazed with chocolate icing mixed with cocoa butter and heated to 32'C. Decorate the cake with chocolate. You can glaze the cake with tempered chocolate.

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