Production of sweets and halva

pelleting chocolate

Coating is a special process of sequentially applying layers of chocolate or sugar using rotating surfaces (using the stencil method). Sugar panning is covered in various sections of this book, and below we will only look at chocolate panning. Nuts are often coated with chocolate (almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts are usually roasted first, but Brazil nuts are not). [...]

Confectionery Industry Technology

Chocolate and confectionery paste (spreads). Chocolate syrup

Chocolate and pastry pastes (spreads). Chocolate syrups These pastes can be attributed to both sugar and flour confectionery. In composition and production technology, they are close to sugar confectionery, and the application is mainly associated with the manufacture of cakes, cakes, rolls, and sometimes drinks. Chocolate pastes became very popular during the Second World War [...]