Rolling, forming and cutting of dough

Although the installation modes can be set remotely, we have not yet reached the stage where the dough could move to install without the assistance and control of the operator.

Among the various means of obtaining from .

Types of furnaces

Tunelnыe furnace

Tunelnыe furnace Types of furnaces

Currently, MCI mostly baked in conveyor furnaces, but many small producers baked products on trays, placed in a stationary furnace, which can be one of the following types:

1. with installation .

Forming candy masses


By forming the division realize liquid or plastic candy mass into individual portions with giving a certain amount of a certain portion of each, a desired configuration.

Baking / Typical recipes

Bakery products
For baking products in this group, you must use steel hearth tape. All species exhibit “sprawling” properties. .

Continental sweet biscuits

Continental sweet biscuits

As mentioned earlier, in the broad category of semi-sweet biscuits, there is a group where the dough is kneaded in two stages and is similar to a lingering dough after stirring. Such cookies .