Gingerbread dough

Raw Gingerbread Dough. Preparation of gingerbread dough is to obtain a homogeneous mass of uniformly distributed raw materials, viscous consistency.

Equipment for cooking caramel mass


The process of cooking caramel mass consists of the processes of cooking sugar-syrup syrup, its boiling to obtain the caramel mass, cooling and saturation of the caramel mass with air. These processes .

The equipment for molding candy

Fig. 5.11. Scheme calibration of the harness and the formation of caramel on a chain forming machine

The following machines are used to form the caramel from the tow:

chain caramel-raising - for molding caramel type "pads";

chain caramel stamping - for forming caramel in the form of a ball, oval, elongated-oval, .

Candy making equipment

Fig. 5.17. Technological complex ShPA with film apparatus crystallizer

In the total production of confectionery sweets occupy 25%.

Candy is a confectionery of predominantly soft consistency, made on a sugar basis. The range of these products is very diverse; .

Candy Box Molding Equipment

Fig. 5.18. The scheme candy machine with a single casting mechanism

Cases of candies are molded in the process of casting, pressing out, jigging and cutting

Equipment for casting candy masses. Casting get the body candy from fondant and fruit-jelly candy masses, which at a temperature 60 ... 80 ° C have sufficient fluidity.


Cocoa Bean Processing Equipment

Fig. 5.26. Air Sieve Cleaning Machine MTIA

Processing cocoa beans consists of processes such as cleaning and sorting, roasting and crushing.

The cocoa beans that have arrived in factory warehouses are first cleaned of impurities in the form of dust, pebbles, and fibers. .

for the preparation of chocolate masses equipment.

Fig. 5.30. Prescription mixing complex for the preparation of chocolate masses

The process of making chocolate masses is very important, since their quality determines the taste and aroma of the resulting chocolate.

The scheme of preparation of chocolate masses consists of the following

  • dosing of prescription components and their mixing;
  • conching (dilution with oil and homogenization).

Equipment .