Equipment for cooking caramel mass

Thursday, December 13 2018 14: 04
The process of cooking caramel mass consists of the processes of cooking sugar-syrup syrup, its boiling up to obtain the caramel mass, cooling and saturation of the caramel mass with air. These processes are carried out by machines and devices of periodic and continuous action: dissutators, cooking boilers, vacuum apparatus, technological complexes, cooling machines. Dissutory. For dissolving sugar, preparing syrups, dissolving returnable waste and ...
Equipment for cooling the caramel mass and saturating it with air. For the continuous cooling of the caramel mass and the mechanized introduction of the additives provided for in the formulation, a KOM-2 cooling machine is used, which is used in mechanized production lines for the production of caramel. The machine is installed after the coil vacuum apparatus. The caramel mass is saturated with air by pulling machines of periodic and continuous ...

The equipment for molding candy

Wednesday, December 12 2018 17: 07
The following machines are used to form the caramel from the tow: chain-caramel chaining - for forming cushion-like caramel; chain caramel stamping - for forming caramel in the form of a ball, oval, elongated-oval, flat-oval (“brick”) and other figured caramel; chain caramel forming - for forming figured caramel; roll carameleforming - for the same caramel; rotary caramel forming - ...

Candy making equipment

Wednesday, December 12 2018 14: 44
In the total production of confectionery sweets occupy 25%. Candy is a confectionery of predominantly soft consistency, made on a sugar basis. The range of these products is very diverse; it includes the following main groups of products: candies, glazed with chocolate icing, with fondant, fondant-milk, fruit and jelly, liqueur, whipped, praline on a nut basis and other ...

Candy Box Molding Equipment

Wednesday, December 12 2018 12: 44
Cases of candies are molded in the process of casting, pressing out, jigging and cutting. Equipment for casting candy masses. Casting get the body candy of fondant and fruit-jelly candy masses, which at a temperature 60 ... 80 ° C have sufficient fluidity. Cases of candies are formed on candy-making machines, and to speed up the process of structure formation they are cooled in installations of accelerated ...
For coating chocolate mass, called icing, candy cases and other confectionery products (waffles, cookies, marshmallow, marshmallow) glazing units are used. The enrobing unit consists of a samorasklada, a receiving conveyor, an enrobing machine and a cooling chamber with a conveyor inside. Cases of candies are stacked on the receiving belt conveyor by self-folding (or manually) oriented longitudinal rows. Receiving belt conveyor ...

Cocoa Bean Processing Equipment

Wednesday, December 12 2018 10: 44
Processing cocoa beans consists of processes such as cleaning and sorting, roasting and crushing. The cocoa beans that have arrived at the factory warehouses are first cleaned of impurities in the form of dust, pebbles, burlap fibers, paper, etc., and sorted by size to obtain evenly roasted cocoa beans. After cleaning and sorting the cocoa beans are fried, and then ...

for the preparation of chocolate masses equipment.

Wednesday, December 12 2018 09: 29
The process of making chocolate masses is very important, since their quality determines the taste and aroma of the resulting chocolate. The scheme for the preparation of chocolate masses consists of the following dosing of prescription components and their mixing; conching (dilution with oil and homogenization). Equipment for dispensing and mixing prescription components. Prescription ingredients are metered and mixed in the recipe-mixing ...

Equipment for molding chocolate products.

Wednesday, December 12 2018 08: 45
In order to avoid the allocation of crystals of fat and sugar on the surface of chocolate products (“bloom” of chocolate), the mass is subjected to tempering before molding, to be cooled while vigorously stirring. For this purpose, use automatic screw tempering machine. When leaving the car, the chocolate mass has a temperature of 31 ... 32 ° С - Tempering machines come in horizontal and ...
For the preparation of chocolate products requires a large amount of cocoa butter, which is obtained by pressing cocoa mass on hydraulic presses. The solid residue formed after pressing and called cocoa cake, is processed into commercial or production cocoa powder. The oil yield is 44 ... 47% of the mass of cocoa liquor. At the same time, 10,5 ... 17% fat remains in the cake. Cocoa butter yield, i.e.

Equipment for the manufacture of marmalade

Wednesday, November 15 2017 06: 28
In the confectionery industry, the production of marmalade-pastille products takes a relatively small amount. The raw material for their production is fruit and berry billets and sugar. Fruits and berries in this production are used mainly in canned form (in the form of pulp or puree). The pulp is turned into fruit and berry puree. In the technological process of making marmalade and pastille a big role ...

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For the manufacture of pastilles and marshmallows, continuous machines and whipping machines of batch action are used. To mold the marshmallow, zephrodynamic machines are used. Pastilles are molded on machines for pouring pastilles, ready-made strata are cut into workpieces on pastiller machines. After molding, the pastille and marshmallow are dried in special dryers. In Fig. 5.42 is given ...

Equipment for dosing and packaging.

Wednesday, September 13 2017 06: 08
Confectionery and pasta are packed in packages
The equipment of this group include: cooling and steam (warm) tables; cooling machines used in mechanized production lines to replace the cooling table; prominalnye machines and devices; tyanulnye machine for pulling the candy mass-batch or continuous. Tables for manual processing caramel mass cooling table for cooling the candy mass after unloading it from the ...

The equipment for molding candy

Sunday, November 13 2016 15: 20
For forming the caramel from the harness, the following main types of molding machines:
The group of equipment for cooling caramel include open narrow conveyor belts for pre-cooling the molded candy chain; open inertial conveyors for cooling the finished caramel and fruit drops; Closed bunk inertial conveyors; closed mesh conveyors type KLA The equipment for the finishing of caramel outdoor varieties include: Dragee boilers for polishing and dusting caramel; ...
During the years of confectionery enterprise transformed from small artisanal workshops to large, highly technically equipped enterprise.
Dissutory used in the confectionery industry to dissolve the sugar, cooking syrup, invert syrup, for the dissolution of the return of waste and so on. N.

Continuous Washer

Saturday, November 12 2016 13: 17
Six section Cooking solvent for sugar syrup.

process pumps

Saturday, November 12 2016 08: 00
In the confectionery industry a variety of pumps are widely used.

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