Technological instruction on production of marshmallow on pectin (nailing machines in the batch)

(Nailing machines in the batch)
Production consists of the following operations:
preparation of raw materials;
apple sauce preparation enriched apple pectin, and adding sodium lactate (sodium citrate);
churning apple pectin mixture of sugar and protein;
preparation of sugar-treacle syrup;
mixing knocked apple-sugar mass with hot sugar syrup and syrup with the addition at the end of churning acid, aromatic and flavoring substances;
otlivanie (otsazhivanie) polovinok Zefira; vыstoyka (studneobrazovanie and podsushka) polovinok Zefira;
dusting marshmallow halves and bonding them;
vystoyka marshmallow;
packing, packaging, labeling.
Preparation of all kinds of raw materials produced in the same manner as described in the previous sections.
Apple sauce preparation enriched in pectin with the addition of lactate (sodium citrate)
In apple puree, apple pectin is added according to the formulation, thoroughly mixed for a long time (from 4 to 18 hour) for good distribution and swelling of the pectin. For the best distribution of pectin in mashed potatoes to pectin, before adding it to the puree, add a small amount of sugar (approximately equal to the amount of pectin), and this mixture is added to the puree, and the consumed amount of sugar is subtracted from the sugar given during confusion. Then the mixture is wiped through a sieve with a hole diameter of 0,8 mm. After weighing, the mashed potatoes are sent to the whipping machines, where sodium lactate is added depending on the acidity of the mashed potatoes used. The consumption of sodium lactate is determined from Table. 1.
Table 1

The acidity of the apple puree,%

Max sodium lactate (% of apple puree) based upon

100% lactate

40% lactate
















Bringing apple pectin with sugar mixture.
In the prepared apple-pectin mixture after the addition of sodium lactate is made by weight sugar and protein in accordance with the approved formulation knock 5-8 minutes depending on the number of revolutions of the machine.

Preparation of sugar-treacle syrup. Weighed amount of sugar is dissolved in water, are added and boiled syrup to a solids content 84-85%.
Mixing knocked weight with syrup. It knocked weight is added to shake up the car. boiled sugar-treacle syrup temperature 85-90 ° C and still more churning 5 minutes, then an acid is added, the dye essences and stirred at most 1 min. The share of mass knocked 0,4- 0,44. Further, the mass is directed to depositing a conventional manner.
Casting (otsadka) polovinok Zefira
Zephyr mass is directed by gravity (or by using a special charging device) into the hopper of the machine zefirootsadochnoy under which receives trays size 1400x400 mm, pre-stripped from the residues adhering zephyr mass of a special mechanism for stripping the tape and brush. Trays periodically washed, followed by drying.
Zefirootsadochnaya machine pours on the cleaned trays marshmallow halves of round or oblong shape with a corrugated surface.
Trays filled with neat rows of marshmallow halves, sent in a continuous vystoechnuyu. studneobrazovaniya chamber and drying.
At the enterprises of small capacity in the absence of mechanical installation for cleaning trays and trays jigging of zephyr cleaned with special scrapers. Zephyr mass is drained from the machine to shake up collections (transportable bowls), of which the buckets are gaining ground in the special funnel (envelopes) from a two-way rubberized canvas or oilcloth. The bottom of the drain hole is provided with a tinny tip and serrated edges.
Zephyr mass is poured into the envelope so that the latter has remained empty and the top edge of the envelope would be to collect and hold in the hand, which pushes the mass and pushes it out of the drain hole on the surface of the tray. With the other hand supports the lower part of the envelope and tip rotation creates on the surface of marshmallow picture, easing pressure on the mass of the envelope is interrupted its expiry. Thus cast ranks marshmallow halves.
The filled trays are sent to vystoyku in a specially reserved place in the premises of the shop.
Vystoyka (studneobrazovanie and podsushka) marshmallow halves
Zephyr, the deposited in the form of halves, kept in a room for a shop 3-4 hour and then sent to the vystoyki chamber in which the temperature is maintained 35- 40 ° C and a relative humidity 50-60%. Duration vystoyki marshmallow - 5-6 hours. Humidity halves by the end of vystoyki - 21-23%, the total duration of vystoyki - 8-10 hours.
In the absence of cameras with organized air mode marshmallows kept the door open at an air temperature of 25-30 ° C and enhanced ventilation for-24 hours.
Spreading and gluing the halves marshmallow
Trays with marshmallow halves mounted on a chain conveyor, which brings them under the mechanism for dusting with icing sugar and then they are sent to the bonding portion of the halves. Both halves are manually separated from the tray surface and glued flat sides, one of them rotating at an angle relative to the other to match the relief pattern. Glued marshmallow has reached the standard of humidity, is directed to packing.
The small capacity of production conditions marshmallow halves sprinkled with powdered sugar and bonding, transport trays and sieves is done by hand.
Vыstoyka (podsushka) Zefira
To achieve the standard of humidity marshmallow stand on shelves in a dry place at a relative humidity no higher than 60-65% for 2-3 hours. The final moisture content of marshmallow - 16-20%.
Stacking, packaging and labeling
Laying marshmallow in a box, cardboard and plywood boxes, trays, packaging boxes and trays in boxes and labeled containers produced in accordance with the requirements of the guests.
Recycling returnable waste
In the production of marshmallows produced waste consisting of defective appearance pieces and halves marshmallow, culling at vystoyke and gluing the halves, when intrashop transportation and installation of the marshmallow as well as the sweeps trays and equipment.
The total amount of said waste to be secondary processing should not exceed 4,0% by weight of the finished product.
The pre-treatment of wastes before use is carried out in the same manner as described for the production of carved pastes. Trained waste is added to the apple puree intended for Pastila mass.

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