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Production technology of fruit jelly

Fruit jelly can be made on agar, pectin or agaroid. In each case, their production technology has its own characteristics.

Production želejnogo formovogo jam

The production of this variety of marmalade on agar or agaroid includes the following technological operations:

padlock, swelling, flushing agar (agaroid);

preparation of agar-sugar-treacle syrup;

boiling jelly mass;

cooling the mass and its cutting;

casting jelly mass in the form of marmalade studneobrazovanie, sample forms and layout of products on the sieve;

vystojka (podsuška) obsypka jam and sugar;

drying and cooling;

packing, packaging products.

Air-dry agar or agaroid in gauze bags is loaded into a bath with running cold water on 1-2 h for swelling. When swelling occurs, the hydration of macromolecules, the destruction of the bonds between them, which speeds up the process of dissolution of gelling agents in water when heated. When locking from agar (agaroid), odorous and coloring substances are partially extracted, which contributes to a lighter gel.

The swollen agar charged into the digester and heated to achieve complete dissolution of the water, then here was added in the right proportions and sugar syrup.

The agar-sugar solution is filtered and boiled in a spherical vacuum apparatus or cooking column until the solids content is 73-74%.

Boiled syrup is pumped to a tempering machine, with stirring, quickly cooled to a temperature of 50-55 ° C, injected according to the recipes of mashed potatoes, supplies, citric acid, coloring and aromatic substances. After thorough mixing, the prepared jelly mass is transferred to the funnel of the casting machine. At the same time, it is taken into account that in agar solutions the formation of jelly begins at a temperature of 40 ° C.

If agaroid is used as a taper, the boiled syrup is cooled in a tempering machine to 70-72 ° С, the above-mentioned additives are introduced, as well as 0,1% solution of alkali di-sodium phosphate (Na, HPOj to the syrup mass. Sodium-enriched agaroid molecules form a stronger gel at 65 ° С.

When using dry pectin, it is pre-mixed with sugar in the ratio 1: 2. Dissolve the mixture in cold water, taken in 25-fold amount to the mass of pectin. Sugar and molasses are added to the solution in the required proportions and the mixture is boiled in a spherical vacuum apparatus or cooking column until the solids content is 70-72%. The boiled mass is pumped to a tempering machine, cooled to a temperature of 80-85 ° C, mixed with flavoring and coloring substances, as well as acid, taken in an amount at which the pH value 3,0-3,2 is optimal for the gelation of pectin. The prepared jelly mass is transferred to the funnel of the casting machine, taking into account that the process of gelatinization of masses on pectin begins at the temperature 70 ° С.

Forming fruit jelly made on the same machines as the pan dchya apple marmalade. Depending on the gelling agent used, the gelling process ends at different times: on agar - 40-60 minutes, on an agaroid or pectin - 8-10 minutes.

A long period of gelatinization of the jelly mass on agar is due to the low temperature of the cage of the marmalade (40 ° C). Therefore, the speed of the conveyor with forms should be significantly reduced and the following air parameters should be applied in the cooling zones: temperature -10-15 ° С, relative humidity-60-65%.

The marmalade selected from the forms is allowed to stand at 40 ° C for 45-60 minutes to dry the outer surface before sprinkling with sugar. Sugar sprinkled jelly marmalade processie for uniform dusting horizontal break-in rotating drum.

After sprinkling with sugar, the marmalade is laid out on a sieve covered with paper, placed on rack trolleys and served in a dryer. For drying, tunnel or chamber dryers with drying modes are used, such as for apple shaped marmalade.

Jelly marmalade, made on an agaroid or furcelllaran, dries faster than marmalade on agar. Therefore, after sprinkling with sugar, it is not fed into the dryer, but stands in the conditions of the temperature of the workshop during 6-8 hours.

The final moisture content of marmalade after drying (drying) 18-21%, the content of reducing substances 14-18%. Dried marmalade is cooled, packaged in the same way as apple tin marmalade.

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