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Liqueur product. Jelly beans. Liquorice.

Friday, November 06 2015 06: 45
There are several types of chocolates with liqueur.

Marzipan, almond and other nut pastes

Thursday, November 05 2015 15: 21
With regard to what the "marzipan", periodically there are heated arguments. According to the dictionary definition, a paste of ground almonds and sugar, but due to the high cost of almond recently appeared on the market a lot of substitutes from the nuclei of apricot kernel, soy flour and other ingredients, and they are often over-flavored synthetic almond essence.

Starch for molding candy shells

Saturday, October 20 2012 06: 26
As a molding material used in casting the starch candy. The quality of the molding material determines not only the appearance of candy shells, but also a number of qualitative changes occurring with fondant with its casting and vystoyke.Krahmal not only forms a mold of candy mass, he is also involved in the formation of a crust on the surface ...
Defects in molding obtained in smearing and formation followed rezaniem.1. Fondant spreads after molding and after additional vystoyki at cutting body deformed. The reason: the increased mass fraction of moisture and reducing substances.

Forming candy shells casting method.

Вторник, 17 апреля 2012 14: 51
Molding cast molding is currently the most common metodom.Otlivkoy molded mass under certain conditions, possess good flowability. As most of the molding material used is starch, and granulated sugar.
Molding and pressing off cutting. Pressing off a molding confectionery was applied after the first extruder were set up in the chemical industry (pushrods) for molding plastics.

Forming candy shells rolling and cutting.

Saturday, April 14 2012 20: 24
Forming rolling is a more modern method compared to smearing, and is now increasingly used. In this method of forming the candy layer is formed by passing the mass between the rotating rolls, whose number can vary from two to four, depending on the nature and mass of the rolled construction machine.

Forming candy shells smearing and cutting.

Saturday, April 14 2012 19: 37
FORMING candy KORPUSOVSlovo "molding" comes from the Latin "forma" - external appearance, the external shape and applied to processes, products ending with the creation of a specific external vida.Formovanie candy mass is carried out in two ways: getting candy formation or harness and then cutting them into individual products and directly give individual izdeliy.Konfetny layer is produced by smearing or ...

The main defects of candy mass.

Saturday, April 14 2012 19: 10
MAJOR DEFECTS candy Massenet various stages of production of candy mass in its process chain can occur deviations from the technological modes. There are cases of low quality raw material proceeds, certain disorders in formulations, as well as a fault in the equipment. All deviations from the emerging technology standards often result in a defect in the semis. Because of high quality ...

Cooking cream mass.

Saturday, April 14 2012 18: 33
Preparation of cream masses. Cream masses are foam-shaped structures obtained by knocking chocolate or praline mass with plastic fat (cream or coconut oil). For individual varieties of cream candies, the masses are prepared by knocking down lipstick or sugar-treacle syrup with grated walnut and fat. The presence in the recipe of a large amount of cream or coconut, ...

Preparation of marzipan mass.

Saturday, April 14 2012 18: 06
Marzipan walnut weight is obtained by mixing mashed raw nuts (mainly almonds) with powdered sugar (raw marzipan) or hot sugar, milk syrup (marzipan custard) until a homogeneous plastic mass. The best marzipan mass obtained from almonds.

Preparation of simple praline mass.

Saturday, April 14 2012 14: 53
Preparation of simple praline mass. It consists of the steps of preparing a mixture of prescription and its grinding otminki, which can be carried out as a batch or continuous batch process sposobom.Pri praline cooking simple formula mixture produced in melanzherah or mixing machines with heating (see. Fig. 11). The machine is loaded manually consistently weighted portions of grated walnut, ...

Preparation of praline mass.

Saturday, April 14 2012 07: 54
Preparation of praline and marzipan masses The main raw materials for the production of praline and marzipan masses are: granulated sugar, hard fats (cocoa butter, confectionery fat, butter) and nut kernels, oil seeds. As additives, dry whole and skim milk, dry cream, and also flavorings are added to the masses. The main types of nut kernels are as follows: Almonds are the fruit of a tree, ...

Preparation Roasting masses.

Saturday, April 14 2012 06: 57
COOKING Roasting Roasting MASSKHarakteristika masses. Roasting mass prepared essentially of two types: hard and soft. Solid roasted nuts is a solid solution of sugar with the addition of kernels, soft - boiled fruit pulp with the addition of crushed walnut yader.Krome of sugar in some sort of mass Roasting introduced honey, instead of walnut kernels - olive ...

Preparation of aerated candy mass.

Thursday, April 12 2012 17: 57
Preparation of the swallow candy masses Characteristics of the confused sweet masses. Frozen candy masses are obtained by knocking down a foaming agent with sugar-agar syrup and then introducing flavor, aroma and coloring substances into the mixture. As the foaming agent, the egg white protein is most often used in fresh, frozen or dry form. Egg protein in its composition has a number of protein substances, ...

Preparation of liquid candy mass.

Thursday, April 12 2012 17: 07
Characteristics of liquid candy mass. The liquid candy mass are saturated sucrose solution in the presence of milk, fruit purée, flavoring and aromatic substances. All these species contain a certain amount of mass liquors, liqueurs, spirits, so before they were called likernymi.V liquid mass production basis is receiving a saturated sucrose solution at high temperature with ...

Preparation of fruit pulp

Thursday, April 12 2012 15: 41
(Continuation of the "Preparation of fruit and jelly masses.") Table. 14 given melting temperature and studneobrazovaniya agar and agaroid depending on their quantitative sootnosheniya.14. The dependence of the melting temperature and studneobrazovaniya on the proportion of agar and agaroid. The ratio of the components temperature, ° C melting studneobrazovaniya Agar: acid: sugar: water 0,85: 0: 0: ...

Preparation of fruit and jelly masses

Thursday, April 12 2012 11: 57
Preparation of fruit-jelly masses (beginning) Characteristics of fruit-jelly masses. Fruit-jelly masses are made from sugar-sand, molasses, fruit and berry raw materials, containing pelleting agent pectin, or sugar-sugar, molasses and gel-forming substances: pectin, agar, agaroid, furcellaran, gelling starch. After boiling in the process of cooling, the formation of candy jelly occurs, as a result of which the candy cores acquire a certain strength. The strength of the resulting candy jelly ...

Preparation fondant candy.

Thursday, April 12 2012 08: 56
Preparation fondant candy. The lipstick after finished manufacturing the solid and liquid phases are in dynamic equilibrium, ie. E. At a constant ratio of solid and liquid phase change size sucrose crystals and the solid phase pomadoobrazovaniya process continues for several more hours. a partial dissolution of the fine at this time ...

Preparation of a lipstick.

Среда, 11 апреля 2012 18: 17
Preparation of a lipstick. Lipstick is obtained in three ways: from fondant syrup by cooling and churning in the film unit and the "cool" way.

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