Recently, my mother visited her university friend whom she had not seen since school times. The fact that in the fourth year she decided to pick up the documents suddenly, surprising these frivolous act of all teachers.
Today dolma consider it their national dish of many people - residents of North Africa, South and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The original recipe of the dish involves the use lamb as a main ingredient, but there are many variations dolma.

Plyatsok with poppy seeds and cherries

Thursday, May 04 2017 05: 47
Sometimes you want something festive and different than usual. Although this plyatsok - not the easiest way you can think of the holidays, and family and guests are sure to be comforted by this delicious culinary creation.
Jelly, jelly, jelly, marmalade, jam - this is an incomplete list of dishes, which are prepared by a variety of gelling agents. Many housewives years using gelatin of animal origin, not even knowing that it is possible to achieve a better gelling effect using plant substances! Our editorial staff will tell you what to replace gelatin.
With the arrival of May holidays season picnic outdoors it is considered to be officially open. All who have at least once tried to vegetables, roasted on the grill, ever become their fans.
I must say, we are not going to cook delicious product of the tender meat of Japanese cows. Appetizer of meat, for which the cooking process you will observe, is made of chicken! In the 100 g of finished dishes just 115 calories, we can safely call it marbled meat diet.
Chicken - Bird, we are preparing more often. There just is not thought up the recipes with her. Preparing it quick, easy and inexpensive. In addition, chicken refers to dietary products, and that is exactly what we need on the eve of the summer.
Easter - the most bright and beautiful day. It is also a great time to gather the whole family together. Every housewife tries to prepare and serve all the traditional holiday dishes.
"If to choose between coffee and tea, I definitely will choose the second," - says Boris Burda. This favorite TV chef million, a true intellectual and an incredibly charming man - a real fan of tea.
My friend loves to cook cheese balls. They have it turn out so tasty that all pets are lining up to the plate and ask for more to put these koloboks fried.
Let's be honest, there are recipes for Easter cakes if not thousands, then hundreds accurately. Each subtracts and adds something of his own. Those eggs more they brew on dry yeast raised.
Cheating is not always bad if it is sweet. The edition “So Simple!” Offers you a step-by-step master-class for preparing a chocolate egg with a surprise.
My godmother travels a lot and is very tasty cooking. Most of all she loves to taste the dishes of different countries, and then re-create them on your own kitchenette.
Pastrami - a dish of Jewish cuisine, which often can be seen in the Moldovan or Romanian menu. Pastrami made from beef, pork, chicken, turkey and even a horse.
The legendary recipe! I do not think that will turn out so well the first time ... Omelet Mère Poulard - a dish of French origin. Just imagine: a cozy pub beside the road, gentle rays of the sun fall on the table, the smell of fresh bread, rosemary, warmed in the sun the tree.
Easter basket has long since become an essential attribute of light Easter. It is decorated with, collect, buy beautiful towels for her. In celebration waiting for the return of the native church consecrated basket full of holiday treats.
In my family there is a tradition: on the eve of the bright holiday Easter cakes oven. The recipe we inherited from her great-grandmother, and it just perfect. Baking turns lush, sweet and unbelievably delicious!
On the eve of Easter caring hostess already think up a festive menu, as well as the contents of the Easter baskets. Our editorial staff offers you a recipe for baked "Meat Book" pork.
As we usually attach pancakes splendor? Of course, using baking soda or yeast. There is another option with yogurt! So, all these methods pale before the trick that I'm about to tell you.
As a rule, the hostess are divided into two types: those who do not want to spend money on broccoli, because there is a large inedible cabbage stalk, and those who buy and broccoli while cooking this same stalk coolly throws.

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