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Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 05: 42
1. Salad "Susamyr" cabbage, radish and dzhusay (parsley), chopped into strips and marinate separately. Boiled potatoes cut into cubes, combined with pickled vegetables, add the peas and stir. When serving salad stack slide, season salad dressing and decorated egg and cabbage zelenyu.Kapusta 60, 5 sugar, vinegar 3% th 10, 40 onions, canned green peas ...

About Kyrgyz cuisine

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 05: 34
Kyrgyz kuhnyaKirgizskaya cuisine is very similar to Kazakh, and many dishes of these people repeat each other and often coincide nazvaniyu.Natsionalny kind of meat - horse meat, but now the Kyrgyz, mostly eaten lamb (pork totally excluded). Some dishes of horse meat is very popular. For example, Chu-chuk. It is made of chilled horsemeat and tempered fat. ...

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