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Shish kebab and other meat dishes

15. Shish kebab in Tajik

Cut the lamb pulp into pieces weighing 20-25 g, salt, pepper, mix
Smelkov chopped onions, zira, sprinkled with vinegar, and put in the cold on 3-4 hours. Then strung pieces of meat on skewers and grilled over hot coals. Serve, sprinkled with shred onions and herbs.

Lamb 220, onion 20, vinegar 3% 5, cumin 1, greens 10, ground black pepper, salt.

16. Steppe kebab

Lamb is cut into strips 10-15 cm long, minced meat is placed on them, wrapped, strung on skewers and fried over hot coals. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

Mince prepared as follows: onions, garlic, parsley finely chopped, seasoned with pepper, salt and mix thoroughly.

Lamb 280, 20 onion, garlic 2, 25 herbs, black pepper, salt.

17. Lamb shashlik with fat tail fat

Boneless lamb is cut into pieces weighing 20–25 g, sprinkled with pepper, moistened with lemon juice mixed with grated onion and placed in an earthenware or wooden dish and kept in the cold for 5–6 hours. The fat tail fat is boiled in a piece for half an hour, then cut into thin pieces and strung, mixed with mutton, on a skewer (skewer). Fried in the grill, stirring occasionally the lamb, pour over the salt solution. Thinly chopped onions or green onions, tomatoes, hot cold sauces are served as a garnish.

Lamb 160, 60 of sheep fat, onion or green 60, 100 tomatoes, lemon 1 / 2 pcs., "Southern" 30 sauce, pepper, salt.

18. Barbecue in a cauldron

The pulp of fatty lamb is cut into pieces of 25-30 g, sprinkled with salt, pepper, poured over with wine vinegar and put in a cool place for 2 hours. Diced fat tail fat, prepared meat are placed in a preheated cauldron and fried under a lid over low heat until tender (15–20 minutes). The prepared shish kebab is placed in a slide on a dish, sprinkled with chopped herbs and chopped onions, lightly poured with wine vinegar.

Lamb 250, 25 fat of sheep, wine vinegar 30, 50 onion, herbs (cilantro, dill) 10, pepper, salt.

19. Amateur shashlik

The flesh of the hind leg, the lamb loin are cut into pieces of 40-50 g, mixed with finely chopped green onions and fat tail fat, cut into thin slices, sprinkled with salt, ground black pepper, poured with dry red wine and put in a cool place for 2-3 hours ... Then the meat is strung on skewers mixed with slices of fat tail fat and fried over hot coals. Tomatoes are fried separately, also strung on skewers. When serving, skewers with meat and tomatoes are mixed on the dish, sprinkled with chopped herbs, poured with lemon juice. Fresh tomato juice is served separately.

Lamb 220, 15 fat of sheep, fresh tomatoes 50, 10 green onion, red wine, dry 10, lemon 15, 10 herbs, black pepper, salt.

20. Kidney shashlik

The washed lamb kidneys are cut into pieces weighing 20–25 g, sprinkled with salt and pepper, strung on skewers and fried over hot coals. Ready-made kebabs are removed from the skewers and placed on a dish. Serve with fried tomatoes, vinegar over the buds and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Lamb buds 170, fresh tomatoes 190, vinegar 3% 5, green onion 15, ground black pepper, salt.

21. Pamir-style meat

Mutton is cut into small pieces and fry in hot fat with onions and carrots, diced. Seasoned with salt, pepper and bring to a readiness to simmer.

Meat 200, 25 fat, onion 60, 60 carrot, pepper, salt.

22. Meat in its own juice

The lamb pulp is cut into pieces of 25-30 g, mixed with finely chopped onion, chopped herbs, spices, salt. Then they are placed in a cauldron and brought to readiness under a lid over low heat.

200 meat, onion 60, 25 herbs, spices, salt.

23. Nahudshurak

Large pieces of meat together with the bones are boiled, add the cleaned carrots, chopped onions, potatoes and bring to readiness. Then the meat, carrots and potatoes are removed and cut into strips. In the same broth boil previously soaked peas, which for a few minutes until cooked salted, seasoned with red pepper and spicy herbs. Broth strain, peas mixed with meat, potatoes and carrots, sprinkle with chopped onion, red pepper and chopped herbs. The broth is served separately.

Meat 250, 125 carrots, potatoes 125, 60 onions, chickpeas 115, 10 herbs, pepper, salt.

24. Osh-tuglama (meat with rice)

Part of carrot (2 / 3 norms) boiled whole with a piece of lamb (2 / 3 norm). The rest of the meat roasted on a sheep's tail fat until half in the pot with onions and carrots, cut into strips and pour broth. Then put the rice and the lid is brought to readiness. When a stack on rice boiled meat and carrot, shred into strips and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Lamb 150, 200 rice, bacon fat-tailed 60, 100 carrots, onions 75, 10 green onion, salt.

25. Kavurdock (roast)

Lamb (brisket, loin, shoulder blades) are chopped into pieces of 40-50 g, fried until golden brown, add onion, cut into strips, carrots (slices), tomatoes and fry all together. Then pour water, stew for 25-30 minutes, add salt, Bulgarian pepper, potatoes, cut into large slices, and continue to simmer under the lid until tender. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

Lamb 150, 200 potatoes, onions 60, 40 carrots, tomatoes and fresh 75, 15 salomas, greens 5, 20 pepper, spices, salt.

26. Kabob "Rohat" (sausages)

Mutton with onions twice mince, add salt, pepper and cut in the form of a kabob (sausages) oval-elongated. Then they paneer with flour and lightly fried. Onions, sliced ​​rings, separate saute until tender, put into it prepared kabob, pomegranate seeds and bring to the readiness under the lid on low heat. Before serving, sprinkle with herbs.

Lamb 300, 25 melted butter, wheat flour 15, 65 onion, pomegranate 35, 15 herbs, spices, salt.

27. Shahlet (cabbage rolls)

Crushed in a meat grinder beef fried with onions and mixed with boiled rice. Minced meat wrapped in a film of internal fat, knotted thread and boiled in broth. Separately served sour cream sauce.

100 Meat, beef tallow for stuffing 5, onion 10, 20 rice, mutton fat inside with 100 film, sour cream sauce 50, salt.

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