Turkmenskaya kitchen

Porridge, Pies, Cookies

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 13: 16
41. Attlee Schule (rice porridge with govurma) Prepare as Shule small yagly, only 10-15 minutes until cooked dishes added govurmu.Ris 50, 110 govurma, melted butter 15, 25 onions, peppers, sol.42. Suigly al (milk porridge) In boiling water put the salt, sugar, mix, pour prepared rice and cook, stirring gently, 20 minutes. Thereafter poured ...

Turkmen plov, Atlee Borek

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 13: 12
PlovTurkmensky pilaf (Al) is similar to the Uzbek pilaf, but here as meat pilaf increasingly using game, particularly pheasants. Such pilaf usually prepared with green rice. Carrots are partially or completely replaced by apricots, is used for frying sesame oil and eat al ready is usually sour sauce from Al Bukhari (shallow acidic green ...

Kokmach, Chekdirme Salads. Barbecue

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 13: 05
1. Liver farshirovannayaPechen cut along the entire length, cut out of the pulp, the resulting groove is filled with minced meat, and the edges are sutured with twine. To prepare the stuffing is cooked buckwheat porridge viscous, add passaged onions, carrots, stewed and chopped liver, salt, pepper and lezone. Stuffed with liver pour sauce and stew until tender. When a liver ...

Station soup shurpa-mash, soup turkmenskaya

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 12: 57
4. Ciorba turkmenskayaMyaso cut into small cubes, about the same - the pumpkin and tomatoes, onion chopped. Meat fried in its own fat, if you want to add oil, then put the prepared vegetables and onions, stewed together 20-25 minutes. All pour boiling water, pepper, salt and cook over moderate heat until tender. Before serving in the ...

About Turkmen kitchen

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 08: 01
Turkmen kuhnyaOgromnye desert with a few oases of Turkmenistan space caused cattle classes and contributed to the basic food products have become the meat and moloko.Posle Great October Socialist Revolution radically changed the conditions of life and way of life of the Turkmen people. The Turkmen national cuisine during the Soviet period there have been significant changes. There are new, in the past ...

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