Dumplings, Dr. Samsun.

48. Dumplings icon uzbekski

Lamb and onion finely chopped, thoroughly mixed, seasoned with salt and pepper. From the steep unleavened dough, they roll out flat cakes, in the middle of which they put mince and a piece of fat tail; the edges of the lozenges pinch, .




Pilaf - one of the most common dishes in the Middle East. Without it does not do any one meal.

The preparation of a real Central Asian pilaf usually consists of three operations: oil melting, cooking .

Meat dishes, barbecue.

17. Shish kebab in Uzbek

Lamb, cut into small pieces, peppered chopped onions, pour marinade, mix and put in a cold place at 3 – 4 hours. Then the meat is strung on a skewer, on the end of which they are put on .

Uzbek soup

1. Mashhurda (soup with waving)

The meat, cut into small pieces, is fried with onion, chopped straw, add salt, pepper, pour broth and bring to a boil. After that, put mung, bring to a boil and remove the pan .

On the Uzbek cuisine.

Uzbek cuisine

The territory of modern Uzbekistan was inhabited in the past by many ethnic groups. Their culinary customs were delayed and layered for a long time. This is how the modern Uzbek cuisine was formed, according to which .