Uzbek cuisine

Dumplings, Dr. Samsun.

Wednesday, September 10 2014 12: 14
48. Manta is uzbekskiBaraninu and onion finely chopped, mixed thoroughly, season with salt and pepper. From steep unleavened dough is rolled tortillas, which are put in the middle of the stuffing and a piece of sheep fat; cakes zaschipyvayut edge, giving a round shape products. Manty boil for a couple and fed, bay meat broth and sour milk, sprinkle with pepper and zelenyu.Baranina ...


Wednesday, September 10 2014 08: 59
PlovyPlov - one of the most common dishes in the Middle East. perekalivanie oil zirvak preparation and laying of rice pilaf and bring to readiness: usually consists of three operations Without it does not do any of the Central Asian pilaf zastole.Prigotovlenie. Perekalivanie oil. This operation is absolutely necessary steel (not enamelled) utensils (kettle) ...

Meat dishes, barbecue.

Wednesday, September 10 2014 08: 38
17. Kebab in uzbekskiBaraninu, cut into small pieces, pour chopped onion, pour the marinade, stir and put in a cold place for 3-4 hours. The meat is then strung on skewers, on the end of which is pushed onto a piece of sheep fat, sprinkle with onion and roasted over hot coals. Serve skewers with onions and zelenyu.Baranina 50, 5 fat sheep's tail, bow ...

Uzbek soup

Wednesday, September 10 2014 08: 31
1. Mashhurda (soup with waving) meat, cut into small pieces, fry with onions, chopped into strips, add salt, pepper, pour the broth and bring to a boil. After that, put the machine, bring to a boil and remove pan from heat. When mung swell, put the rice, put the pot over high heat, add the sliced ​​potatoes and bring ...

On the Uzbek cuisine.

Wednesday, September 10 2014 08: 21
Uzbek kuhnyaTerritoriyu modern Uzbekistan in the past was inhabited by many nationalities. Their culinary traditions for a long time delayed and superimposed. Thus was formed the modern Uzbek cuisine, on which you can judge the whole Central Asian kuhne.Naibolee eat meat - lamb. Much less used herein beef, horse meat, poultry. The peculiarity of cooking meat dishes is that ...

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