Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek soup

1. Mashhurda (mash soup)

Meat, cut into small pieces, fry with onions, chopped into strips, add salt, pepper, pour the broth and bring to a boil. After that, put the machine, bring to a boil and remove pan from heat. When mung swell, put the rice, put the pot over high heat, add the sliced ​​potatoes and bring a dish until done. When serving seasoned sour milk, finely chopped greens and onions.

Beef 160, 10 fat, rice 20, 20 mash, onion 20, 100 potatoes, sour milk 30, 5 fresh herbs, salt.

2. Mastava (soup)

Lamb is cut into pieces weighing 20-25 g and fried in highly heated fat, then chopped onion, red pepper, salt are added, and after a while - turnips and carrots, cut into small cubes, are added and sautéing is continued. Adding tomatoes or tomato puree, sauté for another 5-10 minutes, then add broth, rice, potatoes, cut into large cubes and cook until tender. When serving, the soup is seasoned with sour milk, pepper and sprinkled with herbs.

Lamb 80, 15 table margarine, rice 50, 70 potatoes, carrots and turnips on 25, 20 onions, fresh tomatoes 40 or 10 tomato puree, sour milk 40, pepper, herbs, salt.

3. Shurpa-shepherd (soup)

Pieces of lamb with cold water and boil. For 30 minutes before end of cooking in the soup put sliced ​​raw onion (half normal), potatoes, tomatoes or tomato puree and cook until tender. The remaining crude onions finely chopped, sprinkle with pepper and ground into a napkin. When a prepared onions put in a bowl, pour the soup and sprinkle with chopped parsley or dill.

Lamb 80, 140 potatoes, onions 90, 40 fresh tomatoes, or tomato puree 10, peppers, table margarine 10, herbs, salt.

4. Kaurma-shurpa (soup)

This dish is prepared in the same manner as the soup mastava, but without the rice and yoghurt.

Beef 80, 10 table margarine, potatoes 180, onions and carrots on 25, 10 tomato puree, pepper, salt.

5. Naryn (soup)

Lamb, smoked brisket and lard are boiled, removed from the broth, cooled and cut into strips. The steep dough is rolled out thinly, cut into pieces (10 x 5 cm), boiled in salted water and cut into strips. Finely chop the onion and fry. When serving, sprinkle with pepper and broth on meat products, noodles and onions.

80 Wheat flour, water 30, 50 mutton, lamb, smoked brisket 30, 10 of sheep fat, onion 30, spices, salt.

6. Kifta-shurpa (soup)

Mutton is passed twice through a meat grinder. Minced fill with salt, pepper, egg, mixed with stewed rice until half cooked and cut into sausages, boiled them in soup with potatoes, then add passaged carrots, onions, tomatoes and peas cooked separately.

Lamb 70, 20 rice, eggs 1 / 2 pcs., Margarine dining 10, 20 peas, carrots 25, 70 potatoes, onions 25, 40 tomatoes or tomato puree 10, pepper, salt.

7. Kiima-shurpa (soup)

In broth put raw potatoes, chopped garlic and cook until soft, then fill with chopped onions and carrots passaged, added kiyma (meatballs) and bring to the readiness. For kiyma meat twice mince, add a raw egg and dressed with salt and pepper. When feeding in separately Shurpa put stewed rice, sour milk, sprinkle with herbs.

Beef 60, 10 table margarine, rice 30, 95 potatoes, carrots 15, 20 onions, eggs 1 / 3 pcs., Sour milk 30, pepper, herbs, salt.

8. Lamb shurpa with fried

Mutton (brisket or costal part), without cutting, put in a pan, add a bit of fatty fat, pour cold water, bring to a boil, put chopped onions, peeled whole carrots, cut tomatoes, salt, spices. Cook for 20 minutes on low heat, then add peeled whole potatoes and bring to the ready. For 3-4 minutes before serving, put crushed coriander greens and mix several times. Take out the meat cut into pieces, spread on a dish, decorate cooked in soup with carrots and potatoes, sprinkle with black pepper. The soup is poured into plates or cups, and sprinkled with pepper.

Meat 125, 10 fat sheep's tail, onion 100, 100 carrots, tomatoes potatoes 75 125, 10 red pepper, coriander, bay leaf, black pepper, salt.

9. Corn shurpa

Sheep's tail fat melt, overheat and fry it sliced ​​the meat into small pieces, onions, tomatoes, pour in the water, bring to a boil. In the boiling broth to put cobs of corn cut in half and boil them on low heat for an hour. For 20 minutes until cooked dipped potatoes and salt, and for 5 minutes, add spices.

Breast of lamb 60, 20 fat sheep's tail, ear of corn onion 150 35, 39 tomatoes, potatoes 50, coriander, bay leaf, black pepper, salt.

10. Pieva (onion soup)

Chopped onion, diced meat (1 cm each), tomatoes are placed in hot fat tail fat, salt and fried for 20 minutes, then poured with cold water and boiled for 25-30 minutes over low heat. 5 minutes before cooking, put red pepper, bay leaf. The finished beer is removed from the heat and allowed to brew for 10 minutes.

Onions 250, 75 lamb, sheep's tail fat 35, 30 tomatoes, bay leaf, red pepper, salt.

11. Yerma (soup with crushed wheat)

Heat in a pan melted butter or fat of tail, overcook it finely chopped meat, onions, pour water, put the pod of red pepper. When the water comes to a boil, poured crushed wheat and cook hour. Ermou eating, drinking sour milk.

Lamb 125, melted butter or bacon fat-tailed 25, wheat 75, 55 onion, red pepper, salt.

12. Katykli khurda (rice soup with sour milk)

Finely chopped meat, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, turnips, as well as rice and spices are placed in a pot, add salt, mix well, cover with a lid, is allowed to stand 10 minutes, then pour water and cook on low heat 40 minutes. When the soup has cooled slightly, fill with sour milk and greens.

Lamb 75, 75 rice, onion 35, 30 tomatoes, carrots 35, 25 potatoes, turnips 175, basil or cilantro, red pepper, katyk (sour milk, cooked using souring) 175, salt.

13. Katykli sholgom Kurd (soup with turnip and sour milk)

Peeled turnips, carrots cut into cubes, chopped onion, pour water and cook until tender, then put the washed rice, salt, spices and cook another minute 20. Slightly cooled soup seasoned with sour milk, sprinkle with herbs.

Turnip 250, 55 rice, onion 35, 35 carrots, katyk (sour milk) 250, coriander, ground red pepper, salt.

14. Suyuk-osh (soup)

Finely chopped meat fried with onions and carrots as well as soup mastava, pour the broth, put the noodles, potatoes
Ivar until tender. When serving seasoned sour milk.

Beef 80, margarine dining 10, 70 potatoes, wheat flour (for noodles) 40, 8 carrots, onions 25, 50 sour milk, ground pepper, salt.

15. Chalop (soup)

Sour milk is diluted with cooled boiled water, season with salt and red pepper, add chopped fresh cucumber, radishes, green onions, cilantro, dill, Raihan, stir and put in a cold place for 5-6 hours. This soup is prepared on the hottest days.

Milk sour 350, water 250, 50 cucumbers, radishes 25, 5 green onions, cilantro, dill, Raihan, ground red pepper, salt.

16. Kakarum (soup)

Sour milk is mixed with finely chopped onion, season with salt and red pepper, leave for half an hour of "ripen". Then pour boiling water in small portions, stirring slowly. Kakarum poured into a bowl, crumble the cake and served to the table.

Milk sour 250, water (hot water) 250, 55 onion, ground red pepper, salt.
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