Uzbek cuisine

Meat dishes, barbecue.

17. Uzbek shashlik

Lamb, cut into small pieces, pour chopped onion, pour the marinade, stir and put in a cold place for 3-4 hours. The meat is then strung on skewers, on the end of which is pushed onto a piece of sheep fat, sprinkle with onion and roasted over hot coals. Serve skewers with onions and herbs.

Lamb 50, 5 of sheep fat, onion 22, 3 wheat flour, parsley greens 8; for the marinade: anise 0,5, 8 onion, red pepper 0,5, 5 vinegar, salt.

18. Buglama kebab (steamed kebab)

Mutton or beef (ham, bacon), cut into slices, ribs cut into small pieces, mixed with chopped onion, black pepper, bay leaf, salt, add the vinegar and leave for a few hours, the meat marinated. In a large pot or pan pour a little hot water and dipped into her bowl with marinated meat. The boiler is sealed and put on a moderate fire on 2-3 hours. It is necessary to ensure that the water does not boil dry before the meat is cooked for a couple.

Meat 175, 150 onion, black pepper, bay leaf, salt.

19. Kaurma (fried lamb)

The meat is cut into pieces, fry with chopped onion, then add the tomato puree, flour and continue to fry. Then pour broth and stew. Extinguishing put potatoes, diced, seasoned with salt, spices and bring to the readiness.

Lamb 160, 20 fat, potatoes 300, 15 tomato puree, flour 5, 20 onion, spices, herbs, salt.

20. Hot-top (roast)

Small pieces of lamb (10-15 g each) are fried over high heat with carrots and onions, then add tomato puree, spices and water, boil, put potatoes, cut into cubes and bring to readiness. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

Lamb 80, shortenings animal 15, 225 potatoes, onions 25, 40 carrot, tomato puree 15, pepper, herbs, salt.

21. Behili zharkop (roast with quince)

Flesh fatty lamb or beef cut into small pieces, add chopped onion rings, salt, pepper, chopped fresh herbs, all mixed. Quince, which cored, cut into slices. At the bottom of the pot put the pieces of meat on top - slices of quince, add a little water and stew under the lid for about an hour without stirring.

Meat 125, 50 quince, onion 55, 25 coriander, black pepper, salt.

22. Azhabsanda

For steamed ajabsandy, you need to have two pans - one large and the other smaller. On the bottom of a smaller saucepan, put diced potatoes, then carrots cut into strips, on top - in layers, tomato slices, onion slices, garlic cloves. The last layer is pieces of meat and fat tail fat. Between the layers, add a little salt, black pepper, cilantro and sweet pepper. The top layer should be 3–4 cm below the edge of the pan, otherwise the juice formed during cooking will flow out. The dishes with prepared foods are inserted into a large pot of water and boiled with the lid closed so that steam does not escape. As it boils, water is added. Boil ajabsandu for at least 2 hours. The more it is cooked (5-6 hours), the tastier it becomes.

Meat 75, bacon fat-tailed 25, 65 potatoes, carrots 65, tomatoes. 65, 65 onion, sweet pepper 10, 10 garlic, cilantro 15, spices, salt.

23. Kavurdak (grilled meat)

Fresh mutton, goat meat, beef is cut into pieces, crushed bones, well salted. Melt the mutton fat, greaves clean. This fat fry the meat until golden brown, cool, put in a clay pot or enamel bowl, pour on top of fat, tightly closed. Cooked meats such a way can be stored for several months. From kavurdaka soups, main dishes.

Meat 250, 125 kurdjuchnogo fat, salt.

24. Khasyp (lamb sausage with liver)

Ovine intestine is washed several times with warm water, then three times with cold saline, changing water. The flesh of lamb, liver, fat of tail cut with a knife or chaff, add chopped onions, washed rice, salt, spices, a little water, all is well stirred. Cooked meat through the funnel is filled with gut knotted it, then tie both ends together and cook over low heat 2 hours. When the water boils, pierce the sausage in several places.

Guts 100 fresh mutton, lamb 45, 20 spleen, lung 20, 20 kidney, fat fat-tailed 10, 30 rice, onion 35, 130 water, pepper, salt.

25. Narhangi

The meat cut into small cubes, salt, fried in sheep's tail fat perekalennom until half, then put it on the layers chopped vegetables in the following order: onion, carrot, tomatoes, fennel, coriander, garlic, peppers, potatoes. Pepper, add salt, pour the water, close the lid tightly and stew on a very low heat 2 hours.

125 Meat, fat fat-tailed 50, 125 carrots, onions 125, 125 tomatoes, potatoes 125, 25 dill, cilantro 25, 5 garlic, sweet pepper 10, black pepper, salt.

26. Kazan kebab (kebab in a cauldron)

Fatty lamb is cut into small pieces and salted. Cut the onion into rings and stir with finely chopped dill or cilantro. A layer of meat is placed in a cauldron (cauldron), a layer of onions on top, then a second layer of meat and onions, etc. In the penultimate layer, a pod of red pepper is placed, cut in half. The cauldron is tightly closed and stewed over very low heat for 2 hours.

Meat 175, 125 onion, herbs (dill or cilantro) 25, 10 red pepper, salt.

27. Kazan kebab from poultry

Carcass chicken, goose or turkey cut into pieces, salt. The cauldron overheat the oil, put the pieces in layers of poultry and chopped onion rings, mixed with chopped green coriander and dill, add a little water, tightly close the lid and stew on low heat for an hour.

Chicken 300, 25 melted butter, onion 35, herbs (dill or cilantro) 25, salt.

28. Tukhum-dulma (cutlets)

The cooked cutlet mass wrapped boiled peeled egg, moisten the product in eggs, paneer in breadcrumbs and fry in a large amount of fat (fried). Garnish fried potatoes with fresh tomatoes drizzled with red sauce.

Beef 75, 20 white bread, onion 10, 1,5 egg pcs., 7 crackers, shortenings animal 20, 165 potatoes, tomatoes 406, 50 red sauce, salt.

29. Barak-chuchvara (dumplings)

Meat mince together with onion, add water, salt, pepper and stir. Unleavened dough is rolled into a thick layer 1-2 mm, cut into squares (30CH30 mm), put the stuffing on them, the edges zaschipyvayut. Before serving dumplings are boiled in broth, seasoned with sour milk, red pepper and sprinkle with herbs.

For the stuffing: beef 110, 30 water, onion 40, 1 black pepper, salt; Dough: wheat flour 100, 30 water, sour milk 30, chili pepper, parsley, salt.

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