Estonian cuisine

Cake, pudding, jelly

Tuesday, September 16 2014 05: 27
45. Pie with Rye svininoyGotovyat dough from rye sourdough. Pork cut into small pieces, fry, then combined with oatmeal, salt, pepper and peremeshivayut.Testo rolled in layers of thick T -. 1,5 cm Lay layer on a baking sheet, it even layer - prepared stuffing, cover with second reservoir, the edges of the cake and zaschipyvayut. do 2-3 ...


Tuesday, September 16 2014 05: 24
36. Porridge bryukvennayaV water boiled turnips, mashed potatoes made from it, add to it roasted onions in butter, salt, pour milk a stirred with a pre-meal. Put porridge on low heat and, stirring, heat up during 5-7 250 minut.Bryukva, onion 35, 380 milk, flour 5, 10.37 butter. Porridge boiled turnip, swede and kartofelnayaIz ...

Estonian soup

Tuesday, September 16 2014 05: 21
6. SyyrTvorog rubbed through a sieve, introduced the boiling milk and warmed over low heat until until it becomes viscous like rubber and the milk thickens. The resulting mass is poured onto the sieve. In a saucepan melt the butter, put it in the cottage cheese and heated, stirring, 8-10 minutes, then add the beaten eggs, ...

Meat dishes.

Tuesday, September 16 2014 05: 16
5. Feet in zheleSvinye pork legs cut in half and boiled with salt, onions, carrots, parsley and celery. At the end of cooking, add the bay leaf. Boiled legs are placed into a mold, pour the broth and put in a cool place for zastyvaniya.Svinye legs 1100, 25 carrots, onions 25, 15 parsley, celery 15, 0,3 bay leaf, ...

Fish in the Estonian kitchen

Tuesday, September 16 2014 05: 12
1. Baltic herring herring marinovannayaPodgotovlennuyu paneer with flour, salt and fry, then pour the marinade and kept warm in the cold for sutok.Salaka 120, 5 flour, vegetable oil 5; marinade: vinegar 3% th 50, 3 sugar, pepper, bay leaf , sol.2. Rolle pug (pickled herring) herring fillet soaked rolled into a tube, pour the warm marinade, and kept it ...

About Estonian cuisine

Понедельник, сентября 15 2014 13: 28
Estonian kuhnyaSamye specific foods for Estonian cuisine - a milk, sour cream, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, fish, lean pork and bacon, organ meats, potatoes, turnips, cabbage, peas. Milk and potatoes are usually an integral part of the vast majority of dishes, combining with almost all kinds of raw materials and finished products, even ...

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