Estonian cuisine

Fish in the Estonian kitchen

1. Pickled herring

Prepared herring paneer with flour, salt and fry, then pour the marinade and kept warm in the cold during the day.

Herring 120, 5 flour, vegetable oil 5;

for the marinade: vinegar 3% 50, sugar 3,
pepper, bay leaf, salt.

2. Roll pug (pickled herring)

Fillet of herring soaked rolled into a tube, pour the warm marinade, and kept it a day.

Herring 1000, onion 180, vinegar 3% 20, sugar 30, spices 0,2.

3. Herring in sour cream

Herring fillets are soaked in milk for 10–12 hours, then cut into pieces 1,5 cm wide, spread on a dish in an even layer. Put onion cut into thin rings on top, pour thick sour cream, sprinkle with dill. Served with hot boiled potatoes.

Herring 150, 35 onion, sour cream 60, 15 dill, milk 60.

4. Herring salad with potatoes

Herring fillet soaked in cold boiled water mixed with milk, cut into small cubes. Just cut boiled potato, onion - rings. All mix, pour sour cream, sprinkle with green onions.

Herring (fillet) 60, 125 potatoes, onions 20, 10 green onion, sour cream 60.

21.Silgud pekiketmes (herring in sauce)

Finely diced bacon lightly fried, add finely chopped onion, flour, stir, bring the flour until golden brown, pour in the milk, salt and cook on low heat until thickened. In the boiling sauce put herring fillets, boil even 8-10 minutes, pour in the cream, remove from heat, add the dill.

Baltic herring fresh 125, lard 60, 35 onion, flour 10, 150 milk, 10 cream, salt.

22. Herring stew

Prepared herring are placed in layers in a greased deep pan, sprinkling chopped green onions and dill, salt, pour milk, pre-diluted in the flour, put on top of oil, close the lid and put in the oven for 40 minutes. Serve with boiled potatoes.

Herring 250, 30 green onion, dill 15, 60 milk, flour 5, 35 butter, salt.

23. Keeluworm (braised sprat)

Exemption from the heads and tails gutted anchovies mixed with finely chopped onions stacked in layers in a greased pan with oil, pepper, salt, close the lid tightly and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Sprat (fresh) 125, butter 10, 35 onion, black pepper, salt.

24. Silgu Worm

Potatoes cut into small strips. The form of grease with butter, put it in layers of onions, potatoes, fish fillets of different varieties, the lower and the upper layer should be potatoes. Whisk eggs with milk, salt and pour this mixture of fish with potatoes. Top put butter and bake (without closing the lid) in the oven at moderate heat.

Baltic herring (fresh) 125, herring (smoked) 125, herring (fresh) 125, 125 potatoes, green onion 25, dill 15, 25 butter, egg /
2 pcs., 380 milk, salt.

25. Fish stewed with mushrooms

Fish fillets cut into pieces, sprat and herring scrub, cut off heads and tails, mushrooms and onions cut. Prepared foods are placed in the lower layers of the cast-iron dishes: fish, onions, mushrooms, pieces of butter, fish again. Each layer of salt, sprinkle with parsley, pour sour cream. If using fresh mushrooms, add liquid is not necessary. Stew under a lid until ready.

150 fillets, fresh sprat (herring) 250, 35 onion, fresh mushrooms 100, 60 or salted mushrooms, butter 25, 30 sour cream, parsley, salt.

26. Fish casserole in dough

The dough is rolled out into a layer 1 cm thick, the filling is laid in layers: fish fillet and thin layers of bacon, herring is mixed with small cubes of bacon, without cutting the fillet. Pinch it, coat it on top with cold milk, bake over low heat in an oven or oven for an hour (the oven must be preheated well).

For the dough: 125 rye flour, water 60, 10 yeast, caraway 5; For the filling: fish fillet 125, lard smoked 25.

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