Estonian cuisine

Meat dishes.

5. Pork legs in jelly

Pork legs cut in half and boiled with salt, onions, carrots, parsley and celery. At the end of cooking, add the bay leaf. Boiled legs are placed into a mold, pour the broth and put in a cool place for hardening.

1100 Pork leg, carrots 25, 25 onion, parsley 15, 15 celery, bay leaf 0,3, 0,5 pepper, salt.

27. Tuhlinott

The meat cut into small pieces, a little beat off and boiled with potatoes and chopped onion over low heat in a little water until soft. Then added the flour and cook until the consistency of gruel, seasoned with marjoram, dill, salt.

Meat 75, 250 potatoes, flour 20, 20 onion, dill 10, oregano, salt.

28. Killatuhlid

Chunks of lean pork dipped in lightly salted boiling water and cook 20-30 minutes, then the water is drained, pour sour meat, sleep diced potatoes, pour a little water, salt and stew until tender. No spices (even onions) was added.

Pork (lean) 150, 300 potatoes, sour cream 60, salt.

29. Mulgi-capsad

Pork, cut portions, sprinkle with salt, put in a pot with cabbage layers. Each layer pour grains, then fill with water and cook until tender. Serve with boiled potatoes.

145 pork, lard or bacon 50, 200 sauerkraut, pearl barley 20, 10 onions, sugar 2, 200 potatoes, salt.

30. Pork legs with peas

Legs, boiled in water and served with boiled peas, watering bone fat.

Feet pork 220, peas 100, 5 lard, pepper.

31. Boiled pork or lamb with vegetables

The meat is cooked until soft, then add the carrots whole turnips, cut into slices, cabbage, cut into sectors, potatoes and cook until tender. The meat is removed and cut into portions. It is served with vegetables with broth in which they were cooked.

Pork 150, 160 or lamb, carrots 50, 60 rutabaga, cabbage 70, 140 potatoes, onions 30, 10 salt.

32. Blood sausage

Barley grits boiled in salted water until half cooked, cooled, add the bacon fat, blood and spices. Guts loosely filled with stuffing and tying the ends, cook on low heat 15 minutes. Before serving, fry the sausage.

Barley grits 55, 70 blood, water 100, 20 bacon, onion 15, pepper, marjoram, 20 gut, salt.

33. Cartulipores (potato "piglets")

Pork is cut into small slices 1 cm thick, salted, fried in a pan until almost cooked. Mashed potatoes are made from boiled potatoes, sour cream, flour and eggs. Each piece of pork is covered with this mashed potatoes, the resulting bun is greased with a beaten egg, rolled in flour or semolina, placed on a greased baking sheet and baked in the oven. Before serving, the dish is poured with sour cream.

Pork (lean) 125, 385 potatoes, egg 1 / 5 pcs., Sour cream 60, 50 milk, flour or semolina 20, 10 butter, salt.

34. Makskastmes (stewed liver)

The liver is soaked in cold water and then scalded with boiling water, remove foil, cut the bile ducts, cut into small cubes, rolled in flour and fry with the onions remaining flour diluted in milk, pour fried liver, salt and stew 5-7 minutes. Then pour in the cream, heated but not brought to a boil.

Liver 125, 25 butter, onion 20, 10 flour, milk 125, 30 sour cream, salt.

35. Ahjulikha

Meat in one piece is put in a cast-iron bowl, pour boiling water, add the whole onion and carrot, salt and put in of melted oven on coals on 2-3 hours, then put in the oven and under the lid tightly closed cook on high heat for at least 3 hours. The meat is served boiled vegetables.

Beef or pork 500, 250 water, onion 20, 20 carrots, salt.

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