Estonian cuisine

Estonian soup

6. Syr

Cottage cheese is rubbed through a sieve, boiling milk is introduced and heated over low heat until it becomes viscous, like rubber, and the milk thickens. The resulting mass is poured onto a sieve. Melt the butter in a saucepan, put the curd mass in it and heat it, stirring it for 8-10 minutes, then add beaten eggs, salt, cumin and pour it into a deep bowl. The finished syir is cut into portions of 100-150 g.

Curd 1200, 2 egg pcs., Butter 125, 8 salt, cumin 10, 2400 milk, salt.

7. Milk and vegetable soup

Groats are boiled in water until soft, put the diced turnips and cook for about 10 minutes, then put the potatoes, cumin, salt and cook until cooked vegetables, pour the milk, bring to a boil, add oil, dill.

Milk 500, buckwheat or barley 30, 30 rutabaga, potatoes 125, butter 25, 5 dill, cumin, and salt.

8. Milk and fish soup

Cod fillet dipped in boiling water and cook no more than 10 minutes. In broth put potatoes, chopped onions, parsley, salt, and cook another 10-15 minutes, pour in the milk, pre-diluted in the flour, potato is brought to readiness. After that, put the fillets, add dill, oil, keep the fire 2-3 minutes.

Milk 250, 300 water, cod (fillet) 250, 125 potatoes, onions 20, 10 butter, flour 5, parsley (root) 20, 5 dill, salt.

9. Milk mushroom soup

The broth or water, boil sliced ​​potatoes. Fresh mushrooms fried in butter with onions until almost cooked, dipped in the broth and cook 7-10 minutes. Pour in the milk, bring to a boil, add salt, sprinkle with dill.

500 milk, broth or water 250, mushrooms (fresh) 125, 200 potatoes, butter 35, 20 onion, dill, and salt.

10. Milk and egg soup

Eggs and whisk cream until smooth liquid and gradually pour in the hot milk, stirring all the time, salt, a little heated over low heat, without boiling. Soup is stirred continuously, so as not curled eggs.

Milk 500, 1 egg pcs., 30 sour cream, salt.

11. Creamy milk soup

The milk is boiled. Eggs pound of honey or sugar, combined with yogurt, whipped mixture and slowly pour in the hot milk, without ceasing to stir. Soup of salt, add the warmed cream.

500 Milk, yogurt 125, 125 cream, egg 1 pcs., 20 honey or sugar, salt.

12. Milk soup with barley grits and potatoes

Groats put into boiling water and cook until tender. Then add the potatoes, boil until cooked all, add the milk and allow to boil. Serve the soup with butter.

Groats barley 20, 200 potatoes, butter 5, 200 milk, salt.

13. Milk soup with barley flour dumplings

Combine flour, eggs, milk, melted butter and salt and knead the dough is cut it into dumplings. Recent cooked separately in water or directly in milk or in milk diluted with water.

350 Milk, egg 1 / 5 pcs., Butter 10, 20 milk, salt 2, 50 barley flour, sugar 5, salt.

14. Milk soup with peas and pearl barley

Soaked peas and pearl barley boiled in water without adding salt until cooked, then pour in the milk, boil, then put salt and butter. This soup in appearance resembles a thin gruel.

Peas shelled 70, pearl barley 20, 15 butter, milk 250.

15. Sour cabbage soup with beans

Beans and pork are placed in water and cooked. Then add the sauerkraut, barley grits and cook until done.

85 Pork, sauerkraut 70, 30 beans, cereal barley 20, salt.

16. Soup made from fresh and sour milk

Raw eggs whipped with sour milk, add sugar, salt and gently stir, pour the mixture into the boiling fresh milk. Serve in the form of heat.

Milk fresh 400, 100 sour milk, egg 1 / 2 pcs., 3 sugar, salt.

17. Herring soup with potatoes

The prepared fish (with bones) are cut into pieces and boiled. In the strained broth lay the potatoes and cook it until half, then add the fried onion soup and bring to readiness. Serve with sour cream.

Herring 135, 200 potatoes, onions 30, 10 butter, bay leaf, pepper, sour cream, salt.

18. Bread soup

Bread dried in the oven, soaked in cold water for 2-3 hours, cook, rub through a sieve, add sugar, raisins soaked and boiled. Then the soup seasoned juice and refrigerate. Serve with whipped cream, sour cream or milk.

Bread 65, 15 raisins, sugar 30, 40 juice, water 150, 15 whipped cream, sour cream or 15.

19. Beer soup (sweet)

Milk was boiled eggs whipped with the sugar is mixed with the beer and is added to the hot milk. Heated mixture is poured diced roll. Serve cold.

Milk 125, 60 beer, sugar 15, 0,5 egg, white bread 10.

20. Blueberry soup with dumplings

From blueberry jam and soup cooked starch. If necessary, citric acid is added. From flour or semolina, eggs, butter and sugar brewed prepared dumplings, which are added to the soup when applying.

Blueberry jam 60, 4 starch;

for the dumplings: the flour or semolina 20, egg 1 / 2 units 3 butter, sugar 5..

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