Estonian cuisine


36. Rutabag porridge

In swede boiled water, it is made from mashed, added to it to roasted onion oil, salt, milk poured into a stirred pre flour. Put porridge on low heat and, stirring, heat up during 5-7 minutes.

250 swede, onions 35, 380 milk, flour 5, 10 butter.

37. Potato and turnip porridge

From boiled turnips and potatoes prepared puree, fill with its fried onions in butter and milk.

Swede 125, 200 potatoes, onions 35, butter 25, 380 milk, salt.

38. Cabbage porridge

Sliced ​​cabbage poured barley grits, pour a little water and stew until cereal is not half cooked, then pour in the milk, put the bacon, salt and stew until cooking of all products. The finished pudding mix.

Cabbage 250, cereal barley 15, 125 milk, lard 25, salt.

39. Pea-potato porridge

Peas boiled until tender in water, add potatoes, finely chopped bacon and continue cooking until tender and full of water evaporation. Then pour in the milk, salt, everything is ground into a homogeneous mass.

Peas 115, 125 potatoes, lard smoked 35, 125 milk, salt.

40. Pea-buckwheat porridge

Peas boiled until soft, add potatoes, buckwheat and, without stirring, continue to boil until cooked all the products. Then add salt, pour milk, mulled all into a homogeneous mass, add chopped onions, fried in lard, and melted butter.

Peas 60, 100 potatoes, buckwheat 40, 25 butter, lard 10, onion 20, 30 milk, salt.

41. Potato-cereal porridge with bacon fat

Sliced ​​potato pieces are placed on the bottom of the pan, poured grains, then add water and cook until tender. Hot porridge pounded until smooth. When serving add the butter and milk are served separately.

Potatoes 200, 25 barley grits, bacon 20, onions 10, 10 butter, salt.

42. Pea crush

Pre-soaked peas boil until half cooked, put oil, the potatoes and cook until tender. Then add milk, salt, heated and stirred.

Peas 60, 15 table margarine, lard or bacon-25, potatoes 70, 50 milk, salt.

43. Porridge made from barley flour with butter

From barley flour porridge. Serve with butter. Separately fed milk.

Milk 200, 50 barley flour, butter 10, 5 salt.

44. Dumplings from barley flour

Milk, salt, flour, eggs, oil and melted kneaded dough. Burke dumplings and boil them in a meat broth or salted water. Serve hot with meat dishes or as a separate dish. In the latter case, the dumplings are served fresh or sour milk.

Milk 125, 10 eggs, butter 10, 100 barley flour, salt.

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