Latvian cuisine

About Latvian cuisine.

Latvian cuisine

In fact, 70-75% of the Latvian table consists of cold dishes: beetroot and other salads, meat and fish snacks, eggs, cheeses and dairy products (curdled milk, cottage cheese, sour cream), which mainly determine its taste, since the latter include an integral part of most dishes. Eggs are also widely used as components of almost all cold snacks, in meat pates, in fish dishes, in vegetable casseroles, in cheeses, etc.

For the Latvian table characterized by an abundance of fish dishes, most of which are again used in the form of cold appetizers. Particularly widely used salted and pickled herring, smoked fish (eel, herring). Latvian cooks for marinating herring created a unique white marinade that was readily accepted in the neighboring Baltic republics. Fish is a food in fried and stewed.

As Estonians, Latvians love not so much fresh as smoked meat and bacon. Preference is withdrawn pork, although use as beef, mutton, poultry. The main side dish to meat dishes is potato, often - fried, at least - boiled. Because potatoes are prepared many delicious and nutritious local food. Along with it is widely consumed legumes (peas, beans).

As for the classic national second hot dishes, they are limited mainly to putras. Often the word "putra" is translated into Russian as "kasha", but this is not true. As you know, porridge is prepared from one kind of grain. Putras are a combination of several types of food raw materials, among which grain is not always the main component. An obligatory component of putra is milk and dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream), and others of them can be grain, potatoes, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. Each of the components of the putra is first brought to a puree state separately, and then all it is mixed.

Latvian chefs have developed a rich assortment of various soups - dairy and vegetable soups, soups of legumes. Savory in flavor and high in calories of beer and bread soup.

Numerous tourists unanimously noted high taste Latvian dishes "korzemes strogovs", "peasant breakfast", "buberts" (semolina with beaten egg), sweet cherry soup with dumplings, puff rye bread and many others.

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