Lithuanian cuisine

35. Tsspelinay (zrazy potato) Raw potatoes are cleaned, crushed on a grater and squeeze. The rest of the potatoes boiled in "uniform", clean and wipe. Raw and cooked potatoes are combined, salt and mix. The resulting mass is cut into round cups, put them into the ground meat, formed into balls and then boil them in salted water for 20-25 ...

Fish and meat

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1. Herring with sour cream and boiled kartofelemSeld soaked, squeeze and remove the bones. The resulting fillets cut into pieces, pour sour cream and sprinkle with onion rings. Separately, served boiled hot kartofel.Seld 63, 25 sour cream, onion 6, 100.2 boiled potatoes. Indariti ogurkay (stuffed cucumber) Cucumbers cut in half lengthwise and core removed. The chopped cucumbers add beets, ...

Lithuanian borscht, soups.

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9. Borsch with ushkamiVaryat bone broth with spicy vegetables. For 40 minutes before the end of cooking, add the vinegar, chopped raw beets, salt, spices. Ready broth is filtered and combined with separately cooked mushroom otvarom.Zameshivayut dough, rolled out its thin layer, cut into squares and molded tabs, which are stuffed with minced meat prepared from boiled dried ...

About Lithuanian cuisine

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Lithuanian kuhnyaTraditsionnuyu basis of Lithuanian cuisine make cereals, potatoes, vegetables, meat, dairy food produkty.Izdavna Lithuanians was dense. So, for breakfast soup cooked with meat, bread, potato pancakes; for dinner - milk soups or boiled potatoes with sour milk. As a premium Lithuanians potatoes. It is also used as a side dish ...

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