Lithuanian cuisine

About Lithuanian cuisine

Lithuanian cuisine

Traditional Lithuanian cuisine make up the basis of cereals, potatoes, vegetables, meat, dairy products.

It has long been food Lithuanians was dense. So, for breakfast soup cooked with meat, bread, potato pancakes; for dinner - milk soups or boiled potatoes with sour milk. As a premium Lithuanians potatoes. It is also used as a side dish to main courses, and as part of snacks and first courses. Because potatoes are preparing a lot of separate dishes. Dainty dish Lithuanians - tsepelinay (his recipe below).

One of the features of Lithuanian cuisine - plenty of pork dishes. Very popular rolls of natural beef and pork, as well as minced meat and poultry meat products. They are trained with various forcemeats - eggs, raisins, prunes, bacon, horseradish, carrots and other vegetables. Lithuania has long been famous for its meat products - ham, sausages, bacon and smoked meat. Copts, not only meat, but also poultry (duck, goose), fish.

Love is dairy products - milk, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, cheese. Make cream cheese, dried cheese with caraway seeds. Wide recognition received milk soups with cereals, pasta, vegetables, dumplings squeezed potato mass. In Lithuania, eat a lot of vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and berries. Mushroom soups, a variety of sauces, stuffings.

The Lithuanian cuisine is not spicy dishes.

Her reserved attitude to the spices, hot spices (pepper, bay leaf) almost do not use tomato paste, and products such as potatoes, vegetables and cereals are prepared fresh, often completely without salt. Regarding the use of spices, the Lithuanian cuisine they are used more than any other Baltic, although it is limited, mainly marjoram, thyme, parsley, dill and onion. Pastry use lemon zest and nutmeg.

Among the popular national dishes, you can also call a bucket - well-cleaned thick pork intestines, stuffed with grated raw potatoes or groats with fat. These sausages are baked, pre-pouring with lard. In the hot summer, cold, and therefore especially tasty, famous Lithuanian borscht is prepared from kefir. Popularly popular among the people is syupinis - a special cereal, cooked from peas, potatoes and roasted pork meat. Pork smoked sausages under the name of "skilandis" are cooked everywhere, and vareniki from grated raw potatoes stuffed with curd or chopped meat, sprinkled with lardry from lard.

Lithuanians are very fond of confectionery, compotes, jelly, whipped cream. Favourite drink - black coffee, kvass, beer. With all Lithuanians eat dishes flavored rye bread with caraway seeds. This bread does not get stale for a long time, preserving the freshness and flavor. White bread Lithuanians consume little and rarely.

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