Plyatsok with poppy seeds and cherries

Sometimes you want something festive and different than usual. Although this plyatsok - not the easiest way you can think of the holidays, and family and guests are sure to be comforted by this delicious culinary creation.

Plyatsok with prunes

I think that it is time for me to change my heading in a style in “Recipe for mother-in-law”, more bahato recipes from him I take :). The first axis is the same one - “P łácók with a scorch”. Vin doesn’t have anything to do with the preparation, but it’s for that reason, specialties and tastes.


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Plyatsok pineapple-coconut

A good recipe for a party to a party is a recipe of a dance hour on the vagu of gold, so you would like to know something new and savory, find your close and close ones, bring joy to your home, don't bother yourself too great dance? .

Apple strudel with raisins and nuts

Apple strudel with raisins, nuts, cinnamon flavor and lemon peel, traditional recipe

It seems that scho tsya strava - on the sidelines will pour out the Austrian kitchens on lviv kulinarni smaki. Want, not lish on Lviv, more avstrіysky (Viennese) apple strudel at a time popular .

Canned fruit pie

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Plyatsok "Kruvka" ( "Ladybird")

This plyatsok - one of my favorite that burns my mother in law. Baking this type (I mean with biscuits, condensed milk and cooked souffle) is very popular in Poland, and we are actively sorted the experience of neighbors and at the same time expanding the boundaries of Ukrainian cuisine :).

Colour plyatsok poppy

Preparing for Easter and still have the time and inspiration, we share with you the recipe for a good, tasty, tender, lightly splashes with souffle and poppy. In truth, has long planned vyvishaty this recipe, but somehow there was no opportunity.

Perekladanets with nuts and poppy seeds

This recipe perekladantsya - Daria Tsvek from the book "Sweet cookies". Perekladanets on the holiday table very well and can replace or supplement cream Pie, who somehow mostly present at our festive tables.