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Plyatsok with poppy seeds and cherries

Thursday, May 04 2017 05: 47
Sometimes you want something festive and different than usual. Although this plyatsok - not the easiest way you can think of the holidays, and family and guests are sure to be comforted by this delicious culinary creation.

Canned fruit pie

Friday, March 10 2017 16: 10
Nespodivano forgive me in preparing and watering the duke with the joyous dance of the Darians of the Tsvek. It is easy to come to the miracle of rosyspachtim, and those who love it, adorn it, give it a lot of beauty and lightness. Yak filling up to the bottom of the ply you can rykorisovuvati not deprive the fruit of the compote, ale deyak svіzhі fruits, smut - solodki.

Plyatsok "Raffaello" without baking

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 14
It's very gentle, mellow plyatsok. And most important - preparing quick, easy and painless, requires no baking at all, but the result is not even noticeable.

Plyatsok "Kruvka" ( "Ladybird")

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
This plyatsok - one of my favorite that burns my mother in law. Baking this type (I mean with biscuits, condensed milk and cooked souffle) is very popular in Poland, and we are actively sorted the experience of neighbors and at the same time expanding the boundaries of Ukrainian cuisine :).

Colour plyatsok poppy

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Preparing for Easter and still have the time and inspiration, we share with you the recipe for a good, tasty, tender, lightly Pie with poppy seeds and souffle. In truth, has long planned vyvishaty this recipe, but somehow there was no opportunity.

Perekladanets with nuts and poppy seeds

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
This recipe perekladantsya - Daria Tsvek from the book "Sweet cookies". Perekladanets on the holiday table very well and can replace or supplement cream Pie, who somehow mostly present at our festive tables.

Cream souffle "Bird's milk" on proteins

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
There are moments when just enough time for a complex, multi-layered and exquisite pastries. And it's not so much about time, but about power, desire, motivation ... well anyone that.

Cheesecake "Morning Dew"

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Take, bake, try smachnyuschyy, lush syrnychok of super-soft foam. This cheesecake is unique in that the foam surface blush easily, if not retain, out droplets of dew.

Plyatsok with prunes

Friday, March 10 2017 16: 11
I think that it is time for me to change my heading in a style in “Recipe for mother-in-law”, more bahato recipes from him I take :). The first axis is the same one - “P łácók with a scorch”. Vin doesn’t have anything to do with the preparation, but it’s for that reason, specialties and tastes.


Friday, March 10 2017 16: 11
It is a similar term, a duke which describes the situation with a recipe for sirno music, and the term is procrastination. Tse if the whole hour vіdkladaєsh, vіdkladaєsh і and once again vіdkladaєsh spravu, Yaku dema zabiti ... And, so much, until what price do I lead? Memorandum, before that, sco tsei recipe sirno ї zapіkanki check in his sіrkovogo ...

Bean Soup

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
This soup recipe is designed for fans of beans. My family loves this soup, so I advise you to try it and you. The main thing in this dish - dovaryty beans, because the solid form, it is not as tasty as cooked.

Pickle chicken

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Hot chicken brine (broth) taste especially good in cold autumn weather when you want comfort, warmth, and stomach insists throw something inside. Morkvochka it reminds me a bit of the sun - a sort of illusion of summer, which we recently said goodbye.

Pumpkin zupa

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
With the fall pumpkin season started, so suggest another culinary recipe for cream of pumpkin soup. Pumpkin - a very useful fruit is rich in carotene, essential vitamins and minerals the body.

Soup with meatballs

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Found in the archives of your favorite soup with meatballs, the recipe of which I will share with you today. I like this soup, although not cook as often as we would like because of meatballs need a little work.

Tomato zupa

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Zupa Tomato - a tomato soup that is cooked with large amounts of tomatoes and other vegetables. Tasty and original, very good taste with sour cream.

Creamy soup with canned tuna and corn

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
For this recipe comes just gorgeous soup from canned tuna. In fact, today I'm going to cook plain rice soup, but instead add canned broth.

Fast soup with ears on Christmas Eve

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 13
Holly soup with ears - a traditional Western dish that is prepared just for Christmas Eve. Ears - these are dough as ravioli or dumplings, but with songs mushroom filling.

Celebratory pie

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 12
This pie - a traditional family meals my husband, who is preparing for all major holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. I think it can safely be called the Western traditional festive dish.

Broccoli with chicken and cheese

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 12
I like variety. Broccoli also love - for its special taste and usefulness, combined with a low calorie. If not for cheese, the dish could be generally considered a super diet.

Baked zucchini young

Wednesday, November 11 2015 11: 12
A significant bonus for each casseroles - whether it's cheese or vegetables, or some other - in time savings and ease of preparation. Confused, poured into the form, put baked - done :).

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