Ukrainian food

Canned fruit pie

Nespodivano forgive me in preparing and watering the duke with the delicious dance of the Darians of the Tsvek. It is easy to come to the miracle of rosyspachtim, and those who are blind, who are embellished by the pearl, give you a beauty and lightness. Yak filling up to the bottom of the ply you can rykorisovuvati not deprive the fruit of the compotes, ale deyak svezhі fruits, smut - solodki.

In this booklet, I ’victorovuvala rub the apple. Vyshlo duzhe cool!



400 g boroshna 150 g high oil abo margarine 100 g zucra 3 egg 0,5 skl. Xnumx swept tsp rozpushuvachu


0,5 kg canned fruits 2 st.l. Melenih bіlikh suharіv 100 g Gorіhіv 3 st.l. tsukru


Oil abo margarine sіstіt s prosіyanim boroshny that rozpushuvach, add roztti_ tsukrom zhovtki, sour cream and replace this place.


The form is a vape for vipіchki vikladіt tudi tisto, rіvnomіrno rospodіlіt shape on the edges of small sides. Watch this and see at the hot ghost (200-220 degrees) with 25-30 chyla before the zarum'yannya.

Prepare the cake, add some good preserved fruit (chi stuffing), pick up the bread with breadcrumbs and grind it with the 3 Art. l tsukru bіlkami.


Look for the dancers with the mountains and the mountains of the rosters (170 degrees) with the 20-30 chilles (try to lay them in the oven). Pilnuєmo, schob bіlki not burned.

If you have something to bake, distamo and introductory, visti shchob. І tasty! ?

Pirg with apple filling and white pina, pissovenne tisto

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