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Plyatsok with prunes

I think that it is time for me to change my heading in a style in “Recipe for mother-in-law”, more bahato recipes from him I take :). The first axis is the same one - “P łácók with a scorch”. Vin doesn’t have anything to do with the preparation, but it’s for that reason, specialties and tastes.

I love chornos, you will definitely be honored.


8 i 1,5 skl. tsukru 1 skl. Olie 1,5 CL. borosna0,5 tsp Sod 0,5 tsp rozpushuvachu 3 st.l. cocoa

500-600 g chornos rum abo brandy

Cream 1-2 pack. dry cream on 300 ml of milk (svukrukha bere sі savory likera)

1 fondant chocolate 0,5 skl. of milk


Chornosliv zamoєmo y water і zmіshanіy z rum chi brandy for nich. Chornosliv mabyti lightly covered with this kind of. It is possible to rubbish rosmochki takozh in sum_shі vodi with rum esentsієyu, without alcohol.

The chocolate itself bіkkvіt gotuєmo so. Zmіshuєmo dry іngredієnti - boroshno, cocoa, soda, rozpushuvach in one dish. Bazhano use tse prosіyat.

Bіlki vіddіlyaєmo vіd zhovtkіv, zbivaєmo їх to pіnu. Proceedings, prodovzhuyuchi zbiwati, dodєmo tsukor. Prodovzhumo zbivati ​​to povny rozcinennya tsukru, yak on bskvіt.

In zbit_ tsukrom bіlki actual input zhovtki. Neatly peremііuєmo spoon, kolovim rukhami bottom and burn.

Todi acts, giblets і according to the cherzi dry sums introduced (from boroshni and cocoa) і olіyu. Vyhodit dosit rіdke tisto.

The form for vipіchki (large form rozmіrom 23 on 34 cm) was covered with parchment, vikladєmo tudu tisto і vipіkaєmo to readiness.

Pects at temperature 180 degrees, put an oven in a rosegrill, vipіkati approximately 45-55 xv.

If chocolate bésquite to bake and ocholone, rozrіzati on two shortcakes.

Zbiti cream with cold milk, for ustruktsієyu. In the middle, mizh korzhі dati half cream. To a friend, half a wiklasti on top і is on the sides of a dance, and on top of a wiklasti, the ball is stubbornly, gently squeezing it into the cream.

For fudge, chocolate is polamati and put into milk, roztopitti tse all on the plate, pom_shuyuchi. If everything is rotated, and there will be one-sided chocolate masa, politically her dance.

Dati plyatsku infuse through nіch і savory!

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