Armenian cuisine

Dishes of chicken and vegetables. test.

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61. Chicken with cornel podlivkoyObrabotannuyu boiled chicken, the broth is filtered, chicken cut into pieces. Flour fry until light yellow, diluted broth, add pre-soaked and dried stoned dogwood, moved and washed raisins, sugar, salt, pepper, stir and allow to boil. Pour sauce cooked chunks of cooked chicken, cover the pan with a lid and ...

Frustrated Plov

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50. BorakiIz flour, water, eggs, salt and knead the dough, roll the seam 3 mm thick, cut into rectangles 5CH6 see. The flesh of beef and onion mince, mixed with parsley, salt and pepper, then fry. Each rectangle put a little stuffing and zaschipyvayut dough so that the filling is reached the open top. Prepared ...

Meat dishes.

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36. Carey khorovats (kebab) Flesh fatty lamb cut into chunks 4 cm thick, sprinkle with pepper, salt, chopped onion, add citric acid, brandy or vodka dried herbs and put in a cold place for 6-7 hours for marinating. Marinated pieces of meat strung on skewers so that they alternated with pieces of sheep fat, and fry on a ...

Fish, salads

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1. Beans with vinegar and chesnokomOchischennye green beans cut into strips, boil in salted water, recline on a sieve and cool. When serving sprinkle with herbs. Separately fed crushed garlic and beans uksus.Fasol 230, 3% th vinegar 30, 1,5 garlic, herbs 10.2. Spinach with vinegar and chesnokomGotovyat and serves as well as pods and beans with ...

Armenian soup

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5. Bozbash Yerevan (soup) in the pea soup, cooked in meat broth, add sliced ​​apples, tomato puree, pepper, portions of boiled mutton and cook another minut.Baranina 10 80, 10 melted butter, onion 15, 30 shelled peas, potatoes 75, 20 apples, prunes 10, 10 tomato puree, pepper chili, sol.6. Bozbash Echmiadzin (soup) Boiled mutton is cut ...

About Armenian cuisine

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Armenian kuhnyaPitanie Armenian people, changing over the centuries, has become a national identity kolorit.Odnim staple food Armenian lavash bread is baked on the walls tonir - round clay hearth. To prepare the pita take flour, warm water, leaven (sour dough), salt and knead the dough, put in a warm place for ...

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