Georgian cuisine

Khachapuri, Gadazelili, Buglama etc.

Thursday, September 11 2014 06: 38
1. Dzhondzholi jonjoli added pickled green or onions, vegetable oil and pickled uksus.Dzhondzholi 140, 25 green onions, wine vinegar 5, 10.2 sunflower oil. Cabbage marinated in gruzinskiKapustu with stalks coarsely chopped, placed in a barrel, mixed with beets, chopped slices, green celery and parsley, salt, sprinkle with red pepper, pour vinegar, boiling water and ...

Soup, shechamandy of yoghurt.

Thursday, September 11 2014 06: 25
10. Kharcho in gruzinskiGrudinku (previously removed bone) cut with pieces of cartilage on 25-30 g, pour cold water and cook, periodically removing the foam. Then put in the water soaked rice, fried onion and bring to readiness. After that fill with tomato puree, tkemali sauce, chopped coriander, crushed garlic, dried herbs (hops-suneli), pepper, bay leaf, salt ...

Chicken in Georgian cuisine

Thursday, September 11 2014 06: 18
40. Broiler chicken tabakaTushku treated, cut along the breast, seasoned leg in the pocket and Plastal. Sprinkle with salt, brush with sour cream and fried in a pan with oil under pressure. Separately fed crushed garlic or sauce tkemali, salad or solenya.Tsyplyata 1 pcs., Melted butter 15, 10 sour cream, garlic 5, 50 tkemali or sauce, garnish 150, ...


Thursday, September 11 2014 06: 13
79. TklapiTklapi sauce (sour lavash) harvested for future use. For this tkemali, or turn sour plum boiled, lay on a sieve, allowed to drain all the liquid. The remaining mass rubbed through a sieve, spread on a flat rectangular board, pre-soaked in cold water, is spread to the layer thickness was not 1 cm. Board with tklapi placed in the sun, turning on ...

Georgian shashlik

Thursday, September 11 2014 06: 08
ShashlykiShashlyk considered worldwide typical Caucasian dishes. As for the name "kebab", despite its undoubted Turkic origin, no one in the Caucasus, including the Turkic Azerbaijan, can not explain the origin of the Georgian slova.V kebab called mtsvadi in Armenia - khorovats and in Azerbaijan - kebab. Word…

All about Georgian cuisine.

Wednesday, September 10 2014 12: 46
Georgian kuhnyaRaznitsa areas of agricultural production and historical traditions affect the nature of the cuisine of different regions of Georgia. In eastern Georgia, for example, common wheat of bread dough baked on the walls of the cylinder-and huge clay pots at the bottom of which kindle the fire; especially tasty this cake is still hot. In the east of Georgia called the bread ...

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