Georgian cuisine


79. Tklapi sauce

Tklapi (sour lavash) is harvested for future use. To do this, boil tkemali, blackthorn or sour plums, put them on a sieve, allow all the liquid to drain. The remaining mass is rubbed through a sieve, spread on a smooth rectangular board, previously moistened with cold water, leveled so that the layer is not thicker than 1 cm. The board with cloth is placed in the sun, turning over as it dries. Then the tklapi are dried by hanging them on a rope. Tklapi are crushed, placed in an enamel or porcelain dish, poured with boiling water so that it covers the pieces of tklapi, covered with a lid and allowed to stand for several hours. Then thoroughly grind, adding cilantro greens crushed with salt, garlic, paprika, mix.

Tklapi 25, water (hot water) 40, 3 garlic, cilantro 10, 5 pepper, salt.

80. Nut sauce

Walnuts, garlic, salt, carefully pounded, add pepper, chopped green coriander, hops-suneli, saffron Imereti again fray. The resulting mixture was diluted pomegranate juice or boiled water mixed with wine vinegar.

Walnut (peeled) 60, 30 pomegranate juice, or vinegar 5, 50 water, garlic 3, 5 coriander, hops-suneli, Imereti saffron, red pepper, salt.

81. Garo sauce

Nuts, chopped green coriander and garlic pounded with salt, diluted wine vinegar, then broth, adding even more slowly, put the finely chopped onion, cook all about 10 minutes. Whipped egg whites bred several tablespoons of the cooled sauce. The resulting mixture is slowly poured into the sauce, stirring it constantly (the yolks must not curl up). This sauce poured over roast turkey or chicken.

Walnut (peeled) 50, 125 chicken broth, onion, onion 40, 1 pcs egg yolk., Cilantro 10, 3 garlic, wine vinegar, salt.

82. Tomato sauce

Mature tomatoes are washed, cut into 4 part, put in an enamel bowl and cook. When the mass thickens, wipe it through a sieve. In the resulting puree add salt milled garlic, cayenne pepper, coriander, mix well.

Tomatoes 250, 5 garlic, pepper, herbs, salt.

83. Garlic sauce

Peeled garlic salt, pounded to form a dough, pour broth or wine vinegar diluted in water or sour cream mixed. Submit to a boiled or fried poultry and lamb.

Garlic 10, broth or wine vinegar diluted with cold boiled water or sour cream 30.

84. Tkemali sauce

Fruits tkemali sorted out, washed, boiled in a little water and rub through a sieve. Then throw their own broth, sprinkle with chopped herbs, garlic, pepper, salt, boil and allow to cool. Ready sauce should have the consistency of sour cream. The sauce is served to a variety of boiled, grilled meat and fish dishes.

Tkemali (fruit) 70, 3 garlic, herbs (dill, cilantro) 10, fresh cayenne peppers or chili peppers dry 5, salt.

85. Satsivi sauce

Finely chopped onion and garlic, saute in butter and fat removed from the chicken broth, add the flour, diluted broth, boil and set aside. Finely crushed nuts mixed with dried and fresh herbs, ground red pepper, egg yolks, saffron tincture and boiled wine vinegar with spices. This mixture is introduced into the prepared sauce and, stirring, heat, not boiling.

Butter 100, walnuts 300, onion 250, 500 broth, wheat flour 30, eggs (yolks) 3 pcs., Garlic 20, wine vinegar 100, cloves 2, cinnamon 2, red pepper 5, bay leaf and saffron, herbs fresh 20, 2 dried herbs, salt.

86. Satsebeli sauce

Crushed nuts diluted vinegar, add broth (meat - meat dishes, fish - for fish dishes) or boiled water, raw chopped onions, crushed garlic, salt, red pepper and herbs.

Walnut 200, 210 onions, wine vinegar 200, 20 garlic, ground red pepper 1, 20 salt, green mint and cilantro 35, 500 broth or water, salt.

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