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Recipes Jewish cuisine

Wednesday, September 17 2014 11: 38
Recipes Jewish kuhni1. Ayertsvibele (salad with eggs and onions) peeled onions finely chopped, salt and leave for 20-30 minutes to reduce the bitterness. Hard-boiled eggs cut into large slices and mixed with onions and goose fat, then add salt and perchat.Yaytso 2 pcs., Onion 30, 20 goose fat, black pepper, ...

About Jewish cuisine

Wednesday, September 17 2014 11: 27
Jewish kuhnyaTraditsionnaya Jewish cuisine has its roots back centuries. In the food consumed beef, lamb, chickens, geese. To prepare the meat is used only beef or goose fat. Second meat dishes prepared from both natural and minced myasa.Iz soups are most prevalent broths, which are usually boiled beef (cooked meat ...

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