Jewish cuisine

Recipes Jewish cuisine

Recipes Jewish cuisine

1. Ayertsvibele (salad with eggs and onions)

Peeled onions finely chopped, salt and leave for 20-30 minutes to reduce the bitterness. Hard-boiled eggs cut into large
sliced ​​and mixed with onions and goose fat, then salt and pepper.

Egg 2 pcs., Onion 30, 20 fat goose, ground black pepper, salt.

2. Chopped egg with roasted onions

Hard-boiled eggs finely chop and mix with the pre-chopped onions and spassirovannym. Add salt and
stirred. When serving pour melted goose fat and sprinkle with finely chopped dill or parsley.

Egg 2 pcs., Onion 30, 20 goose fat, salt.

3. Fresh cucumber with goose fat

Fresh cucumbers, peeled and cut into thin circles. Lay in a salad bowl and sprinkle with salt. Decorate with slices of boiled
hard boiled eggs, sprinkled with melted goose fat and sprinkled with chopped green onions.

Cucumbers 75, 1 egg pcs., Green onion 15, 20 goose fat, salt.

4. Radish with fat husynыm

Radish clean, crushed on a grater with large holes, mixed with finely chopped onion (you can also
spassirovat and cool), with melted goose fat and salt. All mix well and sprinkle with chopped feed
parsley or dill.

Radish 100, 40 onion, fat goose 20, 5 green onion, salt.

5. forshmak

I variant. Fillet of salted herring, pre-soaked in boiled water or tea with milk, mince together with
stale bun, chopped egg white, onion and apple. This mass add vegetable oil, vinegar, mashed with
egg yolks sugar, black pepper, mustard powder and thoroughly kneaded. Spread in seledochnitsu, level and
sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Herring salted 50, white bread 15, 10 vegetable oil, egg 1 / 5 pcs., 20 apples, onions 20, 5 sugar, vinegar 9 10% cent, pepper
black pepper, green onion 5, 1 mustard powder.

Option II. Fillet of salted herring soaked with soaked in milk, stale buns mince. Add the finely
spassirovanny chopped onions and mix. Enter the raw egg yolks, salt (if you want to taste), black pepper,
nutmeg, beaten egg whites and mixed. Spread on greased with vegetable fat and sprinkled with bread crumbs
pan, level the surface, brush it with sour cream, sprinkle with bread crumbs and sprinkle with oil. Bake in a frying
closet. When serving pour melted butter or sour cream.

Herring salted 50, 15 white bread, vegetable oil 10, 10 butter, egg 1 / 5 pcs., Onion 20, 30 sour cream, pepper
black pepper, nutmeg nut.

6. chopped liver

Washed beef liver, bile duct and remove the film. Boiled in broth or water with parsley root, carrots,
onions. White stale bread soaked in cold water and squeeze dry. Onions finely chop and saute goose
fat until tender. Prepared liver with white bread mince, add passaged onion,
salt, ground pepper. All is well mixed. When a product is formed: whether in the form of lozenges, whether in the form of bars, process
cut into slices of hard-boiled egg and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Beef liver 50, 10 white bread, egg 1 / 5 pcs., 10 onion, green onion 10, 10 fat goose, ground black pepper, salt.

7. Hryvnia (goose cracklings with onion)

The treated skin with goose fat is cut into pieces by 30-35 g, sprinkle with salt and stir. Lay in a saucepan layer 5-
6 cm, cover with a lid and fry on low heat until soft, stirring occasionally. Onions finely chopped, mixed it
with bacon and continue to fry until cooked, making sure that it is not burnt. When submitting cracklings with onion sprinkled with melted
goose fat.

Fat goose 100, 75 onion, salt.

8. stuffed fish

I variant. Fish (pike, carp, carp, bream, carp) was purified from the scales, fins are removed and cut off the head, remove the gills,
eyes. Not cutting the abdomen, clean carcass from the inside, carefully washed and cut into portions kruglyashi. Carve (from
back and tail section) pulp, leaving intact skin. Stale white bread soaked in cold water, and then squeeze.
The flesh of fish are mixed with the prepared bread and passed through a meat grinder, add the finely chopped onions, eggs,
vegetable oil, salt, sugar, pepper. Mix thoroughly, then lightly whisk. This meat stuffed with places
freed from the flesh of fish and the head cavity. In the skillet (pan or baking dish) put one layer of sliced ​​thin circles
beets, carrots, onions, and they part servings of fish, putting on top of sliced ​​julienne carrots, beets, onions. So stack
several layers. Add salt, allspice, washed peel of two or three follicles. Pour cold water (it should be fully
cover the pieces of fish) and cook on low heat for two hours at a slightly open lid, periodically removing the foam. When ready onion peel
removed, the fish is cooled to room temperature and put in a refrigerator to solidify the broth and convert it into jelly. When a
put a portion piece together with vegetables. Separately served sauce, horseradish.

Fish 1 kg, white bread 100, 350 onion, egg 2 pcs., Vegetable oil 30, 10 sugar, beet 300, 200 carrots, horseradish sauce, pepper
sweet peas, salt.

Option II. Pike cleaned of scales, remove gills, fins, tail, head, entrails and cut crosswise into pieces servings
width at 1,5-2 cm. Each piece is removed the pulp, without damaging the skin. The bones are removed, pike flesh finely chopped,
add finely chopped onion, crushed crackers, grated horseradish and crude protein. The above ingredients were mixed until
a homogeneous mass of lush, salt to taste and tightly stuffed pike weighing the skin, giving pieces of their original appearance.
Stuffed fish slices lay on a flat dish (a saucepan, pan) and pour strained strong broth in which the cooked
Vegetables with a head, bones, tail and fins pike. Add broth to cut thin slices onion, pepper bitter
pepper, allspice pepper, bay leaf, salt. Pan cover, but not tightly, and cook the fish on low heat for
hours. When the fish is cooked, it is not removed from the broth before until completely cooled down. Then spread on a dish and pour
broth, pureed with onions through a thick sieve. The dish is placed in a refrigerator, the sauce has turned into jelly. Serve with sousom-
horseradish with beets.

Pike 1 kg, onion 300, 40 crushed biscuits, crackers 5, 1 crude protein pcs., Beets 100, 50 carrot, parsley (root) 30, pepper
sweet and bitter pepper on 5 peas, bay leaf, sauce, horseradish 20, salt.

9. Kneydlih (dumplings) of semolina

Egg yolks thoroughly mixed with butter, add semolina and rub it into the prepared mass, then
add salt to taste and whipped in a cool foam egg whites. The whole is again thoroughly kneaded. Dumplings dipped in a spoon
boiling broth and cook about 15 minutes.

In 4 servings: 2 egg pieces, butter 100, 100 semolina, salt..

10. Zhneydlih (gnocchi) of matzah

Matzo soaked in water, eggs, goose fat, stirred with water, add pepper, salt, mix well, introduce large
crushed matzo and stir so that the weight of it was possible to do kneydlihi size of a walnut. Leave on 2 hours, and after
This boiled in broth.

In 4 portion:. Matzah pieces 1, 4 pcs egg, fat goose 40, 30 water, ground pepper and salt..

11. Mandala (dough)

Stir eggs with the flour, add the salt, the dough is kneaded and rolled it very thinly. Then the dough is cut different figures
thrown into the boiling oil and fry it until golden brown. Removed, cooled and fed to the broth.

In 4 servings egg 1 / 5 pieces, flour 120, 60 melted fat beef..

12. Farfelki (dough)

Combine flour, eggs and water knead the dough very steep, it is ground on a grater with large holes and pour in the water-wet
baking. Placed in a baking oven and heated slightly browning dough. Then mixed with roasted farfelki
toasty goose fat finely chopped onion, pour a little salt water and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
Ready farfelki served with hot broth.

13. Grandma of matzah flour

Matsu is passed through a meat grinder. Eggs stir, whisk, add cold water, vegetable oil, salt, pour matzah
flour and stir until the consistency of sour cream. The mold is heated to a filament in an oven, coated with vegetable oil, and then
to pour the prepared mixture and bake 20 minutes. Serve to the broth, as well as a separate dish.

Matzo flour 150, 5 egg pcs., Water 170, 20 vegetable oil, salt.

14. Pancakes from matzo

Matsu finely crumble, put in a colander, pour in hot water and to give the matzah soften, then shift it into a bowl, add salt,
to pierce the egg, stir and fry in vegetable oil or goose fat in the form of pancakes.

Matsa 100, 2 egg pcs., Salt.

15. Kugel (casserole of matzo)

Matsu break into chunks and lightly sprinkled with water. Blab yolks and whites separately whisk. Matsu is mixed with egg yolks,
fat, whipped egg whites, salt, pepper. All this mass spread into a greased and sprinkled with grated bun dishes and
put in a preheated oven at 30 minutes. Serve with broth.

In 500 g matzo, egg 6 pcs., The chicken fat or goose 150, 20 roll grated, ground black pepper, salt.

16. Kugel noodle

The noodles are boiled, washed and passaged in chicken or goose or beef fat, pour in beaten egg whites separately and
Loose egg yolks, salt, pepper and bring to the readiness under the cover even 3-4 minutes.

You can also prepare sweet kugel, replacing the chicken fat in the butter and add the chopped apples and sugar.

In 4 servings: noodles 120, 2 egg pieces, 60 oil, ground black pepper, salt..

17. chicken broth

Prepared chicken singe, cut into pieces 6, salt and leave for 2 hours. Carrots and Parsley (root) is cleaned and finely
sliced, onions washed and was hot to the broth had a golden color (the rind with onions do not remove). Prepared chicken and vegetables
with cold salted water and cook on low heat until cooked chicken. Shortly before the end of cooking add the broth
garlic, pepper, bay leaf, then strain the broth. Serve in soup plates, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley,
with kneydlihom (semolina dumplings) or matzah.

18. Red Borsch cold

Purified beets lay in cold water, add the vinegar and boil until almost cooked. Then it was taken out, pulverized in
grater with large holes, again put in the broth, add the sliced ​​potatoes in small slices, salt and bring to the readiness.
At the end of cooking, add color to a previously prepared (pressed from raw finely chopped beetroot) beet juice, sugar,
brought to reflux and cooled. When serving in a bowl add chopped cucumber, chopped, hard-boiled eggs,
green onions and sour cream.

150 Beets, potatoes 100, 5 vinegar, sugar 5, 40 cucumbers, egg 1 / 5 pcs., Green onion 10, 20 sour cream, salt.

19. Borsch sweet cold

Purified beets lay in cold water, add the vinegar and boil until almost cooked. Beet and then milled removed
on a grater with large holes, again put in the broth, add the sliced ​​potatoes in small slices, salt, dried fruit and cook until
readiness. Dried fruits are laying depending on the time of cooking. First put pears, then apples through 5 minutes later
5 minutes cherries, plums and raisins. At the end of cooking, add beet juice, sugar, brought to a boil and cooled. When serving in a bowl
add chopped, hard-boiled eggs and sour cream.

Beet 80, 60 potatoes, dried fruit 30, 10 sugar, egg 1 / 2 pcs., Vinegar 5, 20 sour cream, salt.

20. Goose roast

Prepared cleaned goose carcass rub inside and out with garlic, mashed with salt, pepper and leave for a day. Then the goose
Boil until cooked whole in a special container. During cooking the goose periodically inverted. He was then removed
(Decoction of leaves on Krupenik), lay in the baking dish, pour the collected fat during cooking and bake in oven until
golden brown, basting occasionally formed juice. Serve with fried potatoes and braised cabbage.

Gus 1 pcs., 10 garlic, black pepper, salt.

21. Cervical goose stuffed

Goose neck, well washed and scorched, filled with carefully mixed with minced meat, not very tight, and tie the ends strong
thread. Then fry in a baking dish with a goose. removed and cut into large chunks before serving. Serve as an independent
dish or a goose, as an integral part of the dish. Separately served sauce made from spassirovannoy carrots, onions, and
melted goose fat.

For the stuffing - 1 option: 60 flour, semolina porridge 25, goose fat (unheated, sliced) 40, salt, ground black pepper;

Option II: minced veal or beef 80, 1 pcs egg, onion 30, 25 grated dry white bread, salt, ground black pepper;.

III variant: wheat flour 50, 30 onion, fat goose (unheated) 20, ground black pepper, salt.

22. Meatballs in sweet and sour sauce

Beef mince with a stale bun and garlic, add to the resulting mass of raw eggs, salt and mix thoroughly
kneaded. Cutlet mass cut into meatballs weighing 12-15 g, paneer with flour and fry in melted beef fat. Then
they are placed on a baking sheet or in a saucepan on a par, pour prepared sweet and sour sauce and stew in the oven preparedness.

mashed potatoes, cooked pasta, rice.

Sweet and sour sauce is prepared as follows: bread crumbs of black bread lightly fried without the fat, broth breed them, introduced tomat-
puree and cook 5-7 minutes. Prunes are boiled separately, pour the broth, add it to the sauce and boil for a few minutes. Then
introduced into the sauce cooked prunes, pitted, pre-steamed raisins, wine or vinegar, sugar, salt, allspice pepper
and boil for another minute 2-3.

. 140 beef, white bread 25, 2 garlic, egg 1 / 10 pieces, melted beef fat 10, 5 flour, salt; for the sauce: l broth 0,2, tomato puree
10, 30 prunes, raisins 15, 10 red wine, or vinegar 5, 10 sugar, bread crumbs of black bread 10, allspice pepper,

23. Roast sweet and sour

Portion cuts of beef roasted on beef melted lard until golden brown, add the onion and continue
fry until golden brown onions purchase. Then shift the meat in a deep saucepan, pour in sweet and sour sauce and stew
until cooked. Serve with roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes and pickles.

Beef 200, 10 fat beef melted, onion 25; for the sauce: l broth 0,2, 10 tomato puree, prunes 30, 15 raisins, wine
red 10, 5 or vinegar, sugar 10, bread crumbs of black bread 10, allspice pepper, salt.

24. Zharkoe govyazhye a Jewish

The flesh of beef (thick edge) discourage, salt and put in a cool place for an hour 1. Garlic cut into thin strips square
Ham and their meat. In gusyatnitsy heated vegetable oil (preferably olive oil), and sprinkle the meat with flour and pepper, stir fry
on all sides so as to form a brown crust. After that, put in a baking dish of sliced ​​onions mugs,
pour boiling water and stew under the lid, from time to time pouring boiling water. Through 40-50 minutes the meat is ready. It is cut into slices,
laid on a dish, pour their own juice with onions. To it serves crumbly buckwheat, which also poured sauce

Beef 150, 80 onion, vegetable oil 30, 5 flour, black pepper, salt.

25. Chulent (meat, baked beans and porridge)

Beans poured into chilled water and left for a day. The meat is salted, left to 30 minutes, then wash off the salt, and the meat is cut into
portions, as goulash and fried in a pan on a goose or chicken fat. Then added to the meat lightly pre
fried in the same fat finely chopped onion, barley, beans soaked, pour the water in which the beans are soaked,
salt, pepper, cover with a lid, put in a hot oven, and bring to the readiness.

Beef 200, 80 barley groats, beans 80, goose or chicken fat 20, 40 onion, black pepper, salt.

26. Pecheny a Jewish

On the prepared slices of goose fat liver put pieces, salt, to put the garlic and onion, pour as much water
so that it covered the liver and, when the water evaporates, a little fry it on both sides. Then, the liver is removed from the fat, abandoning
onions and garlic, a little fat is stained red pepper and pour their liver when applying.

Goose liver 100, 20 goose fat, garlic 2, 30 onion, chili pepper, salt.

27. Tzimes carrot

I variant. Purified carrots cut into circles, put in a pan with hot chicken fat, add honey, sugar, a little
water and stew on low heat until tender, stirring occasionally. When the soup texture disappears, add salt to taste,
sprinkle with lemon juice and serve as a side dish to the chicken from the broth or as a separate dish.

Carrots 200, chicken fat 15, 5 honey, sugar 5, 5 lemon juice, salt.

Option II. Carrots cut into small cubes, lightly fried in butter in a saucepan, pour water so that it is slightly covered
carrots and stew until soft. Then added the pre-steamed raisins and prunes, pitted, sugar, salt and stew until

Carrots 200, 10 butter, sugar 5, 10 raisins, prunes 10, salt.

III variant. Prepared as described in the second embodiment, but with the raisins and prunes lay 6-8 pieces. kneydlih give
and bring to boil all together until ready.

28. Tzimes potato

Peeled potatoes cut into circles, put in a pan, add the pulp of soaked prunes, honey, sugar, fat, pour
water, which soaked prunes and stew on low heat, stirring constantly. The dish is ready when the soup will disappear
texture, and color of the potatoes will get plums. Tuck meal a pinch of nutmeg, salt. Serve as a side dish for grilled
goose or as a separate dish.

250 potatoes, prunes 100, 10 honey, sugar 5, 10 fat chicken, walnut nutmeg, salt.

29. Krupenik a Jewish

Cleaned and well washed giblets (goose foot singe, remove the skin) lay into the boiling water, boil until tender,
cool, separate the meat from the bones and then put in the broth. Moved groats pour in broth and cook until tender. previously
boil until almost cooked white dried mushrooms. Carrots, parsley (root), beets shredded on a grater with large holes,
onion cut into half rings, pour vegetable water, add sliced ​​mushrooms into strips and cook until tender. Broth with boiled
vegetables and mushrooms are added to the broth with porridge and giblets, seasoned to taste with salt and pepper, bring to a boil, remove from
fire and sprinkle with parsley. Serve the soup in a vase, which also put a pre-cooked beans.

Giblets with a goose, white dried mushrooms 30, 60 carrots, parsley 40, 50 beets, onions 40, 200 pearl barley,
beans 50, 10 herbs parsley, black pepper, salt.

30. Ears of Haman (dough)

Combine flour, slightly dissolved butter, sugar, crushed nuts and eggs kneaded dough, rolled it into a well-sprinkled
flour the board and, using a form, cut out isosceles triangles with sides of 6 cm. each triangle put jam,
mixed with sugar, cinnamon and raise the ends of the test, having received thus a pyramid. The side edges of the pyramid sleplivayut and walls
Pyramid smeared egg, mixed with a little water. Pyramid spread on a baking sheet dusted with flour and bake
well-heated oven 30 minutes.

In 50 200 pcs .: flour, sugar 200, butter 200, 50 peeled nuts, eggs 2 pcs., Jam 150, 10 sugar, cinnamon.

31. Strudel

Thoroughly mixed cream margarine (or oil), with eggs, sugar, salt and soda. Then add cheese, flour, kneaded
dough and put in the fridge for 10-12 hours, then the dough is rolled out in a very thin layer of a quadrangular (1 mm thick). Stuffing
prepared as follows: mix with peeled, ground nuts, sugar, raisins, cherry jam without syrup, lemons (pre-cooked
1 minute in boiling water and passed through a meat grinder) chopped grated stale loaf of bread without a crust. Stuffing is divided into 5 parts
Expanding it to each portion of dough and wrap the roll. Lay in a bowl and pour the vegetable oil layer 1,5-2 cm.
Filled with oil strudel should stand 2 hours. Then spread the strudel on a baking sheet, put it in the oven and bake 30-35 minutes.

For the dough: flour 400, 200 margarine, cottage cheese 250, 2 pcs egg, salt 2, 2 soda, sugar 100;. For the filling: nuts peeled 200, 400 sugar,
300 raisins, cherry jam 50, 3 lemons pcs., 400 grated loaf, vegetable oil to fill the 350 and lubricating.

32. Sponge cake with cinnamon

The yolks (1 / 2 from the norm), carefully separated from whites, put the sugar (¾ of normal) and whisk until white pound weight. Then, without
incessantly rubbing mass gradually added all yolks and triturated until until no pellet mass and no sugar
increase in the amount of about 3 times. At the same time in another bowl whisk whites. First they were whipped slowly and then
gradually increase the rate of whipping. As soon as signs of curd proteins (protein becomes pockmarked) added
small portions of powdered sugar or granulated sugar (1 / 3 part of the norm), impeding the curd protein structure and improving
protein mass, is then poured little water was added a pinch of salt or citric acid. When the proteins increase in volume in 4-5 times
and will hold tight on the rim, whipping stopped. To mashed yolks add the beaten egg whites (1 / 3 part of the norm) and,
a little mixed up, put the flour, mixed with starch, and the rest of the beaten egg whites. All this is mixed until a homogeneous
masses. The finished dough is poured onto a baking tray covered with paper to half the volume. Then the dough is slightly leveled with a knife, sprinkle
cinnamon, and then top up the pan by three-quarters, align again, sprinkle with chopped almonds and bake in a hot oven
within 35-40 minutes. After cooling, the paper was removed and cut into portions.

Flour 100, 100 sugar, egg 5 pcs., Cinnamon 5, 10 chopped almonds.

33. Geribener Floda (a product of pastry with fruit filling)

Butter and sugar are stirred until the disappearance of lumps, add the vanilla and eggs gradually. The resulting mass is put
sifted flour and all kneaded to obtain a homogeneous dough. Then it is cooled, so that it becomes crumbly and rub through
sieve. dough crumbs sprinkled solid layer on a greased baking sheet, put a layer of crumbs over the fruit filling, and it
layer of dough crumbs again. Baked in a hot oven, then cooled, cut into square pieces and sprinkled with sugar

Flour, butter 100 40, 30 sugar, egg 1 / 5 pcs.
vanilla, flour signature 5, apple or apricot filling.

34. Teygpah (dough balls with honey)

Egg yolks triturated with sugar added to the thickness of the melted butter cream, flour and then mixed with soda. dough
rolled thin strands diameter 0,8 mm, which are cut into small pieces width 8-12 mm. the test pieces are placed in a roar and
rotating it, free it from excess flour. Bake in a hot oven. Med boiled with sugar to form a candy mass,
which put the baked balls and cook until they acquire a pink color. Thereafter the mass is spread on a table, the wetted
water, rolled 30-40 mm thick, sprinkle with chopped almonds and cut into portions.

100 Flour, sugar 15, 3 butter, egg (yolk) 3 pcs., Soda, flour for cutting 10, 20 sugar for the caramel, honey to caramel 45,
chopped almonds 5.

35. Ayer kihelah (butter biscuits from unleavened dough)

Butter, sugar, eggs, salt, stir until smooth, add the flour and knead the dough. Dough is rolled seam
thick 4-5 mm, smeared his egg yolks and cut to pieces in the form of rhombs size 40CH55 mm. Products placed on the
baking sheet and bake in the oven 15-20 minutes prior to the acquisition of a yellow color.

Flour 100, 1 egg pcs., Sugar 40, 40 butter, flour undercut 10, yolk lubrication 1 / 2 pcs., Salt.

36. Nose-broit (khlyebyets)

Egg yolks are whipped for 20-25 minutes with sugar, add chopped nuts, washed raisins, flour mixed with baking soda, and
beaten egg whites. This was stirred until a homogeneous dough, spread a layer of 15-18 mm on a baking sheet lined with
parchment paper, and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. The product was then removed from the paper. The height of the cone-broyta should be
25-30 mm.

Flour 100, 65 sugar, egg 1 pcs., 30 raisins, walnut (the kernel) 50, soda.

37. Land (biscuits, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon)

Butter, sugar, eggs, milk powder and soda, stir until smooth, add the flour and knead the dough.
The dough is rolled seam 5-6 mm and a rolling pin art applied to his image, and then smeared with egg and sprinkle with sugar
sand, mixed with cinnamon. From the formation of special groove cut down the product, put them on a greased baking tray with butter and
bake in a hot oven 10-12 minutes. Cookies is crumbly consistency.

100 Flour, sugar 55, 40 butter, egg 1 / 5 pcs., 3 dry milk, soda, flour signature 10, lubrication oil sheets 1 / 10 pcs.
Cover 2.

38. Pretzel with cinnamon

Sugar, butter, eggs, soda and molasses stir until smooth, add the flour and knead the dough. dough
rolled bundles weighing 20 city, and are formed into pretzels, which is sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Products are placed on a baking sheet,
oiled and baked in an oven for 12-15 minutes until light brown.

Flour 100, 50 sugar, egg 1 / 5 pcs., 30 butter, soda, syrup 3, 10 signature flour, oil for greasing the pan 2, cinnamon.

39. Starch (cake)

Butter rubbed with sugar until white and stir, gradually add the eggs, sour cream, flour mixed with baking soda and starch. Of
pastry bag with a smooth tube planted in a paper small round cakes, which are sprinkled with chopped nuts and
sugar and bake in the oven.

Flour 120, 95 sugar, butter 100, 100 starch, sour 100, 1 egg pcs., Soda, nuts for dusting 120.

40. Imbyerlakh

Matsu or biscuits crushed, sieved through a roar. Welded to the consistency of caramel sugar and honey are added gradually
stirring, to the crushed matzah, was added thereto ginger. Then poured onto a greased sheet of water or oil, and is the mass of more
it is plastic rolled on wet table and cut into portions.

Matsa 100, 80 sugar, honey 100, ginger (powder) 2.

41. Lekakh (dough)

Sugar and honey bring to a boil, add color to caramel. It cooled to 50-55 ° syrup add eggs, butter, cloves
and flour (50% of the norm), knead the dough, then put the remaining flour, which is pre-mixed with soda. After
holding the dough during 7-10 hours, it is divided into pieces weighing 500 g and formed into a round or square products, which
placed on a sheet of lightly oiled, brush the egg yolks, sprinkle with almonds and bake for 45-50 in minutes

Flour 100, 70 honey, sugar 50, 10 vegetable oil, egg 1 / 2 pcs., Cloves minced 1, 0,2 soda, sugar for zhzhenki 5, flour
bedding 5, 3 oil for lubrication, lubrication egg 1 / 10 pcs., almonds 5.

42. Kamishbroyt (dough)

Butter, cinnamon, sugar pound, gradually adding the eggs, then the chopped nuts, flour and baking soda. All this is mixed and divided into two dough
part. One part of the paint in the color of chocolate cocoa powder. The long half-cylindrical shape put the dough, painted in
chocolate color and then the usual dough surface is sprinkled with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and cocoa powder. Bake in the oven,
cooled and cut into slices 15 mm.

100 Flour, sugar 50, 50 butter, egg 1 / 5 pcs. Nuts (kernel) 60, soda, cocoa powder 2, 1 cinnamon, sugar for dusting 1, cinnamon
for dusting 1, cocoa powder for dusting 1.

43. sugar dough

Egg yolks and sugar triturated, add olive oil, honey and lemon juice. To this mass is added slowly flour
mixed with ginger and knead the dough. The dough is spread in a greased with butter round deep form, put it in the oven
and bake 30-40 minutes.

Flour 250, 250 sugar, egg 4 pcs., Yolks 3 pcs., Honey 30, 20 olive oil, lemon juice 5, ginger (a pinch), butter 20.

44. Kindley (cake with poppy and nut filling)

Knead the dough from flour, goose fat, raw egg yolks, mashed hard-boiled eggs, sugar, dissolved in warm water
yeast, dry white wine Dough give rise to, is then divided into parts, thinly rolled tortillas in 2-3 mm thick,
filled with stuffing and wrapped, giving them an elongated shape and making the index finger across the grooves that give it
the cake kind of "Kindley." Lay on a baking sheet, brush with egg yolk and bake in the oven until golden in color.

The stuffing is prepared as follows: poppy, walnut, raisin g boiled in water, mixed with wine and sugar to a thick consistency.

For the dough: at 1 kg muki-
fat goose 400, 6 piece raw eggs, yolks of eggs boiled 2 pieces, sugar 20, 5 yeast, dry white wine 50..; For the filling: poppy
100, 200 nuts, raisins 200, 100 sugar, dry wine 100, 150 water.

45. Beymel-Hale (dough)

Dough prepared sponge method, rolled seam thickness 5 mm, sprinkled with sugar and ground cinnamon, roll to roll
6 cm thick and put the seam side down on a greased sheet of oil. Give full proofed and baked in a hot oven for 20-30

46. Jewish Easter cookies

Egg yolks are mixed with salt, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, melted goose fat and pounded in a mortar matzah. The dough should
be liquid. Allow to stand 1 hour, then add whipped in a cool foam egg whites. Goose fat is boiled in a small saucepan,
there is a spoon dipped separated pieces of dough, fried, removed from the fat, sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon and served at the table

Egg 5 pcs., Matzah 100, 10 sugar, lemon juice 5, goose fat (for dough) 20, cinnamon, salt, goose fat frying 20, sugar
powder for dusting 5, 1 cinnamon for dusting.

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