Recipes Abkhaz cuisine

Recipes Abkhaz cuisine

1. Cheese with atsyrboy

Young Georgian cheese kneaded with adzhika and pounded dried herbs atsyrby.

Cheese young 200, 5 adjika, dried herbs atsyrby 0,5.

2. Acharhal (salad)

Kohlrabi's salt leaves are chopped into strips, .

About Adjarian cuisine

Adzharskaya kitchen

In Adjarian cuisine as well as at the Abkhaz lot in common with Georgian cuisine, but there are a number of inherent only to her features.

When using meat products, particular preference is given to poultry (chickens, turkeys), .

About Abkhazian kitchen

Abkhazian kitchen

Abkhazian cuisine shares many features of the Georgian national cuisine, but it also has its own specific features.

Of the meat products are most often used lamb, beef, young goat meat, veal, poultry, .

Dishes of chicken and vegetables. test.

61. Chicken with kizilovoj podlivkoj

The processed chicken is boiled, the broth is filtered, the chicken is cut into pieces. Fry the flour to a light yellow color, dilute with broth, add dried in advance soaked and stoned. .

Frustrated Plov

50. Boraki

Knead dough from flour, water, eggs and salt, roll it out with 3 mm thick layer, cut into 5Ч6 rectangles, see. Beef pulp and onions are passed through a meat grinder, mixed with parsley, salt, pepper, then .

Meat dishes.

36. Carei horovats (shashlыk)

The pulp of fat lamb is cut into slices 4 cm thick, sprinkled with pepper, salt, finely chopped onion, add citric acid, brandy or vodka, dried greens and put in a cold place on 6 – 7 hours for .

Fish, salads

1. Beans with vinegar and garlic

Peeled green beans cut into strips, boil in salted water, recline on a sieve and cool. When serving sprinkle with herbs. Separately fed crushed garlic and vinegar.

Beans 230, 3% th vinegar 30, 1,5 garlic, herbs 10.


Armenian soup

5. Bozbash Yerevan (soup)

The pea soup, cooked in meat broth, add sliced ​​apples, tomato puree, pepper, portions of boiled mutton and cook another minute 10.

Lamb 80, butter, melted 10, onion 15, peas .

About Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine

Feeding of the Armenian people, changing over the centuries, it has become a national original flavor.

One of the main foods of Armenians is pita bread baked on the walls of tonir - round clay .

Bora vegetables. Eastern sweets.

50. Bora vegetables

Peeled eggplants cut into cubes, salt. After 10 minutes, squeeze the juice. Prepared eggplants are fried, mixed with sliced ​​and roasted potatoes, add browned onions, chopped .