Recipes Kabardino-Balkarian kitchen

Recipes Kabardino-Balkarian kitchen

1. Lyape with lyapstephoy

Bone concentrated broth is prepared. Knead fresh dough is kneaded from flour and eggs, cut into small balls, fried in butter. When serving put in .

Recipes Dagestani dishes

Recipes Dagestani dishes

1. Burcak-şurpa

Beef is poured with cold water and over high heat brought to a boil, remove the foam, reduce heat, put the beans and boil with a low boil. When the meat and beans are soft, put .

About Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkar kitchens

Dagestan kitchen

Like the rest of the peoples of the North Caucasus, Dagestanis prefer mutton to all types of meat, less often beef. They prefer dishes from natural meat (mostly boiled or stewed with tomato, vinegar, garlic and .

Recipes Buryat dishes

Recipes Buryat dishes

1. Shulep (noodle soup in Buryat)

Mutton bacon is chopped into pieces weighing 30 – 40 g, poured with cold water and cooked over low heat until half cooked. Then put carrots, parsley, onions and continue .

Recipes dishes of the Bashkir

Recipes dishes of the Bashkir

1. Assorted meat in Bashkir

Boiled meat products, sausage and chicken flesh is cut into thin slices, put on a plate, decorate cold vegetable garnish and sauce served separately-mayonnaise.

Beef .

About Buryat kitchen

Buryat cuisine

Buryats are born cattlemen, which determined the peculiarities of their nutrition. In winter time, beef and horse meat predominate in the Buryat diet, and lamb in summer. Pork is used to a lesser extent. Hunting .

About Bashkir kitchen

Bashkir kitchen

Bashkir dishes have a high calorie content and nutritional value. The starting materials of Bashkir cuisine - meat, flour, cereals, milk, eggs, potatoes.

Of the meat products are often used lamb, young horse meat, beef, .

Recipes Adjarian cuisine

Recipes Adjarian cuisine

1. Fruits and nuts

Vegetables are sorted, washed thoroughly and boiled in a small amount of boiling water. Then throw in a colander, squeeze and chop. At the same time, nuts are pounded finely together with garlic, .

Recipes Abkhaz cuisine

Recipes Abkhaz cuisine

1. Cheese with atsyrboy

Young Georgian cheese kneaded with adzhika and pounded dried herbs atsyrby.

Cheese young 200, 5 adjika, dried herbs atsyrby 0,5.

2. Acharhal (salad)

Kohlrabi's salt leaves are chopped into strips, .

About Adjarian cuisine

Adzharskaya kitchen

In Adjarian cuisine as well as at the Abkhaz lot in common with Georgian cuisine, but there are a number of inherent only to her features.

When using meat products, particular preference is given to poultry (chickens, turkeys), .