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Recipes Adjarian cuisine

Recipes Adjarian cuisine

1. Fruits and nuts

Vegetables are sorted out, thoroughly washed, and boiled in a small amount of boiling water. Then recline in a colander, squeeze and chop. At the same time finely pounded nuts with garlic, red pepper and salt, or they passed twice through a meat grinder with a fine grid. Add the finely chopped onions, dill, cilantro, vinegar diluted, kneaded until blanching nuts and vegetables filled in the mix.

20 spinach, leaf beet 20, 15 cabbage, cauliflower 10, 10 green beans, eggplant 15, 15 walnuts, onion 15, 10 wine vinegar, garlic 3, 10 greens, ground red pepper, salt.

2. Mullet stuffed with nuts

From a medium-sized mullet remove the gills with internal (without cutting the abdomen), washed and stuffed with walnut stuffing. Then salted mullet, paneer with flour and fry in a pan. Served without sauce in both cold and hot. Walnut stuffing is prepared as follows: Nuts mince, mixed with crushed garlic, cilantro, finely chopped and passaged onions, add the spices and slightly diluted with warm water.

Mullet fresh 150, 5 vegetable oil, flour 5, 15 peeled walnuts, garlic 5, 5 cilantro, onion 25, 5 melted butter, salt.

3. Caşuşuli

Beef tenderloin cut into slices on 25-30 g, add salt and pepper, stir and fry until soft. Then add shredded onions and continue to stew. After quenching put garlic, parsley, coriander, hops-suneli.

Beef (tenderloin) 240, 80 onion, parsley, cilantro, 5, 3 garlic, butter 20, hops-suneli, ground black pepper, salt.

4. Odzhahuri "Batumi"

Beef tenderloin cut into slices on 25-30 g, sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry until soft. Then add the potatoes cut into slices, continue to fry with the meat, then put garlic, chopped onion, and at the end of quenching - chopped tomatoes and broth diluted tomato puree, parsley, stir and bring to the readiness. Served on a batch pan, sprinkle with herbs.

Beef tenderloin 200, 75 fresh tomatoes, melted butter 15, 200 potatoes, vegetable oil 15, 20 onion, garlic 5, 5 fresh herbs, salt.

5. Jaxni

Beef cut into pieces by 20-25 g, pour water and stew. Nuts passed twice through a meat grinder, finely chopped onion and put it all in the broth, add the garlic, coriander, dry saffron, ground black pepper, salt and bring a dish until done.

Meat, beef, 200, 70 walnuts, onion 200, 3 garlic, fresh herbs 5, 1 dry herbs, saffron, black pepper, salt.

6. The Tolm of Batumi

Fresh green cabbage (lahona) is immersed in boiling water for a minute 1-2. For minced meat with onion and garlic mince, add to it the raw rice, tomato puree, herbs, spices. Minced thoroughly kneaded and wrapped in cabbage leaves a small stuffed cabbage and stewed in a meat broth 45-50 minutes. When serving pour the juice in which they were extinguished, and sprinkle with herbs.

Meat 150, 15 rice, onion 40, 5 garlic, fresh cabbage (green) 120, tomato puree 15, 15 parsley, black pepper, salt.

7. Cherburi kedinskoe

Chopped onion and stew until soft. Then add eggs, stir, sprinkle with crushed garlic and bake in the oven.

Eggs 3 pcs., 25 onion, garlic 3, 15 butter, salt.

8. Borat huloiskoe

Suluguni cheese rolled in flour and fried in butter. When serving sprinkle with herbs.

Cheese suluguni 200, 5 wheat flour, butter 10, greens.

9. Khachapuri in Adjara

Prepare the yeast dough. In water (60% of the norm), preheated to 25-30 ° add yeast, previously diluted in a small amount of water, pour in 40% of the recipes of flour, mix, sprinkle with flour, cover and leave to ferment for 2-3 hours, after Add the remaining amount of water, flour, the rest of the raw material and leave it for fermentation for another 1-2 hour, making twice a hitching. The finished dough is rolled in circles with a thickness of 6-7 mm, in the middle of each one put the cheese passed through the meat grinder and cheese mixed with eggs, wrapped, turning the dough to the center, and leaving the center of diameter 5-6 cm unclosed, put on a greased baking sheet and bake in the oven . When khachapuri blushes, the egg is poured in the middle (so that the yolk remains intact) and bake 2-3 minutes, then put butter on top and serve hot.

120 premium flour, water 50, 3 sugar, cheese Imereti or suluguni 80, butter 25, 5 yeast, egg for stuffing 1 / 3 pcs., an egg for lubrication khachapuri 1 pcs., salt.

10. Khachapuri "Batumi"

From flour of the highest grade, eggs and water, knead the dough. The finished dough is divided into 10 parts and each part is rolled out in a thin layer in the size of the brazier. For one oven, 10 sheets are prepared, each sheet is lowered one by one into salted boiling water, the 2-3 minutes are kept in it, then it is transferred to cold water, taken out and slightly squeezed. One sheet is put on a greased brazier and poured with oil, a second sheet is put on top, which is not oiled, and on it - finely chopped cheese, then covered with the next sheet, again watered with oil and covered with another sheet, etc. The cheese is put on Not oiled sheet. Before baking cut into square pieces weighing 100-200 g and put in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Flour 1000, 150 water, eggs 5 pcs., Cheese Imereti or suluguni 800, 300 oil, salt.

11. Baklova "Batumi"

Dough medium consistency kneaded water, eggs and oil is divided by circles rolled thinly least 20 sheets which are spread on the circular brazier in the following order: three layers - each smeared butter, the fourth layer spread nut minced and so repeated several time. Dough cut diamonds and bake. After baking, pour hot syrup.

Mince prepared as follows: purified hazelnuts, dried in the cabinet oven, remove foil, mince and mix with sugar.

Flour 4500, 500 butter, eggs 11 units 1200 water, salt, oil for the lubrication of sheets 200, 3500 nut.;

syrup: water 800, 1300 sugar.

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