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Buryat cuisine

Buryats - born herdsmen, and that led to the peculiarities of their nutrition. In the winter time in the diet dominated by Buryat beef and horse meat, and in the summer - lamb. To a lesser extent pork is used. Hunting and fishing at the disposal of the local culinary game and fish of valuable species (whitefish, trout, famous Baikal omul).

Meat carcasses, as a rule, do not cut and is cut at the joints. Cooked large piece of meat - is characteristic of the Buryat cuisine. Meat also fried and stewed, but almost exclusively in kind. Meals of minced meat practically prepared. Buryats not renounce the use of onions, garlic, spices, but do not like too spicy or salty foods. Tomato paste is rarely used.

On a side dish to meat and fish dishes are served potatoes, fresh and stewed cabbage, rice, but more often - the noodles.

From all kinds of vegetables and fruits a variety of prepared cold dishes, side dishes and meals separate.

Of the first courses for Buryat cuisine typical of broth with noodles and various filling soups, vegetables and potatoes.

Bread is consumed and white, and black.

A favorite dessert drink - tea with milk and salt.

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