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Recipes Kabardino-Balkarian kitchen

Recipes Kabardino-Balkarian kitchen

1. Lyape with lyapstephoy

Prepare a concentrated bone broth. Combine flour and eggs Knead unleavened dough, cut into small balls, fried in butter. When serving put in lyapstephu broth (balls) or served separately.

Bones meat 40, 20 onions, carrots 10, 10 butter, wheat flour 20, egg 1 / 2 pcs., Spices, black pepper or red, salt.

2. Shurpa meat

Prepare meat and bone concentrated broth with onions. When serving put the boiled meat. Seasoned with black pepper. Separately fed brine (garlic sauce) on ayran. Brine is prepared as follows: crushed garlic bred ayran and stirred.

Bouillon 500, 200 beef or lamb, pepper, garlic 20, 80 ayran, salt.

3. Boiled turkey in Kabardian

Prepared turkey carcass boil, then dismantled on the joints. Seasoned with garlic, pounded with salt.

Separately fed spike (sauce). It is prepared as follows: saute onions in butter, add fried until golden brown wheat flour, diluted broth, which was cooked turkey. Seasoned with salt, red pepper, stir.

Turkey (polupotroshennaya) 180, 5 garlic; for Shipsey: 5 pepper, butter 5, 15 onions, wheat flour 15, 100 broth, salt.

4. Litsuklibzha (meat sauce)

Lamb or beef cut into small pieces, fry until half. Add the chopped onion and continue to fry until golden brown. Pour the sifted flour and fry until creamy. Seasoned with red pepper, diluted broth, put the sour cream, stir and stew on low heat until tender. Serve with a cool wheat porridge.

Lamb or beef 200, 15 butter, wheat flour 30, 10 sour cream, onion 20, pepper, broth.

5. Roast

Prepared fat mutton is cut into pieces of 20-25 was placed on a hot dry frying pan, pour water, add salt and stew. When the water has evaporated, put butter, chopped onion, pepper. Fry until golden brown. Add the potatoes and stew until tender. Serve hot.

Lamb 150, 190 potatoes, onions 20, butter 20, 100 water, spices, salt.

6. Unfortunately-baur

Mutton fat with the film from the internal fat cut into thin cubes on 30-40 g, they put previously scalded with boiling water, lamb liver, sprinkled with brine (garlic sauce). Rolls into the film from the internal fat, strung on skewers and grilled over charcoal (like shish kebab), occasionally turning and sprinkling brine.

Salo lamb 150, lamb liver 100, 200 brine; for brine garlic 20, ayran 80, 85 broth, garlic 15, pepper, salt.

7. Sohta (sausage)

Prepared lamb chop bacon and liver. Add the finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, corn flour, while pouring water. Mix well. This meat is filled with lamb gut and tie the ends. Cook in salted water. Serve hot with the brine.

Salo 70 mutton, lamb intestines, lamb liver 110, onion 35, 20 corn flour, spices, salt.

8. Gedlibzhe (chicken in cream sauce)

Prepared chicken carcass chop into pieces, sprinkle with salt and in a small amount of water allowed until ready. On the broth prepare the sauce: finely chopped onions pass on butter, add wheat flour, red pepper and fry until creamy; Cooled to 60-70 °, some of the broth was poured in and mixed until homogeneous. Add the rest of the broth, sour cream and salt. On low heat cook until the appearance of droplets of fat on the surface of the sauce. At the end of the heat treatment, salt and crushed garlic are added. When serving, pour the dish with sauce. Separately serve a paste - a steep millet porridge.

Chicken (polupotroshennaya) 210, 100 sour cream, wheat flour 10, 25 onion, butter 15, 40 broth, pepper, garlic, pasta 150, salt.

9. Offal salted

Prepared liver or tongue boiled, then put in salted whey previously put into it garlic cloves and black pepper. Withstand 8-10 days in the cold. Finished-products are cut into thin slices. Serve cold.

Beef tongue or mutton 170; liver or beef or lamb 170, whey 150, 2 garlic, pepper, salt.

10. JSU

The sour cream add egg, shredded cheese and boil until thick, gradually vsyp sifted maize flour or semolina. Cook until tender. Serve with sour milk.

60 cheese, egg 1 / 2 pcs., 225 sour cream, corn flour or semolina 60 40.

11. Et hichin

Of flour, buttermilk with the addition of baking soda and salt prepare fresh dough. Roll out the tortillas. Beef or lamb, onion mince with a large grid. The weight of added salt, pepper, water, beat well. In the middle of each tortillas put the stuffing, gives the product a flattened shape, leaving a hole in each. Bake in Ovens. Finished products smeared with sour cream. Serve hot.

Flour 600, ayran 400, 5 salt, baking soda 2; for minced beef or lamb 820, 100 onion, sour cream 20, 2,5 pepper, salt.

12. Hychiny with cheese and potatoes

Pickled cheese pre-soaked in cold water, Dutch cheese trimmed, peeled potatoes boiled and obsushivayut. All mince, mix. The mass should be homogeneous. From flour and water knead the dough. Divide into pieces of 70 g, making each indentation and filling it with stuffing. Rolled balls then roll them into cakes. Fry without oil, on a dry frying pan. Ready hychiny oiled. Serve hot.

Flour 600, 400 water; for stuffing: Dutch cheese 300, potatoes 300, 10 butter, salt.

13. Coy Dahl (round cakes with cottage cheese)

Knead unleavened dough, divide into pieces of 140 In each make a groove that is filled with stuffing. Gives the product a round shape. Roll out into flat cakes. Fry on a dry hot pan with a heavy lid. When a product is lubricated with sour cream. Serve hot.

Flour 100, 40 water, salt 0,3; for stuffing: cheese 100, 15 onions, dry ground thyme 0,1, 20 cream.

14. Certlama

In Ira add salt, baking soda, stir. Pour the sifted flour and knead the dough as pancakes. Fry in butter. Serve hot with sour cream.

Flour 70, 100 ayran, ghee 15, 30 sour cream, baking soda, and salt.

15. Zakeris

From wheat flour, eggs, sugar
sdobavleniem baking soda mix the dough. Divided into flagella, which, in turn, is cut into small pieces. Fry them in deep fat. The dead burned until golden brown sugar added to honey, mixed with fried products. Spread on the table, level and cool. Cut into pieces of any shape. Water the syrup.

. Flour 500, 6 pcs egg, sugar 150, drinking soda, cooking oil 3; syrup: sugar 400, 200 honey.

16. yogurt

Cooled to 40 ° boiled milk poured sour milk and put in a warm place for fermentation. Whips and left at room temperature. Then, at night put in a cool place. Serve cold.

Whole milk 1000, 20 milk sour.

17. Tea

In cold water, put the brick tea and boiled. Allow to stand. Filter. Pre-mixed with milk or cream-boiled. Bring to the boil. When a seasoned oil and black pepper.

Tea 5, 100 cream or whole milk, water 100, 10 butter, pepper to taste.

18. Pasta

Cook thick wheat porridge and without removing from heat, add a small amount of corn flour for higher viscosity and stirred a wooden spatula. When the pasta is ready, spread it on a dish and, pressing a spatula, smooth out all around. When a cut with a knife and served as bread.

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