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13 interesting fillings for dumplings. Prepare your favorite dish is unusual!

It can be safely said that Vareniks like almost everyone. Their secret - it is the presence of different fillings, which sometimes share our lovers sweet or salty ...

We are accustomed to Dumplings with potatoes, Cabbage, cheese or cherries, but it's time to try something new! "So simple!" willing to share with you options of unusual fillings for many favorite yummy. Oh, where to begin?

Unusual fillings for dumplings

  • With mushrooms and cabbageBoiled mushrooms with cabbage miss through a meat grinder. Fry the chopped onion, add the cabbage and mushrooms. All mixed and put on a couple of minutes over high heat. Cool the mass, then add salt and pepper.
  • With eggs and green onionGrind 3 boiled eggs and green onion and mix. Salt and pepper to taste.
  • With beets2 beet wrap in foil and put in the oven for an hour. Bake until tender, then sodium beets on a large grater. Add cup ricotta 1,5 and 2 Art. l. breadcrumbs.
  • With a soft cheese and mushroomsWe shall cut diced onion, bell pepper and mushrooms and lightly fry in vegetable oil all. After cooling the mass, add the parsley and soft cheese.
  • With cabbage and meatFinely we shall cut the cabbage, onions and fry in vegetable oil. Mix with minced meat.
  • With salmon and pineappleFinely we shall cut a fresh pineapple and fish, pepper, add a pinch of dried basil and a little olive oil.
  • With mushrooms and beansFrom boiled bean mash, add finely chopped and fried onion already, boiled mushrooms and red pepper and salt.
  • With carrots and green onionsSift on a medium grater carrot, salt to taste, put out in a frying pan in vegetable oil until half cooked. Finely chop the green onions and mix it with carrots.
  • With PumpkinFinely we shall cut onions, garlic and parsley, and squash - diced. All put out within 10 minutes.
  • With tomatoes and cheeseFinely we shall cut tomatoes, cheese (mozzarella suit) and basil. Salt and pepper to taste. Carefully all the mix.

    Getting to dessert!

  • With apples and rowanRowan mix with sliced ​​julienne apples and honey.
  • With poppy1,5 cup boiling water steamed poppy, 0,5 sugar cup, 1 hours. L. honey unite and stir until smooth.
  • With apples and cinnamonWe shall cut the apples into thin strips, add a little sugar and cinnamon, stir and leave to 15 minutes, and then proceed to the cooking. Dried apricots instead of apples? Why not!
  • So many delicious options that look at first! It is interesting that you liked? And even more interesting - to know your crown stuffing recipe!

    Do not forget to take a mental note recipes unusual fillings for dumplings - They are likely to come in handy!

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