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Veal chopCHOP VEAL
* Products for cooking: veal meat, flour, egg, bread crumbs, fat, and salt.
The meat is cut into pieces the size of at 100-120 g, beat off on both sides, slightly prisalivaem, rolled in flour, egg, breadcrumbs and fry on both sides in a large amount of fat until golden in color.
Veal tomato
* Products for cooking: 4 piece of meat on 140-160 g, 60 g fat, g flour 30, 400 g of tomato juice, sugar, black pepper, salt.
Meat discourage both sides prisalivaem, rolled in flour and fry on high heat. Then shift into another bowl, and in the remaining fat to brown the flour, add the tomato juice, boil 2-3 minutes and fill with meat. Having put on low heat, add salt to taste, pepper, add sugar and cook until tender.
The best side dish for a veal dumplings or noodles will.
* Products for cooking: 4 veal pieces on 120-140 g, g mushrooms 200, 60 g fat, g flour 30, 200 g sour cream, parsley, black pepper, salt.
Meat fried in the fat from both sides over high heat. After removing the meat, the fat is cut oblong slices of stewed mushrooms, sprinkle them with flour and chopped parsley Parowan. After one or two minutes, pour one or one and a half cups of water and cream and allow to boil. Then put back roasted meat to taste salt, pepper and cook on low heat until tender.
The best accompaniment to this dish - rice or dumplings.
Pörkölt (HOT)
* Products for cooking: 600 g veal (best hip pulp), 80 g onion, 10 g of ground red pepper, garlic clove 1, 2 pod sweet zelepogo servings, tomato or 1 50 g of tomato juice, salt.
Mow to chopped onion fry in fat until light yellow, add pounded garlic, red pepper and chopped meat. Salt, pour a small amount of water and under the lid stew until ready. When the meat starts to be roasted in fat (the water boils), tomatoes and green peppers are added.
The best side dish - potatoes or dumplings.
* Products for cooking: 1 kg veal: 100 g lard, salt.
The meat is salted, put on a deep pan, pour the hot lard and put in a hot oven. Roast, basting occasionally own fat, from which the meat is shiny and rosy. Water was topped up only when meat juice is evaporated, and the meat is not yet ready. Then it is covered and put in a warm place. Sliced ​​and served on a table with potatoes or rice and garnish any pickles or pickled vegetables.
Veal with mustard
* Products for cooking: 600 g veal, 4 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons mustard, salt.
For breading: 2 eggs, milk g 100, 150 g flour, salt.
The meat is cut into pieces by 4 150 g each, discourage, on top of making incisions with a knife in 10- 12 2 places deep-3 mm.
From products to prepare breading batter (for pancakes). Before roasting the meat is salted, rolled in flour, plaster on both sides of mustard, again rolled in flour, paneer in batter and fry on both sides in hot fat,
* Products for cooking: 600 g veal (4 150 piece on Mr.), grated cheese and 60, 50 g smoked bacon, lard g 100, 250 g sour cream, 1 teaspoon of flour, and salt.
Chunks of meat discourage, make shallow cuts across the surface. Salo 4 cut into thin slices. The meat is sprinkled with grated cheese, put the bacon on it, roll tube, tie up a thread, salt on top.
These tubes are fried in hot fat at a high temperature, and then reduce heat and quenched in brine. If the juice has evaporated and the meat is not yet ready, pour a little hot water and stew until tender,
then blaming it on the plate. The sour cream is stirred flour, poured it into the hot fat and boiled even 4 -5 minutes. Since meat is removed the thread, put the tube in a cream sauce and boiled again 3-4 minutes.
* Products for cooking: 700-800 g veal, 70 g lard, juice of one lemon, grated zest of half a lemon, 50 grams of butter, sour cream g 150, 50 g of flour, salt, white wine, natural taste.
The meat is cut into thin slices, fry them on both sides in hot fat and shift on the plate. The fat add the flour, pour a glass of hot water, bring to the boil stirring continuously, add salt, add the lemon juice. Then put in the sauce roasted meat, sprinkle with lemon peel, put the butter. Stew under a lid until tender (15- 20 min.). If the juice is very thick, topped up with a little white natural wine. Before serving, add the sour cream into the sauce.
Veal with cheese
* Products for cooking: 4 200 veal pieces on the g, g butter 100, 100 g cheese (preferably sharp), 100 g breadcrumbs, eggs 2, 200 g lard, salt.
Chunks of flesh discourage both sides, an incision surface in a few places on 2-3 mm. Butter melted. Grated cheese mixed with breadcrumbs. The meat is then salted, dipped in warm butter, then into the cheese mixture and breadcrumbs and in the beaten eggs, then again rolled in a mixture of cheese and breadcrumbs and fry in hot fat on both sides.
* Products for cooking: 600 s veal, 100 g bread, egg 1, 100 s fat, milk s 150, 30 g butter, 1 teaspoon parsley, salt.
Meat with bun soaked in milk passed 2-3 times through a meat grinder. Butter kneaded with egg until foamy mass, salt, sprinkle with parsley and mix with ground meat and a bun. Then, on the board floured hands form small cakes medallions, which are fried in hot fat on both sides until golden in color.
Serve with mashed potatoes.
Veal with green peas
* Products for cooking: 4 piece of meat on 120-160 g, g green peas 300, 60 g fat, g flour 30, 30 g butter, 50 g cream, salt.
Meat discourage both sides, slightly prisalivaem, rolled in flour and fry on both sides in hot fat. Meanwhile, in butter, adding a small amount of water, stew peas (canned only heat), are placed on top of fried meat. In oil, where roasted meat, brown the flour, pour 300 grams of water, boil, strain, pour the meat and cook until tender. At the end pour the cream and boil again.
Serve on the table with potato garnish.
* Products for cooking: 4 100 veal pieces on the g veal brains, 100 grams of mushrooms, 30 g of flour, eggs 2, 150 g bread crumbs, parsley, oil and salt.
Chunks of veal discourage, salt and set aside. Veal brains thoroughly cleaned of the film is quenched, then lightly fried in fat. In another bowl in fat stew with chopped mushrooms and parsley. Then the mushrooms are mixed with brains, add salt, stir and put on the weight of the meat, tightly rolled up in a tube, rolled in flour, egg, bread crumbs and fry in hot fat until tender.
Serve with French fries.

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