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Some dishes of lamb

* Products for cooking: 800 g lamb without bones, fat grams 80, 40 g butter, 100 g smoked bacon, flour g 10, 1-2 tablespoons of tomato juice, salt.
Pulp discourage lamb, rolled into a roll, tightly tied with string and bacon fat. Then add salt, pour hot fat and baked in the oven at high heat until golden in color. At the same time periodically watered own fat and turn. The finished meat is removed, and the juice from the cooked gravy. Pour in tomato juice in it and boil 1-2 minutes. Then add the flour, butter, pour 200 g of water and boil again.
Serve tsa table with any vegetable garnish and spicy or sour salad.
Lamb chops
* Products for cooking: 8 pieces of meat on 50- 70 g, 2 eggs, flour, grated cheese, breadcrumbs, 500-600 g cauliflower, 100 g butter, fat, small potatoes, lemon, salt.
Meat discourage, salt, rolled in flour, egg, bread crumbs mixed with grated cheese in equal proportions and fry over moderate heat. Meanwhile, the salt water is boiled whole cauliflower. Spread it on a plate, pour the melted butter, sprinkle with grated cheese, put the chops on the one hand, on the other - french fries. Decorate with lemon slices.
* Products for cooking: 1 kg lamb, lard g 100, 4-5 cloves of garlic, salt.
The meat is salted, put into Sudoku, pour hot fat, topped 50 g of boiling water and add crushed garlic.
Fries in a hot oven at a moderate temperature,
occasionally basting with hot fat. The finished meat is removed from the oven, cover and put na 15-20 minutes. in a warm place. Cut into thin slices and pour the same juice. The taste you can add spices.
LAMB larded
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mutton without bones, 100 g lard, 50 g butter, 100 g smoked bacon, black pepper, a teaspoon of flour 1, 1 tablespoon of tomato juice, salt.
Meat tightly wound into a roll, tie up a thread, thin pieces of bacon smoked bacon, sprinkle with black pepper, salt. The cruets heat the lard, put into it the meat, pour the fat and roast in the oven, basting occasionally with fat. The finished meat shift into another bowl. The fat domeshivayut flour, tomato juice and bring to a boil, remove from fire, to put the butter and put in a warm place. Since meat is removed the skin, cut into thin slices and pour the sauce.
LAMB Braised
* Products for cooking: 1 kg pulp baranlny, 100 g smoked bacon, 4-5 cloves of garlic, black pepper, a tablespoon of mustard 1, 2 onions, vegetable oil, salt.
Meat evening rub crushed garlic, black pepper, mustard, grated onion, lubricated with vegetable oil and leave in a cool place in a PVC pouch.
Salo cut into thin slices, lay half on the bottom of the pan, for bacon put meat (around obkladyvayut whole cloves of garlic), cover the second half of bacon (bacon pieces can be pinned to the meat of the matches) and stew until done on a moderate heat, basting from time to time a small amount of hot water . Then give water to boil and stew still 3-4 minutes. in fat.
Lamb with tomatoes
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mnkoti lamb, 100 g smoked bacon, lard g 50, 50 carrots, parsley g 30, 20 g celery, 8 -10 peas of black pepper, the juice of half a lemon, zest of half a lemon, 500 g of tomato juice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 150 g sour cream, 20 g of flour, salt, bay leaf.
Meat is baked with pieces of fat, salt and stew until cooked in the smaltz, along with chopped vegetables, black pepper, bay leaf, pouring hot water. Finished meat is taken out, vegetables (without water) are sprinkled with flour and fried 3-4 min., Stirring constantly. Then add tomato juice, lemon juice, stir to make no lumps, add the lemon zest and boil 4-5 min. Vegetables in tomato juice are wiped through a sieve, salted to taste, add sugar, boil 2-3 min., Pour sour cream and bring to a boil. If the sauce is very thick, add a little hot water. Meat cut into slices and in a plate watered with tomato sauce.
Lamb with sour cream
* Products for cooking: 1 kg pulp of lamb, lard g 100, 2 onions, black pepper, 4-5 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of flour 1, 250-300 s sour cream, salt.
The meat is cut into cubes of 40-50 g or oblong cubes. In the hot fat to brown a little finely chopped onion, put the meat back on high heat, stirring constantly, fry until the juice boils away ne. The meat is then sprinkled with black pepper, add the crushed garlic, salt and stew until tender, pouring a little hot water. When the meat is ready, give water to boil and fry in fat even 4-5 minutes. Then the fat is poured flour, stir, pour sour cream, boil 2-3 min., Add salt to taste. Mix the meat with the sauce and boil again 2-3 minutes.
* Products for cooking: by 2-3 edges for a single serving, 100 g smoked bacon, 1 / 2 teaspoon ground black pepper, 100 g lard, 100 grams of mushrooms, 50 grams of smoked sausage, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of tomato juice, 50 g butter, flour g 30, 700 g of beef broth, salt.
Meat bacon bacon, rub with black pepper, crushed garlic and set aside any 30 minutes. Then add salt and stir fry over high heat on both sides in lard. And a little butter to brown the flour, put the parsley and onion, stewed 3-4 min., Pour meat broth, stir to avoid lumps, and bring to a boil.
Roasted rib put into the sauce, mushroom caps on them, sprinkle with chopped sausage, pour tomato juice and hot sauce, cover with a lid and stew at an average temperature to Polpe cooked meat and mushrooms.
RIB LAMB Hungarian
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mutton ribs, g lard 50, 50 g of butter, juice of half a lemon, 1 teaspoon parsley, onion, black pepper, salt.
The ribs are cut into 4 pieces, beaten, cut about the edge, sprinkled with ground black pepper. At the bottom of the plate put the onions cut into slices, the first piece of meat on it, again the onion, again the meat and so on until the end, so that there is an onion on top. A plate is put on 2-3 for an hour in the refrigerator. Lemon juice is poured on chopped parsley and set aside for 30 min. Butter is well mixed with ground pepper, salt, put there greens of parsley and lemon juice and put in the freezer. Pieces of meat with onions are fried in the smaltse, cool, spread a cold mass of butter on the meat with parsley and serve on the table.
* Products length of preparation: 800 g diced lamb, 100 smoked bacon, 80 g onion, 1 garlic clove, 200 and natural red wine, 200 g of corn meal of cereal, 30 g fat, 10 g of ground red pepper, 20 g of salt.
Smoked bacon cut into small cubes, fat drips (cracklings removed) and brown it with chopped onions, mixed red pepper, crushed garlic pour red wine, put the salted meat and stew until tender.
Serve with polenta (maize porridge) and sprinkled with bacon.
Preparation hominy: in salted boiling water, stirring constantly, slowly poured maize flour (or barley) and the Vikings until a thick mass. On a hot plate to put the spoon, which was previously dipped in hot fat.
* Products for cooking; 800 g mutton, onion g 150, 60 g fat, 2 tablespoons of tomato juice, black pepper, salt.
The flesh of lamb cut into oblong pieces, pour boiling water and immediately decant the water. In the hot fat to brown the grated onion, fry in it meat (5-7 miput), salt, sprinkle with pepper. Then add tomato juice, pour water to cover the meat and stew until tender.
Serve with polenta or gnocchi.
LAMB home-style
* Products for cooking: 800 g pulp of lamb, 800 g potatoes, fat grams 100, 100 g onion, parsley, salt.
A piece of lamb washed, salted and baked in a hot oven, pre-watering 50 g melted fat.
Peeled potatoes cut lengthwise into 4-5 pieces, rather coarsely chop the onion and fry in the remaining fat in a hot oven until golden in color. When the potatoes are ready, add salt, sprinkle with parsley and serve at the table to cut thin slices of fried meat.
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mutton, 200 s smoked bacon, 2 onions, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1,2-1,5 kg fresh cabbage, 150-200 g of tomato paste salt.
The meat cut into cubes but 40-50 g bacon cubes 1 X 1 cm. From the fat drips fat, greaves removed. The fat stew with chopped onion, add the meat, fry it 10-15 min., Add the crushed garlic and thyme, sprinkle with ground red pepper, salt and stew until soft. From cabbage cut head so that the cabbage leaves are not broke, cut cabbage head on 4-6 cloves, put it on the meat, topped up with water to dilute the tomato paste and pour water so that it covered the cabbage. Stew over moderate heat until tender.
* Products for cooking: 1 kg pulp of lamb, 100 g lard, 2 onions, 4-5 cloves of garlic, black pepper, 1 tablespoon parsley, 100 g of tomato juice, 1 teaspoon ground red pepper, 250 grams of rice , 500 g bone broth or water, cayenne pepper 2, 50 g of grated cheese, salt.
The meat cut into cubes 1,5X1,5 see and stew until half, then allowed to boil water and fried in fat 4-5 min., Add finely chopped onion, crushed garlic, salt, sticky tomato juice, then put the rice and half of the parsley, pour hot broth or water, pepper, stir and stew under a lid in a hot oven. Putting on a platter, sprinkle with grated cheese, the remnants of parsley and decorate chopped slices of pepper.
LAMB chops
* Products for cooking: 800 g pulp of lamb, 100 g lard, salt, flour.
From meat cut small round pieces, lightly beat off their edges cut in several places, salt on both sides in flour and run in hot lard, fry over high heat.
Serve with roasted potatoes and any vegetable salad.
Braised lamb RICE
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mutton, 50 g lard, onion, 200 grams of rice, grams of mushrooms 250, 200 g sour cream, 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, black pepper, salt.
Meat douse salted boiling water, purified from the film, cut into small pieces. Finely chopped onion fried in fat, add to it the meat, put the tomato paste, salt and stew until half the lid. Then, add the washed rice and pour two cups of boiling water. After about 15-20 minutes. add chopped mushrooms, black pepper. Stew until tender. Serve at the table, add sour cream.
Braised lamb with noodles
* Products for cooking: 500 g mutton, 50 g of vegetable oil, 50 g lard, onion, a bunch of parsley, 250 g of dry noodles, 200 g cheese (cheese can be), 200 g sour cream, salt.
The meat is cut into small pieces and stewed in vegetable oil with chopped onion and parsley.
The noodles are boiled, otkidayut in a colander, add the hot lard and spread half the lard in a greased bowl. Sprinkle the noodles with grated cheese, put the lamb on top, on her second half of the noodles.
Pour sour cream dish and bake in a hot oven.
Goulash LAMB
* Products for cooking: 1 kg mutton, 2-3 tablespoons lard, onion, 200 grams of rice, fresh mushrooms s 250, 200 g sour cream, 50 g of tomato juice, black pepper, salt.
Mutton douse hot salted boiling water, purified from films and cut into small pieces.
Onions fried in oil, add to it the meat, pour tomato juice and stew under the lid until half. Then pour the meat with two cups of warm water and poured to Fig. After about 20 minutes. add sliced ​​mushrooms, pepper and stew until tender. The finished dish with sour cream and boil for another 2- 3 minutes. 

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