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A few recipes for dishes with bird

A few recipes for dishes with birdZHARENAYA GUSINAYA PECHENKA

* Products for cooking: 300 g goose liver, fat grams 60, 80 g onion, 1 g ground black pepper, 3 grams of ground red pepper, salt.
Goose liver cut into thin slices, mix with chopped onion rings, salt, sprinkle with black and red pepper, stir. Fry in hot fat over high heat. The pan should not mix the liver, so as not to crumble. It is better to shake the pan a few times.
Drink can be a pate on bread.
* Products for cooking: 700-800 g goose meat !, V00 white beans, pearl barley g 150, 80 g onion, 80 g fat, garlic cloves 5, 5 g of ground red pepper, salt.
Cut pieces of meat is salted and fried in fat.
Beans and washed with pearl barley is put in a pan, pour 150 g of water, are placed on top of goose meat, salt and stew all over medium heat. Meanwhile, in brown fat finely chopped onion and garlic, sprinkle with red pepper and seasoned meat. Boil 3-5 minutes and put in a hot oven. With the average temperature is brought to readiness.
* Products for cooking: the skin with goose neck,
200 g pork meat, 50 g bread, eggs 3, 30 g onion, 30 g fat, garlic cloves 1, 3 g ground black pepper, salt.
The skin removed from the goose neck is well washed, cleaned and sewed up by a narrow end. Pork meat is twice passed through a meat grinder along with water-soaked and pressed bun. Brush in the finely chopped onion, add pounded garlic, salt, pepper and mix well with one egg. This stuffing is stuffed with a goose neck, putting alternately hard-boiled and cut into four pieces of eggs. Then sew the other end of the neck, put it in a goose, salt, pour with melted fat and fry in the oven at medium temperature until ruddy. Several times water the neck with its own fat.
Serve with vegetables or any other side dish.
Stuffed goose neck can bring to the table and as a snack.
goose pörkölt
* Eligible Products length of preparation: 600-800 g goose meat, fat grams 60, 60 g onion, garlic clove 1, 100 g green pepper, 50 g tomatoes or tomato juice, 1 g of ground red pepper, salt.
Meat (preferably without bones) are cut into pieces of 30-40, the finely chopped onion and garlic to brown in oil, sprinkle with red pepper, to put meat, salt, topped up with a little water, cover with a lid and stew until tender. Keep an eye to the end of the meat tushilos without water no more than 10-12 minutes. For 10-15 minutes until cooked put sliced ​​tomatoes and green peppers.
On the table is served with any side dish.
* Products for preparation: 1 medium-sized duck, 100 Smalca, onion chopped head, 1 a tablespoon of flour, 2 — Tomato 3 or a tablespoon of tomato puree, 500 of fresh mushrooms, ground black pepper, salt.
Brushed, washed duck carcass is cut into portions, pour cold water and cook under the lid. When the water boils, add salt. Soft meat pour sauce, which is prepared as follows: in lard browning chopped onions, flour, sliced ​​tomatoes, broth breed of duck, pour these pieces of meat and add washed, sliced ​​thin cubes mushrooms. Salt to taste and stew or low heat until tender. The finished dish is sprinkled with black pepper.
* Products for cooking: 1 young duck, 100 g of vegetable oil, 2-3 head finely chopped onion, nuchok finely chopped parsley, half a lemon, 2-3 laurel leaf, 100 grams of vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, 100 g of water , 18-20 cher¬nogo peas pepper, salt to taste.
Gutted and washed well duck is cut into portions, put the meat on 4-5 hours in a pan with the marinade. The marinade is made from vegetable oil, finely chopped onion, parsley, lemon slices, bay leaf, vinegar, sugar, water, peas black pepper, salt. Cook the meat over moderate heat 2- 2,5 hours. The meat is then taken out on a plate, the sauce through a sieve and pour them to pieces of duck.
Serve with mashed potatoes.
* Products for cooking: 1 duck average fat content, 100 g of butter, oil, 100 g carrots, 70 g parsley, 40 g celery, onions, 250 g of broth or water, 150 g of white natural wine, black pepper, salt.
Gutted, washed well salted duck inside and out, sprinkle with black pepper. Lay it on the deep pan and poured rasstoplennym butter. Near laid finely diced carrots, parsley, celery and onions. Put it in the oven. When the vegetables begin to fry, pour the duck broth or water and wine. Sometimes duck inverted and pour their own juice. If the juice has evaporated and the meat have not yet done, pour a little hot water, broth or wine.
Cooked duck is served on the table as a whole, then cut into portions, prtsezhivayut sauce and served on a table in a gravy boat. In each plate put some vegetables.

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