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Dietary food for patients with diabetes.

Dietary food for patients with diabetes.Patients with diabetes should first be excluded from the diet sugar and honey, flour and vegetables, starchy potatoes, beans, dry beans, peas, lentils. Pelee need to sweeten food, use saccharin. From vegetables it is best to eat the cabbage, green beans, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce. Of course, they should be formulated without sugar and flour. From drinks allowed soda, sour wine, tea, coffee with cream or black (without sugar).
* Products for cooking: 30 g fat, g tomatoes 150, 2 eggs, parsley or dill, salt.
Cut into very thin slices of bacon vyzharivayut, add sliced ​​slices ripe tomatoes and stew 8-10 minutes. Then pierce the egg and fry until it has hardened protein. Sprinkle with dill or parsley.
Eggs with Tomatoes
* Products for cooking: 3 g butter, 150 g fresh tomatoes, 1 egg.
In a saucepan heat the butter, add the pureed tomatoes through a colander (in juice can optionally add AMF onion, black pepper and salt). Egg whisk well mixed with tomato mass and, stirring, fry on low heat.
* Products for cooking: egg 1, 50 g sour cream, a pinch of salt.
Half of the total amount of heat the cream in a bowl for a couple and a little salt. Egg gently pierce the cup (to the yolk was a whole), and the top is poured leaving m sour cream, a little salt Tojo. The dish was placed on 2-3 minutes in preheated oven temperature to moderate.
* Products for cooking: 20 g butter, 40 g of solid cheese, 2 eggs, a pinch of ground black pepper, salt.
The bottom of the cookware smeared with butter, put on his muddy chopped slices of cheese, carefully pierce the egg to egg yolks remained intact. Sprinkle wand parsley, black pepper, grated cheese, salt and bake in the oven 10-12 minutes.
* Products for cooking: 200 g potatoes, sour cream g 50, 10 g breadcrumbs, 1 egg, a pinch of salt.
Potatoes cooked in their skins in salted water, cleaned and cut into slices. Eggs boiled hard-boiled, and also cut into slices. Stack everything in the pan, alternating potatoes with eggs (top layer should be a potato). Then pour all the sour cream, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven until golden in color.
* Products for cooking: 80 g ham, 30 g fat, 2 eggs.
Cut thin slices of ham and bacon lightly fried in a frying pan. Then pierce them eggs and fry until the protein solidifies.
Mushrooms in eggs
* Products for cooking: 100 grams of mushrooms, 30 g lard, 1 egg, a little onion and parsley, a pinch of salt.
Mushrooms cut into thin slices and stewed in lard with chopped onions and parsley until tender. Then pierce the egg, a little salt and stir fry.
* Products for cooking: eggs 2, 50 g breadcrumbs, 50 g sour cream.
Eggs boiled hard-boiled, cut in half, remove the yolk, thoroughly mixed with breadcrumbs and sour cream part. Poluchennby weight stuffed egg halves, put in a bowl, pour the remaining sour cream and bake in the oven.
* Products for cooking: 100 grams of beef, 50 g carrots, parsley root g 30, 20 g celery root, a pinch of salt.
Boiled broth conventional manner. It serves as a basis for the preparation of many soups.
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, Mr. 200 different seasonal vegetables (cabbage, green beans, green peppers, onions, cauliflower), 20 g butter.
Vegetables finely cut, stewed in fat until tender and pour broth.
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, 50 g sorrel, 20 g lard or butter, cream, egg yolk 1.
Sorrel is stripped, rubbed through a colander, stewed in fat, pour the broth, add one tablespoon of cream and egg yolk.
SOUP Cauliflower
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, 150 g cauliflower, 30 g sour cream, egg yolk 1.
Cauliflower pour over boiling water, boiled in broth are removed, rubbed through a colander and then put in the broth, then add the egg yolk and smetapu.
* Products for cooking: one serving of the broth, tomato puree g 50, 20 g lard, saccharin, a pinch of salt.
Tomato puree salted, stewed in lard, pour the broth, boil and add the taste of saccharin.
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, 100 g potatoes, 10 g butter, egg yolk 1, 30 g sour cream, a pinch of salt.
Purified n diced potatoes cook until soft in salted water. Then decant the water, cook a little longer in the potato broth, removed, rubbed through a colander, put back into the broth and domeshivayut butter, sour cream and egg yolk.
* Products for cooking: 250 g sour natural wine, egg yolk 1, peel of half a lemon, saccharin.
The wine is boiled with lemon peel, add the egg yolk and cream. At the end of saccharin are added to taste.
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, 50 g brain, 30 g sour cream, egg yolk 1.
With brains removed foil and cook in the broth until tender. Then take out, rubbed through a colander, mix with cream and egg yolk. Before use, pour broth.
Meat soup (precast)
* Products for cooking: one serving of soup, 50 g pork, 50 grams of smoked sausage, 100 g sauerkraut, 1 egg yolk.
Pork sausages and boiled with cabbage (adding water) until tender. The meat is then removed and the sausages, cook another 3-5 minutes. Then add the egg yolk soup, diced pork and slices of sausage.
* Products for cooking: 100 grams of meat, egg yolk 1, 20 g fat, 10 g lard pinch of ground black pepper and salt.
Meat mince, mixed with egg yolk, finely diced bacon, pepper, salt. Then, from the resulting mass form a round flat cakes and fried in lard from both sides.
* Products for cooking: 100 g veal polyaytsa, 10 g lard.
Meat batter dipped in egg and fried in lard from both sides.
* Products for cooking: 300 g sauerkraut, 100 g pork, lard g 20, 50 g sour cream, 20 g onion, a pinch of ground red pepper.
Cabbage and onion 10 g boiled until tender. Diced meat and the remainder of onions fried until soft and add a pinch of red pepper. The meat is then mixed with cabbage, boiled until cooked, pour sour cream and boil for another 3-5 minutes.
Sauce dishes for diabetics
sour cream sauce
* Products for cooking: 50 g sour cream, 30 g butter, egg yolks 2, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
The sour cream stir the egg yolks, melted butter, add lemon juice and a little water. Dishes with smesyo put into a saucepan half full of water, and, warming, whisk the mixture to foam-like substance.
KISLAЯ undershot
* Products for cooking: eggs 2, 15 g of vegetable oil, 10 g sour cream, citric acid, parsley, pickled cucumber, a pinch of salt.
The eggs were mixed with vegetable oil, citric acid, cream and salt. Dishes with a mixture put in a pot of boiling water. The mixture is whipped to form a foam-like substance and cooled. Before use, add parsley and thin slices of canned cucumbers.
* Products for cooking: 1 egg yolk, 30 g of butter, lemon juice, a pinch of ground black pepper and salt.
Egg yolk is kneaded with butter and sour cream, put on low heat and, not boiling, whisk until the foam-like substance. Add a little lemon juice, pepper and salt.
* Products for cooking: 1 egg yolk, 30 g butter, parsley, 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice, onions.
Fresh butter is heated, mixed to it egg yolk, parsley and onion, lemon juice.
* Products for cooking: eggs 2, 20 g of vegetable oil, 20 g of tomato paste, parsley, black pepper, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, dill.
Eggs, butter, lemon juice and salt are mixed, put on low heat and whisk until a foam-like substance, adding the tomato paste. After cooling, to the sauce add parsley, dill and pepper.
vegetable dish
* Products for cooking: 300 g young green beans, 20 g lard, parsley, salt.
Peeled antennae bean pods are boiled in salted water until tender. Meanwhile in fat stew parsley, add the beans, pre decant the water and extinguish even 8-10 minutes.
You can also cook sorrel, squash, cabbage or cauliflower.
Cabbage in tomato
* Products for cooking: 20 g cabbage, tomato juice g 100, 30 g lard, onions.
Shredded cabbage boil until tender. Then decant the water, cabbage to add a little finely chopped onion, put lard, pour tomato juice and cook another 8-10 minutes.
* Products for cooking: 300 g cauliflower, 30 g butter, 100 g breadcrumbs, 1 / 2 egg yolk, 30 g sour cream, a pinch of salt.
Cauliflower boiled in salted water, decanted and placed in a dish greased with butter. Mix the egg whites with the cream, pour the cabbage and baked in the oven. Meanwhile, oil-roasted breadcrumbs and sprinkle the finished dish.
* Products for cooking: 300 g tomatoes, 50 g ham, 30 grams of fat.
Thinly sliced ​​ham and bacon fry a little, stacked on top of sliced ​​stewed tomatoes and as long as the water is completely evaporated.
stewed tomatoes
* Products for cooking: 300 g tomatoes, 30 g lard, 40 g sour cream, 1 egg yolk, parsley, a pinch of salt.
Tomatoes pour over boiling water, remove the peel. The lard stew 5-b minutes parsley, add sliced ​​tomatoes and stew still 30-35 minutes. Then yolk mixed with sour cream, pour the tomatoes and boil 3-5 minutes.
* Products for cooking: 100 s sauerkraut, 100 g pork, 30 grams of rice, 50 g sour cream.
Pork mince, rice, boil, squeeze the cabbage and the layers are placed in fireproof dish. Each layer sprinkled with sour cream. Stew until tender.
Cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, green peppers, tomatoes (in equal proportions) finely chopped, a little prisalivaem and pour fresh oil.
Prepare this dish immediately before use, because, after standing, a salad becomes a bitter taste.

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