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Nutrition in diseases of the heart, kidney and hypertension.

Nutrition in diseases of the heart, kidney and hypertension.Power in these diseases is characterized primarily by the lack of salt. If the doctor and permit its use, in a small amount (not more than 3-5 g daily).
Absolutely excluded, and if allowed, the moderate consumption of meat and only the light and low-fat varieties. Prohibited meat and bone broths, soups and sauces made on them.
Allowed flour, cereals and vegetable dishes (potatoes, beans, peas, zucchini).
Do not eat peas, beans (beans), lentils, and nuts and almonds.
It is necessary to use as little liquid as possible, eliminate alcohol, natural coffee, strong tea, and carbonated water.
It is recommended once a week "rice" or "vegetable" day, that is sick the whole day only eat rice or vegetable dishes. For rice, you can add a little sugar.
Food should be taken frequently in small portions.
SOUP butter
* Products for cooking: 10 g butter, 10 g flour, 10 g sour cream, 1 / 2 egg yolk.
250 grams of water along with the oil is brought to the boil, add the flour, stir in sour cream and boil for another 10-12 minutes. Then remove from heat and add the egg yolk.
Cauliflower soup
Products for cooking: 100 g cauliflower, 50 0 carrots, 30 g parsley root, celery root g 20, 10 g of vegetable oil, flour g 10, 10 g sour cream, 10 g onion, parsley.
Finely chopped vegetables are boiled until soft, then add the cauliflower and cook all together until ready. The oil is heated in a skillet, brown the flour in it, pour a small amount of vegetable broth, stir, to avoid lumps, and fill with boiling soup. In a bowl put the sour cream and parsley.
Milk soup with pumpkin and semolina
* Products for cooking: 100 g pumpkin, 20 g semolina, 300 grams of milk, 15 g sugar, 10 g butter.
Purified pumpkin cut into small pieces, pour 100 g of water and stew until tender, then with the liquid is rubbed through a sieve. Boil the milk, cook it semolina, domeshivayut mashed pumpkin and sugar,
Feeding on the table in a bowl put the butter.
* Products for cooking: 100 g veal, 50 g carrots, 30 g parsley root, celery root g 20, 10 g butter, flour g 10, 20 g sour cream, parsley.
Meat and vegetables are cut into cubes and stew in oil, adding water little by little. A-15 20 minutes, sprinkle with flour, stir, fry 2-3 minutes zaliva¬yut 250 grams of water and cook until tender. In a bowl put the chopped parsley and sour cream.
* Products for cooking: 150 g apples, 10 s flour, egg yolk 1, 20 g sour cream, sugar grams 20, 20 s milk, parsley.
With apple peel, cored, cut into thin slices, sprinkle with sugar, parsley, pour 250 grams of water and cook until tender. Flour stir in milk and seasoned soup. The plate raztirayut egg yolk and sour cream and pour hot soup.
* Products for cooking: 250 s fish, potato s 150, 1 / 4 small onion, citric acid.
Fish poured 300 s water and cook together with the onion until tender. Then add the diced potatoes. The finished soup is put parsley and a bit of citric acid.
Meatballs with pasta
* Products for cooking: 100 grams of meat, 20 g bread, 10 g butter, 10 g flour, 1 bay leaf, 1 teaspoon sugar, 50 g pasta, 50 g carrots, 30 g parsley root, 20 g celery root, 1 egg white, 20 g sour cream, a little onion, citric acid (to taste), parsley.
Finely chopped vegetables (except onions), boiled in a little water, rubbed through a sieve and then mixed with broth. Meat with bun soaked in water is passed through a meat grinder, kneaded well with the grated onion and egg white. From the resulting mince make round meatballs, which extinguish under a cover in the pureed vegetable mass over a low heat. Flour stir in sour cream and pour the meatballs. At the same time put a bay leaf. The sugar is melted, mixed with the solution in two or three tablespoons of water and citric acid is poured meatballs.
Macaroni boil, decant, add butter and served to the meatballs. Top pour juice, which stewed meatballs and sprinkle with parsley.
* Products for cooking: 50 g of fresh green peas, 50 grams of rice, 50 grams of mushrooms, 100 g butter, 100 grams of milk, 50 g sour cream, egg 1, 60 g flour; vegetable oil for frying pancakes.
Separately, in a butter stewed peas and rice with sliced ​​mushrooms until cooked. Of the eggs, flour and milk are preparing pancake batter (if a thick, topped up with a little water). Then bake pancakes, put all the dishes in this order: a pancake, a layer of pea; pancake mix mushrooms with rice; Shoot, a layer of peas again and so on. On top is covered with a pancake, pour sour cream, warmed butter and put in a hot oven for 10-12 minutes.
* Products for cooking: 20 s butter, 40 g of solid cheese, egg 1, 50 g sour cream, 20 g flour.
Butter rubbed with egg yolk, domeshivayut grated cheese, whipped into a solid foam egg whites and flour. This mass is applied to a floured pudding form or a small pot, put in pan with water and placed in a hot oven for 30-35 minutes.
Boiled chicken with vegetables
* Products for cooking: 150-200 g of chicken meat, 70 g carrots, parsley root g 50, 20 g celery root.
Peeled vegetables cut lengthwise into 4-5 pieces, pour cold water and cook until soft. Then put the chicken and cook all together until ready.
* Products for cooking: 200 g potatoes, celery root g 100, 10 g of vegetable oil, 1 / 2 teaspoon citric acid, 20 g sour cream, parsley and celery.
Potatoes boiled in their jackets, cleaned and cut into slices. Separately, cook the celery, rubbed through a sieve, kneaded well with vegetable oil, sour cream and citric acid. In the sauce put the potatoes, stir and sprinkle with chopped parsley and celery zelepyo.
* Products for cooking: 500 g spinach, 30 g bread, egg white 1, 1 / 2 garlic cloves, 50 grams of milk, 15 s vegetable oil, bread crumbs.
Spinach thoroughly washed in several waters and throws ua colander. Then, together with soaked in milk loaf mince, add egg white, grated garlic and breadcrumbs (as much as you need to get a lot of medium consistency). From mass form round or oblong cake, rolled in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides in vegetable oil.
* Products for cooking: 50 grams of rice, 200 grams of milk, egg white 1, 40 g sugar, 10 g butter, 20 g raspberry or currant jam, grated lemon peel, vanilla powder.
The milk with the sugar and vanilla powder boiled rice on low heat, cooled, mixed with grated lemon zest and a strong foam of egg whites. Pudding form or a small pot smeared with oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in a hot oven. .
To the table served with jam.
Cauliflower salad
With fresh tomatoes
Products for cooking: 150 g cauliflower, tomatoes g 150, 20 g of vegetable oil, citric acid (to taste), parsley.
Tomatoes cut into slices and lay on a plate. Then finely whipped boiled cauliflower, put on the tomatoes, pour a mixture of vegetable oil and dissolved in water, citric acid and is sprinkled with green parsley.
CHEESE meatballs
Products for cooking: 150 grams of cottage cheese, egg white 1, 10 g breadcrumbs, 10 g semolina, flour g 20, 20 g butter, 20 g sugar.
Cottage cheese rubbed through a colander, mix with semolina, flour and a solid foam of egg whites. From the resulting mass of test-ball and drop into boiling water. If it is boiled soft, add more flour or semolina. Then form small balls, boiled, decant and rolled in breadcrumbs, fried in butter. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Braised green beans
* Products for cooking: 300 g young green beans, 20 g of vegetable oil, flour g 10, 20 g sour cream, 20 g onion, parsley.
In 10 g of vegetable oil to brown the finely chopped onion, add sliced ​​along the green beans on low heat, covered, stirring and pouring a little hot water, stew until tender. Then, in 10 s oil to brown the flour and fill with beans. The finished dish is sprinkled with sour cream and sprinkle with parsley.
* Products for cooking: eggs 2, 30 g of solid eyra, 20 g flour, 10 g oil or butter.
Egg whites whipped into a solid foam, and carefully add them the yolks and flour. From the resulting mass fry in butter omelet. One side of the omelet liberally sprinkled with grated cheese, folded in half and sprinkle cheese on top again.
Boiled beef with vegetables
* Products for cooking: 120 grams of beef, carrots g 100, 40 g parsley root, celery root g 30, 100 grams of green peas, 10 g butter, flour g 10, 5 g sugar, parsley.
The meat is boiled and cut into small pieces. Green peas and sliced ​​into small cubes vegetables fried in a little butter. Then, adding the broth in which the meat is cooked, stewed until tender, sprinkle with flour and sugar are added to taste.
By submitting to the table, vegetables with boiled meat sprinkled with parsley.
Mushrooms in sour cream
* Products for cooking: 150 grams of mushrooms, sour cream g 30, 10 g flour, 10 g butter, parsley.
Mushrooms and parsley finely cut and stewed in butter. Then sprinkle with flour, pour sour cream and stew still 4-5 minutes.
Serve with boiled rice.
* Products for cooking: 2 medium-sized beets, 100 g apples, 15 grams of rice, 20 g raisins, 50 g sour cream, 15 g butter, 5 g sugar.
Beets boiled, cleaned and spoon scrape the middle. Rice boiled, mixed with finely chopped apples, sugar and melted butter. Fill the beets, pour cream and bake in the oven.
Feeding on the table, pour sour cream.

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