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Roll with poppy filling

Roll with poppy filling* Products for cooking: 500 g flour, milk 200 g, g yeast 20, 50-g powdered sugar, egg yolks 7, 200 g butter, salt; For the filling: 400 g ground poppy, 300 g sugar, vanilla sugar, 150 g of water, grated lemon peel.
From yeast, flour and milk were prepared brew a conventional manner. All other products are mixed on a floured board, add the sponge and warm milk kneaded the dough medium consistency. Then ravrezayut dough into several parts. Each rolled into the reservoir, in 2-3 cm thick. 
The stuffing is prepared as follows: all of the products for the stuffing mix, boil 5-used minutes and cooled. The resulting mass is spread on the seams, rolled them in a roll, put on a greased with butter and floured baking sheet and put on 20-25 minutes in a warm place to rise. When the rolls are suitable, brush them with beaten egg th bake in the oven at medium temperature.
Just prepare rolls with nut filling. Only instead of poppy take minced walnut kernel.

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